lovely song from one of my favorite movies

Okay so I know there has been a lot of buzz around the internet about the subject of LaFou, sexuality, and queer representation lately and now that I’ve seen the movie, I want to put in my two cents. 

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, many people have been talking about LeFou being gay and getting a “gay moment” at the end of the film. Vanity Fair put out an article calling the character “ a touching tribute” to Howard Ashman” Many of us LGBT+ folks are obviously not happy with this character, who is literally “the fool” being a bone that’s thrown to us. Many, including myself, where infuriated by the article because not only was Ashman the man who saved Disney from bankruptcy with hits like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the beast and the formula he created is still successfully used by Disney today, he was a gay man who died of AIDS. So you can see why many of us think calling a villainous side character a “touching tribute” is a gross cop out on Disney’s part.  On the flip side, some christian parenting groups are made because our existence is acknowledged in anyway, even if the representation is bad. A theater in Alabama even refused to carry the film. Needless to say, many people had lots of opinions. 

All that being said, I’m not here to preach to the choir, nor am I here to argue with anyone about whether of not LGBT+ people are are “appropriate” for a disney movie( hint hint we are) I really want to talk straight people who don’t get why LGBT+ people are upset. I need to share my personal experience with the movie to maybe help some people understand. I know I can only speak for myself, but here it is.

I’ll start off by saying, overall, I enjoyed the shit out of this movie. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite films as a child. I knew all the songs, I was Belle for multiple halloweens. I loved the over the top, Rogers -and -Hammerstien esque feel of the remake, i liked the bright colors, the songs and grumpy clock Ian McKellan. I want to get lost in how much I loved it. But every time LaFou came on screen, he was like a fly in the ointment, the irritating itch that kept me from enjoying this ridiculous spectacle for exactly what it was, because every LaFou scene was a gay joke.His mannerisms were carefully an explicitly coded to be recognized as those of a gay man, which are not a bad thing on their own but they were played for laughs and combined with a comic, pining-induced subservience to Gaston. He’s hangs on Gaston’s every word, he tells the girls no to waste their breath, he soothes Gaston’s temper. He’s a joke, one we have seen many times before, a weasely ,queer-coded villain. It’s supposed to be funny to us because we know this silly gay man is NEVER going to have his affections returned and all his work if for not.( ie he’s making a fool of himself, so he’s aptly named)  It’s something you get used to when you’re queer and grow up watching Disney films though, so for the most part, I rolled my eyes and tried to enjoy the scenery. 

Until Gaston’s song started.

Now let me start by saying, that has ALWAYS been my favorite song in the film. I have a very naturally loud voice that carries and as a kid I loved to belt the shit out of it when it came on our Disney’s greatest hits CD. It drove my sister crazy on car trips. It’s so silly and it’s poking fun at this hyper masculine douche bag you’re not supposed to like. Luke Evans had been killing it up to that point and I was so jazzed about it. 

And then, we get LaFou, lounging on Gaston’s chair, gazing at him longingly. Gaston looks at him and asks why the girls to love him and LaFou sighs dramatically, like the comedic stereotype they have set him up to be, and says he hears he’s been clingy.

And everyone in the theater laughs. 

Everyone but me. 

Because in that moment, everything snaps into alarming clarity. I am no longer immersed in the nostalgic euphoria of an actor I love about to preform a cherished piece of my childhood. 

I am a joke and everyone it laughing at me. 

Because that’s what it feels like, when you see someone like you splashed on the screen and their feelings being the thing that makes them laughable. When there mannerism that are directly coded to read GAY PEOPLE are the joke. You see the thing about sterotypes is, some of use have those traits. I am clingy as hell, a joke often made about wlw, which I am. I know effeminate gay men. I know people who have fallen in love with straight people. None of those things are inherently bad or make you a bad or shallow person  but somewhere along the way, straight people decided they made us wrong and decided to use those things against us and turn it into a joke. People in the theater were laughing about LaFou’s pining for Gaston, while I had lost friends because I was queer and some women don’t want to be friends with you if they think you’re going to fall in love with them. The rub of knowing this was a conscious choice on the part of the filmmakers. Why not have Cogsworth rush into the arms of a long lost husband, instead of Mrs. Potts? You can’t tell me Sir Ian wouldn’t have been all for that. You had two promient gay actors in this film, which was scored by a gay man and the best you could come up with the villain’s side kick who’s name means fool? Really?

And adding insult to injury, it wasn’t LaFou as a person that was the fool, his gayness MADE him the fool in the context of the film. It was his pining for Gaston, to try and impress him, that was played to make him look foolish. Do you know what that says to people? That being gay makes you a fool, it makes you a joke. I’m 27, I’ve learned how to pack that shit up and process later, but what if I had been 16? 10? What does that say to gay parents, sitting in the audience watching their child laugh because social cues tell them this thing is funny and you should laugh? What LaFou really says to LGBT+ people, to gay men especially, is that you are good enough to put in the labor, to make this beautiful thing(Ian McKellan and Luke Evans did great work as Cogsworth and Gaston and without Howard Ashman, there would be no beauty and the Beast.), but you are not good enough to be well represented in it. 

So straight Disney fans, before you feel the need to tell us why we are “making something out of nothing” or that we should be “glad” for what we get, or that his half assed “redemption” arc or a single moment of him touching another man made it all better,  I need you to imagine sitting in a theater, and knowing everyone is laughing at you. Laughing at who you are, at the struggles you deal with. Imagine the things that have shaped you being watered down and played for comedy before you tell me what is or isn’t good queer representation. 

guys i’ve just watched beauty and the beast, and, i’m, so, speechless.

i’ll try to not tell you spoilers since most of the countries the movie is being released only tomorrow (but here it was released today).

my thoughts are:
- well, the movie is visually stunning and pleasing to see, that movie is a visual masterpiece.
- there’s lots of differences between this new version and the original one, but some of them are not really different at all, and the different things that happened are still magical and some answered questions that we didn’t even know we needed to know, and the little different details are just fascinating, i’m deeply in love with this movie.
- and can we please talk about how perfect the cast is? luke evans is the perfect gaston, seriously, he totally brought the character to life, and dan stevens is such a perfect beast/prince, and ewan mcgregor as lumiere !!!!!!! absolutely wonderful ????? and emma watson as belle, josh gad as lefou EVERYBODY IN THAT CAST IS SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
- well so i mentioned lefou and i just can not forget to talk about the controversy about him being disney’s first openly gay character. i was really happy about it because that is such a big step from disney since they’re really, you know, traditional, but i was kinda worried because lefou is mostly used for comic relief, and also his name literally means ‘the fool’, i was worried about what disney could give us but in my opinion i can say i’m not disappointed. i really like josh gad and he perfectly played him, and i can’t lie he was the one who caused most of the funny stuff in the movie, but he’s a really really good character, i swear they portrayed him in this movie in a better vision, and the “especially gay moment” the director promised us in the movie is not something that is “so shocking” but it’s just really natural and i love it a lot, i believe this is the beggining of more lgbtq+ characters in the disney world and i’m pleased, lefou is amazing my dudes.
- and the songs ?!!?!!!! the original soundtrack is already incredible but the new songs, you guys better be ready because i bet it will kill you in so many different ways like it did to me.
- it’s such a rare thing for me to cry in movies, i swear the last movie i remember crying it was httyd 2, but you guys, I CRIED, A LOT.

i just want to watch it again and again, it’s one of my favorite movies from this year so far, i believe you guys will fall in love with it just like i felt, there’s no words to describe it, it’s just so magical.

this was one of my favorite songs from this season’s soundtrack. this was the clip right after isak first found that video of even where he mentions his love of baz luhrmann, the fact that he makes epic love stories and that a love story has to have one of its main characters die in order to be epic. and this was when quite a lot of the viewers started to wonder if isak and even’s story was going to end in tragedy. and this was when the romeo and juliet references began, and this right here was the first one

in the romeo and juliet movie, talk show host is used as a background song when romeo is introduced. in skam, it’s not used when we first see even on screen, but that moment when he walks in slow motion and he and isak lock gaze still feels like an introduction, because it’s the first time isak sees him after he learned his name, it’s the first time he sees him after we finally get to know more about him, and i think it’s also the first time isak truly sees him as someone he could want to be with - you can see that click. in the movie, that scene says this is romeo, and in the show, that scene says this is even bech næsheim. and at this point, we’re not exactly sure what role even is going to play in isak’s life. we’ve only seen a full episode and a few clips, and we do understand that he’ll probably become a love interest, but we don’t know at this point the extent of the impact he’s going to have in isak’s life. is even simply going to be a love interest? is even going to be isak’s lover, his romeo?

in skam, talk show host is not only used as a reference to the movie, it’s also used because the lyrics we hear (and which we don’t hear in romeo and juliet) fit isak’s situation perfectly

i want to be someone else or i’ll explode

isak has been pretending to be someone he is not for too long. he’s feeling the pressure of masculinity standards and internalized homophobia, he’s trying so hard to be someone he isn’t. and he confirms it at the very end of the season, when he talks to eva and tells her how his life was fake and boring before. and it was never something he was happy with, no one can be truly happy living a life where they can’t be true to themselves, where they feel like they have to hide not only from others but from themselves. living like this suffocates you, it makes you feel like you’re going to explode

so yes, this was a reference to luhrmann’s romeo and juliet. and at that point some people still speculated that isak and even’s story might be like romeo and juliet’s. but throughout the season, they’ve distanced themselves from romeo and juliet’s narrative. and in the end, even wasn’t isak’s romeo, and their story didn’t end in tragedy. even became so much more than a love interest. this wasn’t simply a love story. it was the story of how isak learned to accept himself for who he was, it was the story of how he slowly managed to get rid of that feeling of wanting to be someone else or he’ll explode. and even helped him in that regard, not actively because self-acceptance is something that has to come from within and isak is the one who went through that journey, but there’s no denying that even’s presence in his life acted as a catalyst that helped him reach the point where he is now, where he feels like his life is finally real. it was also the story of isak overcoming his prejudice against people with a mental illness, understanding and knowing and feeling like someone’s mental illness doesn’t prevent him from loving them, it doesn’t prevent him from wanting them in his life 

this was the role even played in isak’s life, his long lasting impact. and this is why no matter what happens, to paraphrase what isak himself said, he will never hate even, and he will always be insanely happy he met him

I fell in love with you when you weren’t looking.
From the way your body twitched every night as you fell asleep to the way you pulled me closer in the groggy mornings.
With the way you genuinely belly giggled when you were truly comfortable in a place or with a person.
And how you would absent-mindedly scratch my head while we watched countless Adam Sandler movies in bed on Saturday afternoons.
When it was just us two and you couldn’t help but sing a little everytime your favorite song came on the radio.
With the way you wore a baseball cap backwards and how you looked from my spot in the passenger seat.

But mostly, I fell in love with how you loved me when I wasn’t looking. @needumost

I don’t know how I feel about this one yet, but here it is…

AoEx Casts’ Favorite Disney Movies and Song from That Movie! 

(Requested by the lovely @thiscityneedsyounow! I hope this is good ^^’ c’x <3 ) 

Rin Okumura - The Lion King! 

‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ 

Yukio Okumura - Aladdin! 

‘One Jump Ahead Reprise’ 

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - The Hunchback of Notre Dame! 


(but can also be found dancing to Topsy Turvy) 

Shima Renzou - Tarzan! 

‘Trashin’ the Camp’

Kinzou Shima - Alice in Wonderland!

‘Unbirthday Song’ 

Juuzou Shima - Newsies! 

‘Seize the Day’ 

Konekomaru Miwa - Aristocats! 

‘Everybody Wants to Be a Cat’ 

Shiemi Moriyama - Tangled! 

‘When Will My Life Begin Reprise’ 

Izumo Kamiki - Lilo & Stitch! 

‘Aloha ‘Oe’

Shura Kirigakure - Parent Trap! 

‘Bad to the Bone’ 

Amaimon - Pocahontas! 

‘Steady as the Beating Drum’ 

Mephisto Pheles - Hocus Pocus! 

‘I Put a Spell on You’ 

Lewin Light - Song of the South! 


Arthur Auguste Angel - Cinderella! 

‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ 

sEnD mE sOmE aSkS
  • 1. full name
  • 2. zodiac sign
  • 3. three fears
  • 4. three things i love
  • 5. my best friend
  • 6. last song i listened to
  • 7. four turn ons
  • 8. four turn offs
  • 9. what color underwear i'm wearing rn
  • 10. how many tattoos/piercings i have
  • 11. the reason why i joined tumblr
  • 12. how i feel rn
  • 13. something i rlly want
  • 14. my current relationship status
  • 15. meaning behind my url
  • 16. my favorite movies
  • 17. my favorite songs
  • 18. my favorite bands
  • 19. three things that upset me
  • 20. three things that make me happy
  • 21. what i find attractive in other people
  • 22. someone i miss
  • 23. someone i love
  • 24. my relationship with my parents
  • 25. my favorite holiday
  • 26. my closest tumblr friend
  • 27. someone from tumblr that i'd date
  • 28. a confession
  • 29. three things that annoy me easily
  • 30. my fave animals
  • 31. my pets
  • 32. one thing i've lied abt
  • 33. something that's currently worrying me
  • 34. an embarrassing moment
  • 35. where i work
  • 36. something that is constantly on my mind
  • 37. three habits i have
  • 38. my future goals
  • 39. something i fantasize abt
  • 40. my favorite stores
  • 41. favorite food
  • 42. what i did yesterday
  • 43. something i'm talented at
  • 44. my idea of a perfect date
  • 45. my celebrity crushes
  • 46. a photo of myself
  • 47. my favorite blogs
  • 48. number of kids i want
  • 49. do i smoke/drink
  • 50. any question you want
Your Song
Ewan McGregor & Alessandro Safina
Your Song

Another one of my favorite love songs. I love this version of the song. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the original version of this song by Elton John too. But I also really love hearing Ewan McGregor sing this. He does a beautiful job with it.

Do I have Moulin Rouge! on the brain? …Maybe… Once I finish this semester on Thursday I’ll definitely be watching this movie again.

rexeverything  asked:

Hi! You mentioned believing some crazy was Ashara Dayne theories & so I was just wondering which ones specifically? Thanks!

Oh man, you *asked*, remember that ;) LOL! Buckle up because HERE WE GO, on the c r a z y t r a i n 

I really want to write a full analysis with quotes on this eventually, but it’s going to be an encyclopedia of my Dayne timeline I’ve been working on once I do.

I am one of the crazies that ‘believes’ (because it’s pretty much canon to me at this pt, also bc we need TWOW and jesus at this point) that Jyana Reed (Howland Reed’s Wife) is Ashara Dayne in hiding.  
I used to be waaay more about the theory, I’ve slowly come to terms with the idea that it ….might… not be canon. however, I think it really has some staying power.

I kinda talked about this in the essay, but I also think Ashara Dayne very much so is the mother of Allyria Dayne (betrothed to Beric Dondarrion, ‘youngest’ of the “Rebellion” Dayne Siblings and still alive).

Allyria was betrothed to Beric in 294 AC, guesstimating she was born somewhere around 282 ac- around the same time Ashara would have had her stillborn daughter from Harrenhal.

In the Southron Ambitions theory, the idea that  Ned and Ashara were possibly about to be betrothed to each other before Brandon/Cat’s betrothal was *caput* was tossed around, and it really makes sense from a political standpoint that Rickard would have attempted to betroth Eddard to someone from Dorne to seal alliances.  I don’t know if I believe the in depth of the theory as a whole, but some of the parts, like that, I do believe in.

I think Ashara and Ned KNOCKED BOOTS, produced Allyria, Ned was off at war and Brandon had just died, so the Daynes passed Allyria off as their daughter to clear Ashara’s ‘dishonor’ and Ned’s conscious via honoring Ashara —–> Also, cool parallel of Ned breaking a betrothal/Robb breaking a betrothal —–> Ashara possibly telling Ned about Lyanna @ Tower of Joy, and I don’t exactly have a rough outline of how or what exactly happened but.

I think it’s a bit weird the language surrounding Howland Reed saving Ned from Arthur Dayne. I think it’s a bit weird that somehow Meera knows EVERY PERSON that Ashara Dayne danced with… because Howland somehow remembers that distinctly.  I think it’s preeetty weird that Howland Reed came home from the rebellion and immediately had a wife and Meera Reed.  

Meera is of an age with Robb and Jon, meaning she was born at the end of the rebellion.  But Howland was busy in the rebellion with Ned…. and he had pretty much left for the isle of faces at manhood, and went to the tourney at Harrenhal…. how did he get a new wife that has never been heard of and a daughter pretty much when he would be getting home from the Tower of Joy?

Furthermore, how is her name Jyana. GRRM loves psuedonyms. oh gods be good, he loves them. Sallera/Alleras, Catof the canalsAlayne Stone (Catalayne stark… catelyn) …… why “Jyana”? Jon….lyanna….jolyanna….jyana…….?  I’m sorry but I really think that’s too close for comfort, and even if it isn’t Ashara…. it’s definitely someone that isn’t who GRRM is saying they are. 

There is tons of falling star and tower imagery when the Reeds and Bran talk to each other.  


Why would Ashara have faked her death?  She knows a lot about the prince that was promised, I’m sure.  and, to quote one of my favorite songs from a movie OST, “Why does someone always have to die?”

I truly think Ashara is alive, marred to Howland, and in the Neck, hoping her kids come home from serving the Starks….

kinda funny, that Brandon Stark could possibly be in love with Ashara Dayne’s daughter… bet Ned would smile about that one :)

I know it’s outlandish….. but it makes so much narrative sense.

besides, Dany got sent mud to nourish her from Dorne, but Dany didn’t want that.

Maybe a dornish lady could very much want mud, very much want someone swathy like Howland.  

 Today, my echolalia is literally filled with Moana, i can’t stop myself from replaying the “Maui, Maui, Maui, you’re so amaziiiing” scene (i’ve whispered it at least 10 times in a row and i’m doing it again).

[gif of Moana and Maui from the disney movie “Moana”. Moana is behind Maui, her right fist clenched, her eyes closed, whispering with enthusiasm : “Maui… You’re so amazing !”. Maui, in front of her, seems happy at first, before realizing what’s happening and giving a bad look at Moana]

And i have the song “Shiny” stuck in my head, but only the “I’m so shinyyyy” part. This song is so stimmy in so many ways (the rythm, the voice, the visuals… ), i just love it !

[gif of the giant crab Tamatoa from the disney movie “Moana”. He’s shaking his hips, singing with a great smile “Shiny”. His shell is covered in glittery, bright stuff, reflecting on himself and the cave he’s in.]

Moana is one of my favorite movies and i can’t wait to watch it again and again and again. A special interest ? Yeah, certainly !

Dear Mystic Maya,

I got a love letter!  And they wrote part of a song from one of my favorite movies in it!  Can you believe it?

What should I do?  He says he knows me, but I don’t know who he is…  Should I meet him in person?  Maybe he’ll find me instead…

Oh, dear!  We don’t have any spinning wheels in Kurain Village, do we?



I can’t believe that my favorite song from Frozen isn’t even in the movie T.T

They seriously should’ve went with this.

In this version of Frozen, Elsa and Anna grew up together but Elsa kept herself distant. She was ‘the chosen one’ for a prophecy while Anna was just the spare kid. Elsa was pressured with controlling her emotions along with her powers while Anna was seen as a clumsy, troublemaking princess.

Elsa felt like her life was suffocating her while Anna was overshadowed by the sister who always keeps her didn’t seem to love her. They each had their burdens that they got to vent to each other in this song and I think that was more engaging than what The First Time in Forever’s reprise did. Although that latter had a better vocal performance, I was able to feel more when I listened toLife’s Too Short (and it was honestly a better song for me. It’s the kind of catchy I don’t mind). They went from happilly discussing how to fix their relationship to arguing because of a glove. That’s more like what happens with siblings.

TL/DR: I effing love this song.

ID #80915

Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hello hello everyone,
my name is as you already know Rose but i actually prefer my second name, Elisabeth (like the queen of England).
I plan to study ‘live science and technology’ in a few years, i say a few years because i want to take a gap year with my family in Italy (i’m not italian tho, they migrated).
if i have to describe myself i would say that i am a very bubbly person with way to much interests.
i like… movies, drawing, holahooping, reading, drinking tea, cats (espicialy my own, they are called Finnian and Cake (yes, like the dessert)), walks, nature, mathematics, physics and many more. I also love music, my taste goes from metal to musical songs (mostly, les miserables) my favorite band is MUSE. I play the cello, base guitare and the double cello.

Preferences: i am looking for someone who loves to talk about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.
i want to talk about conspiracy theories, how weird clouds are, series and shows, our lives and maybey my feelings also (that one is optional).
i prefer someone older than 16, who is open minded.
any type of communication is fine (snail mail, e-mail, portals, blood magic, teleportation, etc.)

12 Days of Anime Day 12: Adolescence of Utena

Reasons to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie:



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this next one’s my favorite are you ready

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*whispers* im so gay

Literally had to replay Jury’s intro scene multiple times back to back when I first watched this movie because me and my friend couldn’t stop flipping out about HER GORGEOUS LOCKS

How does she even fit it all in that mask??? Fuckin’ witchcraft

(why do I always start my posts about lesbians with a ton of gifs…)

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena is artsy and surreal. Adolescence of Utena is EXTREMELY artsy and surreal. It’s all of what the show had and more. Every scene is so beautiful and interesting to look at. And of course, being Utena, there’s a lot under the surface to analyze. The big difference here is that, being a movie, they unfortunately can’t really go over quite as much as a 39-episode show can. It still has a lot of the same themes as the show, but some are represented to a lesser degree and others have more focus than before. I feel like the anime was more about society and growing up while the movie is… more gay. No, really, there’s a lot more focus on Utena and Anthy’s relationship and the ultimate message of the ending centers around them.

I really like this movie. In fact, it comes close to being my #1 favorite anime movie now. I can’t really compare it to the original anime because they’re two very different tellings of the same story and they have different overall messages. I like them both for different reasons. 

This is a movie I highly recommend. But I can’t recommend it alone, you really have to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime first to fully appreciate it.

Now, when I think of Adolescence of Utena, my mind can only go to one thing:

The dance scene.

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I really mean it: this part of the movie is so beautiful. The animation, the imagery, the music, oh my god, the MUSIC, it’s all just amazing. It’s really trippy and gorgeous at the same time. I love this scene so much it’s definitely my favorite scene of all time from any anime.

One of the things I like more about this movie than the show is Anthy and Utena. Like I said before, a lot more focus is put on the romantic aspect of their relationship. The anime had lesbianism as more of a subtext, but it’s one of the main focuses of the movie. And this is just one of many scenes that expands on their relationship in ways that the show didn’t. I like that that’s explored more.

Also “At Times, Love Is”, the song that plays during this scene, is the ultimate gay anthem. And that’s why as of right now on my computer it has over 1200 plays on iTunes.

I have a problem :3

(Shoutout to @robin-red-r because we watched this movie for the first time together. If I didn’t have someone to experience it and talk about it with me afterwards, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks friend. Here’s to another year of watching gay anime together.)

My friend @shima-draws tagged me in this thing a few days ago so what better time to do it than 1 in the morning?? Am I right? I’m always right.

Birthday: My birthday is Feb. 14th, aka Valentine’s Day :’)
Gender: I am a cis female
Relationship: I mean, I could say I’m single but I think it would be more accurate to say I’m gay (let’s be honest, we all know I’m gay for Amber)
Favorite color: My favorite color is pastel pink, but I love lots of colors including reds and yellows as well as purple.
Pet: I have a min pin named Peanut, she’s a bit Much but I still like her
Wake up time: Uhhhh it really depends on when/if I’m scheduled to work, or for school, or for plans of some sort. But really if I have no set time I have to wake up and my family isn’t home to kick me out of bed I can go until like 1 PM sometimes. 
Love or lust: Love, actually
Favorite food: There are four questions you can’t ask me. Favorite food, favorite song, favorite movie, and favorite artist/band. You just can’t. That being said- one of my favorite foods is angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce.
Met a celebrity: I’ve met the bass player from Aerosmith, Tom Hamilton, as well as James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Vic Mignogna (voice actor), Todd Haberkorn, Chuck Huber, Michael Tatum, Chris Patton, Leah Clark, uhhhh probably some more (voice actors) but I can’t remember them all; then there was John Rhys-Davies, John Barrowman, the Rascal Flatts (dsfksjdfh don’t ask) and the Hillywood Sisters. I’ve seen Stan Lee, Peter Mayhew, Lou Ferigno, Jack White, and William Shatner, though. In a few weeks I’ll be meeting Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Louis Moffat, Amanda Abbington, Andrew Scott, Ben C’s parents, and whoever else is at Sherlocked LA, though!
Last song I listened to: “Leaving Hogwarts” - John Williams
First kiss: Uhhhhh so, this was technically my first kiss but it had no like big story behind it or anything like that. I was at rehearsal one day for the musical I was doing at my high school my senior year, Guys and Dolls, and this one girl on cast with me and I were practicing this dance move and she is the type of person who is very very very affectionate and like, touchy-feely. And she gave me a quick kiss as like a finishing flourish to this dance move. Basically I know that sounds extremely weird, but it was just the sort of thing she does, and she never did that stuff with like, ill intentions. So yeah. Lasted about half a second and that was it. The end.
Tall or short: Benedict Cumberbatch is known to seem shorter in person than people imagine him to be (oh but me? I’m 5′3)

I tag anyone and everyone to do this if they want to, I’m lazy. Enjoy!

The ‘Cowch’ by Hans Zimmer (from The Holiday BSO)

(yes, I listen to very random music)

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Request: ‘Hey could I make a request with Reid where the reader has loads of tattoos and piercings and Reid is like really interested in them?? thank you ❤️’

omg wow a fic every other day? yes. that is right. holagubler has got their shit together. get ready for fic-bruary. but going to spain (granada??) next week so pls forgive if I miss a day or two. does anyone live in spain? let me know. podemos hablar espanol.

‘Baby girl, we didn’t know you had TATTOOS!’ laughed Morgan, as you stripped off into your bikini. It was summer, so the team decided to take a trip to the beach on their day off. Since you were new to the BAU, they had not yet seen your fairly colorful and decorated body.

‘What can I say Morgan? I’m full of surprises.’ You said, with a wink. As you turned to see Spencer Reid gawking at your body.

‘Damn girl, you look hot!’ Prentiss shouted from where she and JJ were paddling in the sea with Henry, and you blew a kiss back to her.

‘Are you okay, Reid?’ You grinned, turning your attention back to the flustered genius. You laid down to him, and he tried to remove his eyes from your body, but seemingly failed.

‘What are the stories behind them?’ He asked, his eyes still fixed on the large piece on your thigh.

‘They all have very personal meanings to me.’ You replied, while smoothing in sun lotion over your body.

‘You can tell me, Y/N.’ Spencer whispered, his eyes now locked into yours.

You leant in, towards his ear. ‘Take me to dinner and I might tell you.’ You whispered, as you heard a gulp from the BAU’s resident genius.

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Deidre’s 600 Follower Celebration Challenge

Alright, this is my first ever challenge that I am doing in order to celebrate me just reaching 600 followers. I’m actually past that now but oh well. Thank you all for the follows. You all are seriously the best! So, bare with me, this is my first challenge. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. I’m a big movie buff and love music so I picked out some of my favorite movie quotes and songs. I will also be tagging some people who I think may like to join this challenge (if not then sorry to bother you).

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Anyone can join! If you would like to join, just send me an ask of which quote or song you’d like and pairing. Send me your first and then second choice. Depending on how many people I get, I will let more than one person have a quote.

2. Must be an OC or x reader. Can be any character from the Marvel Universe, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and any actor (ex. Jensen Ackles, Norman Reedus, Sebastian Stan, Dylan O’Brien, etc.).

3. Deadline to join the challenge will be May 31st.

4. All entries will be due by July 31st. (If you need an extension, just let me know.) I will be posting the masterlist on August 3rd.

5. When posting, please tag me (@yellowtheremarvelfan) and include #deidre’scelebrationchallenge in at least your first five hashtags.

6. You can make this any genre; angst, fluff, smut, smangst, flangst, etc.

7. You can also write this as long as you want but a minimum of 300 words. Anything over a 1000 words, please add the keep reading insert.

8. If you do a song, please add a link to it. I will link them as well so you can use the same links if you’d like.

9. If there’s a song or movie quote you’d like to use, just send me it and I’ll let you know.

10. Lastly, as always, Enjoy and have fun!!!


1. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

2. “We all go a little mad sometimes.” @megsense (Dean)

3. ”What an excellent day for an exorcism.”

4. “Excuse me while I whip this out.” @saintflandus (Daryl)

5. “Do you want me to strap her to the hood? What’s the difference? She’ll be fine. It’s not as if it’s gonna rain or something.”

6. “And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper.”

7. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

8. “I can’t believe I gave my panties to a geek.”

9. “You can’t handle the truth!“ @winter-childrens (Bucky)

10. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning…Smells like victory.”

11. “It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.”

12. “Game over, man! It’s Game over!”

13. “Have fun storming the castle!”

14. “What? Over? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”  @winter-childrens (Bucky)

15. “At my signal, unleash hell.” @negan-dixon (Daryl)

16. “Why is the rum always gone?” @canadianjelly (Dean) 

17. “I’m glad he’s single because I’m gonna climb that like a tree.” @multifandomizer (Sam)

18. “You got knocked the fuck out!” @thewalkingdeadfanfiction (Daryl)

19. “Aw, what’s in the box?” @thewalkingdeadfanfiction (Derek)

20. “Name one thing ya gonna need a rope for?”


1. “Give Me Love” By: Ed Sheeran @girl-next-door-writes (Character TBD)

2. “What  a Catch, Donnie” By: Fall Out Boy

3. “Shape of My Heart” By: Backstreet Boys (I know but I love them.)

4. “Hey Girl” By: Billy Currington

5. “Come A Little Closer” By: Dierks Bentley

6. “In Case You Didn’t Know” By: Brett Young @daryldixonwife1987 (Daryl)

7. “For Her” By: Chris Lane

8. “Let Me Go” By: Christian Kane @girl-next-door-writes (Dean)

9. “You Should Be Here” By: Cole Swindell

10. “Accidentally In Love” By: Counting Crows

11. “Say You Won’t Let Go” By: James Arthur

12. “Crazy Love” By: Jason Manns or Michael Buble’

13. “I Won’t Give Up” By: Jason Mraz

14. “Hurricane” By: Luke Combs @thewalkingbucky (Bucky)

15. “Bad Things” By: Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

16. “Carousel” By: Melanie Martinez @daryls-lil-monstah (Daryl)

17. “Helena (So Long & Goodnight) By: My Chemical Romance @saintflandus (Daryl)

18. “Memories” By: Panic! At The Disco

19. “Love on the Brain” By: Rihanna

20. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” By: Beck or Elvis Presley

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