lovely tie

little kanej things

- inej is the only person that kaz feels comfortable enough with to take his gloves off when she’s around,

- inej didn’t tell anyone that kaz fainted because she knew how embarrassed he would be, also she knew that he hates skin to skin contact so she never even talked about it,

- it was inej’s voice that helped kaz come back to consciousness,

- kaz said he would literally die to make inej smile that way

- the way kaz talks about inej’s laugh or smile in general is so important

- kaz tortured a guy who stabbed inej and then threw him over a side of the boat (what a charmer)

- also he thought that killing a guy who threatened to break inej’s legs would be a mercy to van eck so he came up with a whole plan as to how make van eck’s life miserable so he needs to suffer instead of just being dead (not really romantic but it’s kaz so cut him some slack the boy’s tryin’)

- “i would have come for you. and if i couldn’t walk, i’d crawl to you” i mean COME ON

- kaz said that he wants to be a better man for inej, he knew that he could become a decent boyfriend if only she would want him

- inej was the only person that could push kaz out of his comfort zone without making him feel like he was weak or like he needed to be someone entirely else just to please her

- hand holding, 

- kaz treating inej’s wounds and iconic neck kisses 

- kaz for the whole six of crows was like “i don’t care about inej, i care about the money” but in crooked kingdom he literally bought her a ship just because she said it’s her dream to have one so she could fight slavers

- also he found her parents and brought them to her so they could meet

- and last but not least, before meeting inej’s parents kaz, the Bastard of the Barrel, the king of thieves, the Dirtyhands, the biggest bad boy in Ketterdam, fixed his tie and asked inej “is my tie straight?” (what a badass, i can’t believe)


no fear / your crush finding old pictures of you / one fear

i got black mesa on the steam sales and loved all the little easter eggs the devs put in joking about the first game’s development… especially the one about gordon’s accursed ponytail.

here’s the picture from the second panel without text/distortion

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)