lovely yumi

Aren’t you curious, why I fell in love with you? It is not your looks, but your personality that truly captured my heart. And when I’m facing life trials you’re the one that appears and comfort me, as if you can feel my aches. You’re there reminding me that things will be alright. That I’m not alone.

Deity, already written our fate, meant to be or not meant to be, I’m glad that I met you, that we take chances of a lifetime, I’m sure we’ll cherish it for the rest of our lives. You’re the chapter of my life that I’ll re-read till I’m grey and wrinkles crosses my eyes.


So, Takumi & Kiragi A support conversation ends with Takumi offering lessons in using Fujin Yumi and Kiragi overwhelmingly accepting because he loves and respects his dad so much, and would love to learn how to wield the divine bow from him! Kiragi is the child Takumi needed deserved. Their support conversations are so important for Takumi’s character development and I think they are beautiful… I get so emotional whenever I remember them, and feels were toying with me the whole time I was drawing this.

Two versions as I couldn’t decide which one I like more.

The moment when you realize...

Thomas Astruc

our beloved Hawk Daddy - @miraculoushawkdaddy (edit)

Director and Writer of this beautiful show…

was a storyboard and writer of this beautiful show…

its no wonder why I love Miraculous so much!!!!

sorry its a long post, but had to get it out there!

newme_ (Coach Yumi) instagram update
그리고 내 픽이었던 우리 #켄타 💖 항상 응원해!
And my pick, our Kenta 💖 I’ll always cheer for you!

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