lovely wounds

“Wounds” - LokixReader

Prompt :: Imagine you and Loki are on a mission as a part of the Avengers team and just as the bad guy is defeated, the building you’re all in collapses. As Loki runs to your rescue, he twists his ankle, but doesn’t let that stop him from getting you to safety. Once you two get home to [ the tower ], you return the favor by taking care of his injured ankle.

Features :: Avenger reader, mutant/immortal reader, female reader, Avenger Loki, slight AU, Loki is not a villain anymore

Warnings :: Violence, wounds/injuries, death (minor character)

Word Count :: 4073

Additional Notes :: Request for @marril96 !  It drifted a bit from the original prompt along the way, but I think it worked… enough.  This story took a lot out of me, aha, but I hope it was worth it.  Sorry for the long wait!

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New York buzzed with screams and chaos as the newest threat aimed to make himself known.  A massive mutant, The Breaker, had the ability to send shockwaves through solid materials, allowing him to destabilize buildings from the surface.  His size easily hit seven feet, and his strength made him too dangerous for close quarters combat… to most.

Cheers of relief sounded out as the Avengers flooded the scene, including the two most recent members.  Loki Laufeyson, the first, had been met with fear and hatred, not that he cared.  And yet, as he the worked through his punishment on Midgard, he had drifted from his malicious ways… somewhat.  He still antagonized the Avengers, but he had managed to rebuild something of a friendship with Thor, and now –begrudgingly- aided his brother in the Nine Realms.  However, the main reason he bothered returning to Midgard each time was –shockingly- the second new Avenger, you.  You were just [Y/N] to the Avengers, but the public knew you as the Banshee.  When you joined the team, you had been met with heavy skepticism because over the past thirty years, you had travelled the world as a hitwoman.  Your mutated genes gifted you with rapid regeneration and, in turn, immortality.  You had turned to the dark career after being disowned by your family, for they saw your mutations as a stain on their lineage.  You made the most of your mutations, and taught yourself to go numb towards death.  It was something you would have to watch over and over through your unending life, so you got used to avoiding deeper connections beyond business.  That all changed with the arrival of the Asgardian princes, however.

Similarly to Loki, you had to work towards redemption.  You were much more willing, however, as you finally found other people like you.  The super soldiers had altered lifespans, and the Asgardian princes were already over 1000 years old.  You didn’t have to be alone anymore, so you tried you best to change the face of the Banshee.  No longer would you be the taker of loved ones, but rather, the fated hand of criminals.  You befriended the Avengers over time, and even though the public was still afraid of you, you took comfort in your dark past.  You were proud of how you had grown over the years, and your work as a hitwoman had helped to develop the skills you used now.  You were nowhere as strong as Thor, nor could you wield sorcery like Loki, but both princes recognized the power you held.  In fact, the two of them were your closest friends.  Their histories in a different culture softened their judgment of your deeds, and now, the three of you tried to stick close during missions.

Returning your focus to the scene at hand, you took heavy footfalls as you rushed through the streets, while Thor flew overhead.  Loki would teleport to your side every couple of minutes, as he vanished to help evacuate buildings before they crashed down.  Orders from Captain America rang through your earpiece, telling your little group to head northwards, towards The Breaker.  Thor used his hammer to shatter larger pieces of falling debris as you neared the other mutant, and you pulled your energy gun from your holster.  It was built around the designs inspired by the Destroyer from Asgard, so you wouldn’t have to worry about bullet count.  After all, your regenerative abilities allowed you to be in the field for far longer than an average human, and your past as a hitwoman showed you how annoying counting bullets could become.

A green flash of light returned Loki to your side once more, and the two of you shared a knowing glance.  Thor was the main powerhouse in your trio, so you and Loki tended to work in joint strategy.  Loki could use his illusions as distractions, while you went in to deal the damage and block most of the hits aimed towards your companions.  Your regenerative abilities easily exceeded those of the two gods, and you had put your foot down long ago that you were not to be taken lightly.  You could still be injured, and over time, your regeneration slowed until you could rest, but you would rather put all of your energy into a fight than back away when your friends needed your help.

The Breaker came into view as he wreaked havoc on another high-rise.  The other Avengers rushed to clear out the building, while Thor continued to focus on damage control, stopping large pieces of rubble form crushing the people below.  You held your gun ahead of you, and nodded to Loki, who disappeared in a burst of green light.  Suddenly, numerous copies of him began appearing around the scene, goading The Breaker.  The criminal tried to hurl pieces of debris at the closest Lokis, but the illusions could not be harmed.  He let out a frustrated roar, before a bolt of energy raked through his side.  You were watching nearby, and when The Breaker’s eyes landed on you, you let off several rounds of energy bolts.  The other mutant took on fair damage, but used the debris around him as a shield.  The Lokis moved to rush him, but The Breaker fled into the closest building, knowing some civilians were still screaming from inside.  The walls were crumbling, but Thor was too busy stopping pieces falling from above.  Loki’s illusions disappeared, leaving the original, and he met you at the entrance.  The two of you shared short words for your battle plan, before heading into the doomed high-rise.  Loki was headed after The Breaker, as he was going to use his illusions and skills to distract and delay the cruel mutant, while you evacuated the remaining civilians.

Fear echoed through the ravaged halls, and you were careful to avoid the crumbling walls.   One of the base supports of the building started to give out, and screams sounded out when the building tilted slightly to one side.  You tightened your grip on your gun, but fastened it into the holster, knowing that the civilians would not be keen on seeing you, the Banshee, charging in with a readied weapon.  You followed the screams, pushing through a double door with your shoulder.  Six people silenced as they focused on you, though one woman was bleeding on the floor.  You commanded the able civilians to escape the building, explaining the safest path out, and to stay together.  They were hesitant, but the building let out a screech as the supports held less and less of the meaning of their name.  Using your communicator, you told the rest of your team that five civilians were working on escaping the building, while you handled the injured sixth.  Steve and Natasha confirmed that they would assist the civilians, so you focused on the remaining woman.  She whimpered in fear when you crouched down beside her, but tried to calm her own breathing as you quickly examined her wounds.

“You have several gashes, but your leg is broken…” You muttered, before looking out the broken window of the building.  The glass had shattered due to the impact of The Breaker’s power, and you knew Thor was still outside.  Focusing back on the woman, you moved to lift her into your arms, whether or not she protested.  “Ma’am, you need to trust me.  You’ll be out in a moment.”  You assured, while she gripped the front of your suit in fear.  Another wave went through the building, shaking what little stability remained, and you set your mind to acting quickly.  You hauled the woman to the window, and as you leaned out, you called to Thor.  The Thunderer shattered fresh debris that fell from the top levels, before flying to the window.

“Thor, get this woman to a rescue crew!”   You urged, as you shifted her weight into his arms, careful not to knock her damaged leg.  You heard a roar from The Breaker above, but Thor’s words held your immediate attention.

“What of you?  The building shan’t last much longer!”  He questioned, as his eyes drifted to the top of the building, in the process of caving in.

“I have to help Loki!”  You exclaimed, as shockwaves rattled the building.  Thor opened his mouth to protest your decision, but you had already bolted off towards the stairwell.  He watched you for a split second, before flying away with the injured woman.  Thor dearly hoped that he could trust Loki with your safety, and you with Loki’s.

Loki tore a broken pipe from a portion of the ceiling that had fallen to their level, while his illusions kept The Breaker busy.  He hadn’t earned back a powerful weapon since joining the Avengers, so he was stuck to his magic, daggers, and whatever was available.  The Breaker tried to throw rubble at his illusions, but the debris passed through with no harm.  Loki quickly formed a plan in his mind, as his eyes scanned the varying fragmented objects on the floor.  Furniture, glass, plaster, brick, wall… and several of his daggers, scattered about.   He smirked to himself, knowing he could work with setup.  After all, The Breaker was, in the kindest of terms, an idiot.  He used strength to make himself known, but he had no finesse or ingenuity.

You huffed as you pushed chunks of rubble down the stairwell, forging a pathway to the upper floors.  You heard The Breaker roar with anger, followed by crashing noises, so you figured Loki was either doing a good job… or just got thrown through the side of the building.  You shook your head as you denied the second option, knowing Loki would never let himself be rag-dolled by some ball of muscle… again.  After all, he was still on edge around Bruce.

You climbed over the larger pieces of rubble, until you made it to the landing and door of your destination.  You shouldered your way through the doorway, glad no large pieces of rubble kept you shut out.  Your eyes scanned the crumbling hall, as you headed towards the sounds of battle.  As you peaked around fragments of fallen ceiling, you narrowed your eyes in confusion.  You thought Loki would have had a multitude of illusions or duplicates in use, but… he was using a pipe to block The Breaker’s swings when the mutant got too close.  You considered Loki lucky that the Breaker wasn’t trying to grab the pipe, or else he could get his own dose of shockwaves.

You crept around the rubble, keeping to the shadows of the caving building.  You could hear crashes above, reminding you that you and Loki had limited time to stop The Breaker and get out.  You took in a sharp breath when the ceiling above you collapsed, and you dove to one side, rolling into a defensive squat.  Loki noticed the movement and his eyes widened slightly, realizing you were with them now.  However, he returned his focus to The Breaker, not wanting to risk getting manhandled by the malicious mutant.

You eyed the ruined room, wondering what Loki was planning, before a green glow drew your attention behind you, obscured by the rubble.  You inched towards it, only to be dragged closer by chilled hands.  Your eyes widened when Loki’s duplicate kept you silent with a hand over your mouth, but you didn’t resist.

“[Y/N], I ask that you do not intervene.  Stay safe, the best you can.” He demanded with surprising gentleness.  Your eyes darted between his, before nodding.  

The duplicate edged around the rubble, before darting towards a couple daggers that were lodged into what remained of the wall.  The original Loki guided The Breaker around larger chunks of rubble, before diving off to the side, while the duplicate dislodged the daggers and threw them into The Breaker’s side and left arm.  The mutant roared with pain, before bashing his right hand onto the floor, sending aggressive shocks through the building.  The metal supports in the corners cried in protest as the crumbling building tilted to one side, and you tried to rush to the original Loki.  However, the ceiling continued to collapse, and you had to focus on keeping yourself from getting flattened.  You may have had an incredible regeneration factor, but you were fairly sure that there was no coming back from being smashed flat.

While The Breaker was distracted by the pain and blood loss, Loki approached his back while twirling one dagger in his right hand.  Before The Breaker could defend himself, Loki plunged the dagger into the back of the mutant’s neck, before twisting it to cut open The Breaker’s throat.  The malicious mutant futilely tried to stop the bleeding with his right hand, but after a few moments, he collapsed and bled out.  Loki’s lips twitched into a sick smile, but the groans of the building drew his attention.

One of the floors below gave way, and the tilted building began its descent to the unforgiving ground.  You groaned in pain when you tumbled into pieces of rubble, but you quickly regained your strength and footing.  You darted your eyes to Loki, who was rushing towards you, despite the gradually tilting floor.  You moved to reach him, but both of you tumbled when the building collided with another high-rise, collapsing several floors –yours included- as the blended destruction resonated around you.

As you tumbled down the floors through the falling debris, you could hear Loki let out a groan of pain.  You tried to find him instinctively, but you screamed as a large piece of rubble crunched your shoulder into a segment of floor, before that joined the fragments of crumbling building.  You gritted your teeth as your chest heaved with pained breaths, your mind focusing on the pain in your shoulder rather the continuous damage you were sustaining.  Eventually, you landed firmly on your back, losing your breath on the stable floor.  As your took in a shaky gulp of air, your eyes widened as you saw a large segment of wall or ceiling falling towards you.  You rolled out of the way, but the sharp edges managed to tear through the side of your right leg.  You pushed yourself up against a large piece of rubble, now realizing that the building had stopped moving.  Your [E/C] eyes darted around, seeking the Trickster, but to no avail.  

“Loki, where are you?”  You howled, as you edged your way towards a gaping hole in the side of the building.  Debris was still falling around you, but eventually, a familiar velvet voice sounded out from nearby.

“Lady [Y/N], wait there!”  Loki demanded, as he appeared on the other side of what remained of the room, keeping most of his weight off of one leg.  You narrowed your eyes at him, but before you could voice your concern, a green burst of light consumed him, until the light glowed beside you.  Loki reappeared and pulled you into his arms, and you would have blushed, had you not realized it was to stop a piece of rubble from hitting your head.  “You’re injured…” He noted softly, his crystalline eyes scanning your body.  Your leg had already progressed well through the healing process, but your shoulder still retained a fair amount of damage.  Blood smothered the side of your body, and had you not had a high regenerative factor, you would have fainted from blood loss.  Loki opened his mouth to speak again, but your eyes were glued to his injured leg, and he could practically feel the sense of guilt you were radiating.

“Loki… You need to get out of here.  I’ll be okay, but you, mister running through destruction, are not so fast with the whole healing shtick.”  You stated, looking back to the opening in the wall.  “We can’t be too far from ground level.  You can use your magic to get ou- Hey!  Loki, put me down!”  You hissed, as the Asgardian lifted you into his arms, and started a careful path towards the remnants of the wall.  “You can’t carry me with your leg!” You yelled, but you were surprised when Loki smiled down at you, despite the shards of pain dancing in his eyes.

“Might I remind you, my dear, that I am not of this realm?  Jotuns retain far superior strength to you Midgardians.  Your weight is no challenge.”  He stated, voice velvet and regal.  You were skeptical, but in the end, there was at least some truth to his words.  You knew he was in pain, but your body weight was barely anything to a being like him.  You wanted to get a closer look at his leg to assess the damage, but despite this, you let yourself relax slightly in his arms.  Admittedly, it was nice to not worry after falling through the majority of the ruined high-rise.

Loki held you tighter as he stood at the edge, looking down to the cluttered ground.  There were few flat spaces below, due to the masses of rubble, but luckily, he could simply travel with his magic.  However, he was feeling tired from the battle and chaos, not to mention his injury, so he kept his hold on you as green magic engulfed your bodies.

When it dissipated, you were several floors lower, and Loki took an easy jump of two floors to the street.  However, he landed on a slanted piece of rubble, sending a sharp spike of pain through his ankle.  He hissed in pain and you clutched his shoulders, momentarily forgetting your own injury.  You bit your bottom lip to hold back protests of pain, not wanting to concern Loki, but you were relieved at the fact that the pain wasn’t as serious as before.  Your shoulder would be healed shortly, but you had a feeling Loki wasn’t about to let you wander off to check on civilians and assess overall damage to the city.

After Loki regained his composure, he cleared his expression of pain, and glanced down at you.  He didn’t voice the thoughts running through his mind, but you were smart enough to know he saw through your attempt to hide pain.  You almost chuckled at the thought; you can never trick the Trickster.  Loki ignored the pain shooting through his leg as he headed back to the tower, with you still held securely in his arms.

The Trickster and you were the first to get back to the tower, but while Tony and Steve were lecturing Loki about putting civilians first, you were resting in Loki’s room.  He had wanted to make sure you healed properly and were healthy, despite your regenerative ability and immortality.  While you nuzzled his pillows, you smiled softly at the thought.  Loki was around you the most when you healed, due to the way you worked together, but he still preferred making sure you were okay.  You let out a soft sigh, as blush dusted your cheeks.  You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t heartwarming to know he cared for you in a way that was unique amongst the other Avengers, including his own brother.  You were fairly sure it had something to do with your immortality, as he and Thor were already older than a millennium.  It was one of the factors that kept the princes close to you, but while you had originally assumed it was because you were a friend they wouldn’t lose after a short period of time, a flicker of hope reared its head.  You had avoided companions as a whole before joining the Avengers, partially because you didn’t want to grow close to someone, only to have to watch them grow old and die.  You had been the Banshee that took the lives of those assigned to her, but you never let someone see the living person beyond the guise of a spirit.  You were alone for longer than most of your friends were alive, but just maybe, both you and Loki were hoping to find a more permanent connection.  Loki may have known other Asgardians and beings of the Nine Realms, but he had always stood out in Asgard.  A Jotun amongst Asgardians and a mutant amongst mortals… it was a silly idea, you knew this, but comforting nonetheless.

While you were lost in your thoughts, the bedroom door opened, and Loki slunk towards the bed.  He laid beside you, and when you lifted your head to look at him, you realized he was still in pain.  It hadn’t been very long since you returned to the tower, and with Loki still using his leg, you knew he couldn’t have healed fully.  You sat up slowly, drawing his green gaze to your movements.  Your eyes scanned down his body, settling on one ankle.  You could see that he was being careful not to press it into the bedding, so you met his gaze at last.

“Loki, you’re still hurt…  Can I at least take a look?”  You asked cautiously, not wanting to irritate the god.  You knew he could be stubborn, but now that neither of you were in danger, you decided it was time that you figured out what happened to Loki’s leg.  He was silent in thought, before letting out a low breath.

“Very well, but do try not to be heavy handed.  You Midgardians have a talent of roughly handling everything you come in contact with.”  He remarked, and you responded with a roll of your eyes.  You were used to his jabs at humans and Midgardians, but that didn’t mean you enjoyed them.  You had begun to feel disconnected from human kind years ago, but how you felt didn’t change the fact that you were still a human… with some odd genetics.

Loki’s wary eyes watched your movements as you removed his boot, doing your best not to jostle him.  You pulled off his sock and rolled up his pant leg, so you could get a clear view.  You could see that his ankle had swelled, and he tensed when your fingers ghosted over the injury.  You sent him a raised brow, before refocusing.  Aside from some cuts and bruises on his leg, the damage was focused at his ankle.  He already showed decent signs of healing, but you didn’t want him to prolong the process anymore.  If he got to carry you around when you hurt your shoulder, then you fully intended on keeping him off of his feet while he actually had to let a foot heal.

“It looks like you twisted your ankle… that’s not too bad, luckily.  You’ll heal quickly,” you began, but grabbed Loki’s arm when he tried to get up at your words.  He didn’t recoil from you hold, but held a curious expression.  “if you take care of your ankle.  Rest, don’t pressure it, and keep ice on it.  Do that, and you’ll heal up quickly.”  You explained, while Loki frowned and sunk into the pillows.  You smiled softly, and laid back down beside him.  “Come on… it’ll go by quickly.  I’ll even stick around to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”  You stated, pulling a small grin from the Trickster as he looked at you.

“My lady, you are a fine curiosity.” He noted, mild wonderment in his voice and crystalline eyes.  You wondered what was going through his head, but you shrugged off your curiosity, since you knew he was going to cause trouble for you either way.  Your smile widened at the idea, glad that despite everything that had happened to the god, he was still a mischief-maker.

“And you, my prince,” you called him, deciding to play along with the formal titles, “are a crazy treat.  Now, rest up, or I’ll make Thor help.”  You warned, as you settled into his pillows.  Loki’s eyes widened for a moment, before making his body relax beside you.  Loki was fighting a grin, amused by your willingness to call the Thunderer as petty punishment.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, while Loki watched you.  A genuine smile grew on his lips, glad to have your company and friendship.  Perhaps, after his ankle was healed, he’d ask about going on more missions.  After all, he knew you would be there if he was injured, and that was a prospect he welcomed with open arms.

a wounded love

A lot of pinks, blues, splashes of some yellows.  Black silhouettes of the trees and the street lights that had yet to turn on yet coming across the fields of your vision.  

Your eyes fluttering open and closed.  Not because you were getting sleepy, but it was much more relaxing to closed your eyes and breath in the remnants of the warmth in the air, getting cooler with the sun setting.  Still comfortable.  

Sounds of the leaves rustling a little in the soft breeze, whirring of the occasional car driving by and few streets down, and the sound of skateboard wheels on gravel.


Picking you up after he was off from his job, telling him although you liked the smell of Chinese food, he was going to have to shower after work because the way his hair smelt of fried rice was excruciating when you were high and starving.  Spliff in between your fingers, warmth in your lungs.  

Matty insisting he was going to teach you to skateboard.

“I have absolutely no coordination when I’m high, Matthew.”

“You have no coordination when you’re sober, love.”

A jab to his side, swatting your arm away, asking if you’re trying to kill him with your dagger elbows so he drives off the road and murders you both.

Now you were far too stoned to want to move from the spot you were in, much too comfortable.  Grass underneath you, arms and legs outstretched.  Listening to the sounds of Matty occasionally eating shit on the pavement.  Eyes closed but you could picture the way his skateboard would come out from under his feet, losing his balance and you try not to laugh out loud, scrunching up your face trying to stifle your laughter.  

And then it’s quiet.  Too quiet.  Almost lost in the sound of nothingness that nature around you is producing to notice you can’t hear Matty anymore.

Maybe he hit his head and died…

Pressure on top of you, jolting your eyes open.  And you open them just in time to see Matty’s frame collapsing on top of you.  Chaste kisses planted all over you, your lips, your temples.

“C’mon Teddy,”  weed strong on his breath, “Just get on the board once.”  Urging you, telling you how cool you’d look riding a skateboard.  More than cool, you’d look fucking peng.

Pushing himself back onto his knees in front of you, tugging at the sleeves of your shirt, incessant.  You can’t say no.  And the way his hazel eyes tinted red from the high and looking at you, you really can’t say no.  

Trying to keep yourself propped up on the board, tense.  Matty telling you to relax or it’s really going to hurt when you fall.  Cloud of smoke around his face as he holds another spliff with one hand and tries to keep you balanced with his other hand on the small of your back.  And you’re telling him you’re not a baby, but when he tries to take his hand off you, yours flies to grab him back, nails digging into his skin.

He’s guiding you, telling you how to position your feet, what angle your body should be facing.  Marveling at how even though he can be kind of a shit when he’s trying to show you something new, making fun of you like when he tried to teach you to play guitar and you were horrid at it, the way he’s concentrated on you is immensely endearing.  

Wrapped up again so deep in your thoughts that when he told you to watch out for the rock you were about to roll into, you didn’t hear.  Halting abruptly and of course, you lose your balance.  Toppling onto the ground, and you thought that today would be a good day to wear shorts, and so your exposed knees and bare palms caught your fall, skidding a bit onto the pavement.  

Pain didn’t hit your right away, no, instead it was Matty’s shrieks of laughter watching you plummet to the ground that hit you first.  Taking a second to process that you were on the ground, and when you turned one hand over to see the shredded skin and gravel stuck in the meat of your hand, Matty stopped.

“Oh…babe, you’re actually hurt.”  He’s kneeling down beside you, attempting to grab your hand from you to inspect it.

Jerking it away from him, telling him yeah you’re hurt, arsehole.  What did he expect?

And get the water bottle from your bag so you can wash the blood and dirt off you.  Mumbling something about you being a proper bitch as he got up and walked off.

And you weren’t mad that you fell down, or even mad at Matty for making you attempt to skateboard, you were mad because you knew how awful you’d look with bandages on your hands and on your legs.  Little tears starting to well in your eyes.  And when Matty comes back with the water bottle and sees you starting to cry, he’s down by your side again, running his fingers through your hair, asking why you’re crying.  Is it hurting that bad?  

Shaking your head.  Nothing, not worth talking about.  Trying to keep your eyes down, because you knew if you looked up to see Matty’s eyes looking into you, you’d lose it even more.

He’s taking your hands, pouring water over them, trying to lightly wash the pooling blood and dirt off your skin, picking at the little pieces of rock lodged in your flesh.  He’s being tender, sweet.  Pressing little kisses to the back of your hand before moving to the next one, then your knees.

“I..I don’t usually let it bother me, but she’s been so mean to me lately.”  Soft whispers, and you still can’t look him in the eye but you know he’s staring at you again.

“Who?”  Solemn tone.  

And you’re almost embarrassed to tell him about that cunt at your school who’s been nothing but awful to you lately, but you can’t keep it in.  So you tell him.  Tell him about how she makes you feel like shit for how short you are, how she thinks the curls in your hair are ugly, and now she’s gonna see these gross bandages on your and probably give you hell for that too.  And usually you don’t care if someone comments on how you look, but this girl has it out for you or something.  It’s embarrassing, you don’t know why you care, but you do. 

Little droplets of tears coming down your cheeks, dripping down past the corners of your mouth.  And Matty’s still holding onto your hands.  Glancing up to look at him and his eyes are so fixated onto you that it almost makes you want to look away, the concern in his face.

“I had no idea, Teddy… Why didn’t you tell me?”  

Shrugging.  You didn’t know.  Didn’t think much of it until just recently.  His free hand pushing strands of hair behind your ear, cupping your chin.  And his lips meet yours, kissing away the tears traveling down from your eyes past your lips.  Tasting the salt on your lips.  Grip on you pulling your body into his.

Saying he loves you, and you’re beautiful.  You’re so fucking beautiful and if this girl can’t see that then she’s fucking blind.  Don’t listen to her. You could probably get George to beat her up or something.

And he thinks your bloody hands and knees are badass.  

Tiny chuckles, and you tell him “thank you”.  But he’s an awful boyfriend for making you get on a skateboard when you were high off your ass and can’t balance for shit.

Another kiss to your lips and a muffled sorry.  But asking again in all honesty if you wanted him to see if George would throttle that girl for you.

His flat.  Bathroom.  Legs tossed over the bathtub, giving your hands and legs a proper rinse off.  Matty behind you, trying to plait your hair like you taught him too, humming softly.  Nina Simone in the background, music drifting from the record player in his bedroom down the hall.  Quiet, calm.  But your heart still stung a little, feeling pathetic.

And you think Matty can sense it.  Because he tells you again that you’re beautiful.

Skin in shreds, hair a disheveled mess, makeup smeared on your eyes.

But he says you’re beautiful.

(I’m so sorry this took so long.  This is probably shit but I love you guys and thanks for being patient with me.)


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity

@outtacommission mentioned Lance with an infected wound and I was kind of inspired. Not sure if I want to continue this or leave it here but… here’s a thing. I had some free time.

——— [part two here]

Lurching forward, Lance catches himself on the side of his bathroom stall and grimaces, fighting back a wave of nausea. His side stings–rather, his entire midsection, from the healing, jagged cut on the left to the stinging of his skin and the cramps of his stomach. It hurts, and Lance knows he ought to ask someone else to check on it, but he’s determined to fight this one out alone.

After all, he doesn’t want to be shouted at for being the screw up, not again. Not this time when it’s something as minor and foolish as being cut. They already had to repair his undersuit, which he felt bad about when Allura had fixed him with that look of displeasure, and he didn’t want them worrying more. It’s just a cut, of course. That’s nothing, nothing the wonderful and strong Lance can’t handle on his own.

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