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Sun Signs

Your BASIC traits.

Aries: A natural born leader, willing to try anything. Usually takes on more than they can handle because they think they can handle it. Will not take no for an answer. Dramatic af. Likes making jokes, but doesn’t like when people make jokes about them.

Taurus: Stubborn but hates admitting it. Protective of their family, always willing to help. Can appear a bit pretentious at times. The best sense of humor, and quite an overachiever. A bit insecure when it comes to falling in love.

Gemini: The best communicators of the zodiac. They have a lot of dreams and overwhelm themselves with wanting to achieve all of them. Really sarcastic but usually with good intentions. Can be pushy. Loves learning new things.

Cancer: Emotional as hell, but also so much more than that. Incredibly family oriented. Can appear a bit selfish but it’s only because they think they know what is best for everyone. Usually hella organized. More of a perfectionist than any other sign. They remember every tiny detail about you. Loves cuddling.

Leo: Can come off a bit prideful. Hates showing weakness in any form, likely not a mushy person in the slightest. VERY business savvy, incredible common sense. One of the best senses of humor of the whole zodiac. Constantly moving on to the next best thing. Loves spoiling their friends.

Virgo: The smartest of the zodiac. These people are the most likely to obsess on things. Not actually all neat freaks! Usually quite cluttered. Can be slightly controlling but it’s only because they want to see those they love succeed. Gives out too many chances.

Libra: Is happiest when they’re taking care of those they love. Is usually the center of attention in a crowd, whether they mean to be or not. Struggles sharing deep emotions but wants to help you with yours. One of the biggest dreamers.

Scorpio: Not all of them are moody and dark, but all are intense. Usually thinks about intimacy more than they let on. Can be selfish but usually unintentionally. Masters of manipulation. You can always tell a Scorpio by their eyes.

Sagittarius: Like all fire signs, constantly on the move. A bit restless. Uses humor to disguise their feelings. Likely has unusual options and enjoys taboo things. Love is the most confusing thing to them. Can turn from hot to cold in a relationship in an instant.

Capricorn: Can be found making people laugh. Doesn’t like talking about their feelings, but gets upset if they feel you don’t care enough to ask. Never forgets those they love, holds on to things they learn from their relationships. Tough love is their thing. Ambitious but can take their sweet time getting there.

Aquarius: Often labeled as the weird ones, but one of the smarter signs. Loves learning. Obsessed with love but struggles with it. A natural flirt at all times. Can be incredibly detached and insensitive at times. Doesn’t mind looking silly at times to make people laugh.

Pisces: Uses sarcasm and often makes jokes that are surprisingly dark. Loves working with their hands. Emotional, and is usually the sign that is the most hard on themselves. Very smart and only happy if they’re doing something they love career wise.

Playtime with daddy ❤ #1

“Shower time baby” he pulls me up straight. He holds his hand out for me to follow and obey, I take it. I love holding daddy’s hand. He leads me from his bed to the bathroom, he locks the door, and turns on the water.
“Clothes off” he orders.
“Yes daddy” I strip from my blue pj shorts but stop there leaving my white crop top. Daddy’s only wearing his boxers. I tug on them for attention. “One second” he says, as he checks the water temperature. I pout.
“Dadddddddddy” He doesn’t respond. Moving past him I feel the water myself and splash some on to him, hehe. Daddy is not pleased, but says nothing. I do it again. Daddy looks at me, “if you do it one more time your in trouble.” I pause and stare up at daddy’s eyes. I know he means business but I can’t help myself I’m a brat. Moving my hand out from under the flowing water, I flick just a couple drops onto daddy’s face. Daddy’s serious face comes out.
“Knees now.” Daddy commands. Daddy always makes me drop to my knees when I’m in trouble. I hesitate, looking at the floor, daddy hasn’t cleaned it in awhile. My hesitation only makes it worse. Daddy moves towards me, I step back but the bathroom is small. I drop to my knees and look up at daddy. He pushes his boxers down far enough to expose his cock. He presses it against my lips. “Open your mouth and suck daddy’s cock” he commands. I hesitate briefly, but remind myself not to push daddy any further. I open my mouth and suck daddy’s cock. I suck the tip, and daddy moans. I lick the shaft slowly, then swallow all of daddy’s cock in my mouth. I move up and down his cock twirling my tongue against his tip all the while. Daddy moans and grabs my hair, he forces his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. I begin to gag and pull away but daddy doesn’t stop. I pull away harder and daddy’s grip on my hair tightens. “Hold still” he orders. I immediately stop resisting. Daddy taught me that my mouth and my body belong to him, he gets to do what he wants with it, whenever he wants. I’m his property. Daddy pulls his cock out and I cough and catch my breath. Daddy looks down at me pleased and grabs my hair. I look up into his eyes. Daddy moves back. “Shirt off” I do as he says. My now perky B36 tits are out for Daddy. “Stand up” he says. I jump up and lean against the wall facing toward daddy. I put my hands behind my back, and stay perfectly still. Daddy feels my tits with his hand, running his fingers over my hard nipples. He takes his hands and grabs both my nipples, squeezing them hard with his fingers. A mix of pain and pleasure overcomes me.
“You like it when daddy plays with your nipples?”
“Yes daddy” I nod
“You like it when he squeezes them?”
“Yes daddy” I nod again
“You like feeling daddy’s cock in your mouth babygirl?”
“Yes daddy” I gasp, I love daddy’s cock in my mouth.
“Are you a dirty girl baby?”
“Yes daddy”
“Say it.”
“I’m a dirty girl daddy”
Daddy smiles. “That’s right baby, you’re my dirty girl, and Daddy gets to play with you whenever he wants.”
“Yes daddy”
“Okay baby girl, now get in the shower.”
Daddy releases my nipples.
“Yes daddy” I give daddy a kiss and get in the shower knowing full daddy’s not done with me yet.

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

A snapshot of Nekoma at their Inter-high match

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Imagine going to the pet store with Tom. You just need some dog food, maybe a couple new toys for your dog, but as soon as you pull up, you know you’re in trouble. There’s a big adoption event with all kinds of excited puppies looking for a home. You have to hold him back from adopting them all - but they’re so cute, you can’t help but cave when he picks out two or three he knows will fit right into your little family.

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