lovely sweetness

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Characters: Clint x Reader

Summary: After a string of less than perfect dates maybe your Mr Right has been in front of you all the time.

Word Count: 1836 words


After yet another disaster of a date orchestrated by your interfering and terrifying best friend you kicked off your shoes and landed on the sofa with a huff. Clint looked across at you from his seat at the other end of the sofa and raised an eyebrow. “That bad huh?”

“I swear I don’t know where Nat keeps finding these guys or why she thinks they would be a good match for me but I am officially done.  I am off the dating market, I’m just gonna spend the next sixty years of my life single.  I mean, Steve has managed it.” You shrug as you begin to rub the sole of your aching foot.

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April 28th, 2017

I am overwhelmed with such loving emotions towards Jaal!! I love him so much!!! I didn’t sleep last night, but I am happy and warm just thinking about this big, loving alien man with his incredible voice.

……I’m not tearing up a little, I’ve got sOMETHING IN MY EYE, OKAY?!


Before I could ask what, he moved closer, the gap between us completely gone, and place a gentle kiss on my lips.  His lips were soft and warm against mine, making all the doubts I had float away as we got lost in our first kiss

The kiss sent a familiar feeling of deja-vu through my body.  Everything with Sky was so natural, like we had been together a thousand times before, but at the same time were rediscovering each other.