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a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN


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Happy birthday, @ferisae!!!!!! Ngl I had no idea what to draw you but I’m hoping this guilts you into wanting to work on your mermaid OCs again JUST SAYIN’.

I love your passion and your honesty (and of course YOUR ART, GURL). Thank you for bringing me sanity when art thieves are driving me crazy, and thanks for just being you. I’m so glad we’re friends <333 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

More Little Mermadrien for other peeps

[.gif by @wicked-chocolatine]

Also Carol’s face here…

When she opens the door and sees Daryl, it’s the last person she ever expects to find standing on her porch. And it’s also the worst person. 

Because she has tried so hard to isolate herself. She’s built up these huge walls, made them sturdy and big and strong, and locked herself in. She says she doesn’t want anyone coming around because she plans on staying behind the security of these walls, believing that they can keep out the love she is trying to run from. 

So when she opens that door and sees Daryl standing there, she knows it’s the worst possible person who can show up because he is the only person who can knock those walls down all at once. 

Those walls Carol has worked so hard to build up, are something that Daryl can shatter with one look, one hug, one gesture. He’s the one person who will always hold that power and Carol knows she is helpless to it.

She knew here:

[.gif by @valramorghulis]

Her expression turned to fear when he hugged her. Because he broke through her walls that easily. A simple hug and she was vulnerable and open and her mask dissipated. 

She couldn’t let that happen. So she put distance between them because Daryl was that person, for her. That person who could knock her walls down if she so much as looked at him. 

Carol admitted to Ezekiel that she had “walked away from love”. And she did; she walked away from Daryl and his love. And she isolated herself beyond the walls of that house, and the walls she had built around herself. She walked away from love but then she opened her door and that very love she ran away from is standing right there.

The person who can always break through her walls and see through her masks stands before her, and Carol knows, in that moment, that she’s screwed; she can’t fight it anymore.

He’s found her, yet again. Against all odds. And just look at Carol’s face; the way she purses her lips, looks frustrated for a fraction of a second before she dissolves into tears, as though she’s thinking, dammit - he will always find me. And her walls just crumble and she gives up on holding it back. 

She can’t walk away from love. She can’t walk away from him. Because he finds her. Always. No matter what. She can’t hide from him and in that moment, I think she stopped wanting to. 


Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge | semirahrose vs. hallowedbecastiel 
           ↳ Prompt: Dualities | O r d e r  /  C h a o s 

I love that Daryl loves Carol so much, that he praises her even when she’s not around. He gushes about her power and strength, he says that she would lead the war, take down the enemies. He virtually says that she can save them all. That she’d lead them all to war. 

And I love that Daryl loves Carol so much, that he is willing to do anything to protect her and help her heal. He loves her so much that she is his top priority. Keeping her safe and having her alive is the most important thing to Daryl and everything else always comes second.

All through season 7, it was conveyed over and over again that Daryl wanted to fight the Saviors and win the war and avenge everyone they lost. And it was conveyed in a way that made it seem like this was the most important thing to Daryl. Like he would do absolutely anything to just kill all the Saviors and get revenge.

Up until the point that he found out Carol was alive.

And that’s when it was made one thousand percent clear that Carol comes first. Always. No matter what. There are no exceptions. Nothing is more important to Daryl than keeping Carol alive and safe. 

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If you had to choose one of your ocs to be (disregarding their gender) which one would you choose?

probably one of the Harbingers – I love all their aesthetics and magicks so dang much, but most likely I’d have to say either Patch or Blythe.

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[.gif by @hilariesjeffrey]

This beautiful, sincere, real smile here is so important.

Carol was in tears over her family, over the fact that the Saviors came. She was kicking herself and blaming herself that she wasn’t there to protect them…

She starts hating herself in that moment and Daryl’s not having any of that. So not only does he lie and protect her from that grief and guilt - but he can’t bear seeing her in pain so much, that he tries to “lighten the mood” on top of that. Desperately, he tells a lame joke, teases her, and Carol just bursts into this full, genuine smile. And she giggles.

Her face hasn’t looked like this in ages. In fact, the last time her expression was one of this much real joy was:

[.gif by @benkylorensolo]

And yet again, that was all because of Daryl. Because he was showing her affection and love and she thought it was adorable. It warms her heart when Daryl expresses that he cares about her - in any way - and that is still true to this day.

Even with the bleak place she’s in now, even with everything she’s been through, even though she was trying to run from the very love he was showing her - Daryl can still make Carol smile and laugh.

Even when she’s sobbing and in pain, Daryl is capable of bringing out that smiling, giggling schoolgirl in her.


Love wears a mustard yellow jumper in Winter,
Love has lazy days but love’s an excellent sprinter,
Love cracks jokes that only love finds funny,
Love calls you things like “sweetheart” and “honey”,
Love smiles even when love walks into a room of frowns,
Love too has love’s own ups and downs,
Love is a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a bad day,
Love needs a shoulder to cry on when things don’t go love’s way,
Love sings songs that ring melancholic and true,
Love holds your hand and love helps you through,
Love speaks of adventure and danger ahead,
Love dreams of the future while curled up in bed,
Love jumps for joy when love gets something right,
Love hides away in the corner if love has a fight,
Love listens to no one but everyone all at the same time,
Love roams the stars absorbing every shine,
Love loves and love succeeds,
Love hates and love grieves,
Love isn’t so different from the things that we know,
So what do you say we give love a go?

ive recently been inspired and reminded how much i love LISA: The Painful by the LISA fan works by @cyandrops and @thefaiao they are awesome are you should def check them both out

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Regarding Tohru's issues and why she's NOT a perfect Mary-Sue and is actually a big, fat mess inside: Isn't this the exact reason why she calls Akito pure at the end of the series compared to her? Cause Akito, like a child wasn't afraid to be honest and express how she's really feeling while Tohru would bottle everything up and repress her true feelings and "dirty side" cause she felt she had to be perfect.

Oh, most definitely, anon-friend.  You pretty much just hit the nail on the head! 

Tooru projected a front to the world that portrayed her to be consistently happy, which has to be the biggest lie she told.  The truth is: Tooru isn’t very honest with herself or with other people.  In her attempt to convince herself that everything is going to be okay, she ends up living a rather inauthentic life. 

That’s not to say that her kindness and altruism are fake – they’re not. I do believe she does care for people as greatly as she seems to, but I have to wonder about the motivation sometimes.  I wonder if the reason she focuses on others’ problems so much is because she doesn’t want to think about her own.  They offer a much needed distraction from the chaos of her mind, but really…what she most needs to heal is to actually accept her own feelings.

Tooru went through two traumas when she was younger: her father died and then her mother all but forgot about her for an indefinite amount of time.  During this season of her life, she learned that in order to gain love, she had to be submissive and sweet.  She even adopted her father’s ultra-polite way of speaking so that she could resemble him somewhat and gain more of her mother’s love.  (I’m going to do a big post about this later because I am now pretty sure of what I’d type her as in the Enneagram!) 

Akito is the absolute opposite of Tooru.  In a lot of ways, this is a bad thing because Akito is abusive and doesn’t care about the feelings of others.  She projects her own feelings onto people whereas Tooru accepts them as they are.  This is why the curse is able to be broken – because a leader (or “god”) must be self-sacrificing in order to be effective and Akito could only ever be selfish. 

However, there is also one positive to Akito being so fundamentally opposite of Tooru – the fact that she readily accepts her own feelings and doesn’t mind showing them to the world. Of course, Akito could do to mature and learn to filter her emotions in socially acceptable ways (as in…maybe don’t stab one of your family members…just a suggestion) but the fact that she can accept herself is a quality that Tooru sorely lacks.  I would like to think that Tooru comes to accept herself later on and becomes more honest with her emotions once the manga is over.

Thank you so much for sending in this ask !  ❤