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731. "Kiss me.” + 732. "You’re the best part of me.” with dick grayson please? this would be super cute especially with your very wonderful writing skills

You are a legit angel for sending this in to me, cause I know that you know how much I wanted to write for my dear dear Nightwing. 


Kiss me” he said. 

At first you thought you had misheard him. You had been in love with Dick for as long as you could remember, but the two of you had only ever been friends. 

You had just gotten back home from one of Bruce Wayne’s famous Gala’s, and slipped into your favorite pair of pajama’s, getting ready to spend the rest of the night in wallowing and watching your favorite scary movies. 

You had called it quits early in the party when you caught sight of your best friend flirting with yet another stunningly beautiful girl. You couldn’t take it anymore, watching him with them was too hard, but telling him how you really felt never seemed like an option. You couldn’t risk ruining the friendship. 

But tonight he had shown up on your doorstep in his best tux, soaked from the pouring rain, asking you to kiss him… and you couldn’t have been more shocked. 

“What?” you squeaked out, your eyes wide. 

“Y/n… I love you, you’re the best part of me. When you left tonight, I was so confused. So I went to ask Jason if he knew-” he starts, but you cut him off. 

“Damn it, Todd. He’s usually so good at keeping secrets too.” you mutter. 

“He told me everything…” he says trailing off. 

“Dick, listen, you don’t need to do this. You’re not obligated to reciprocate any feelings out of guilt. You’re my best friend, and if thats all we ever are, its okay. It’ll be enough.” you said, even though you knew it was a lie. 

You’d always want him as more than a friend, but the thought of losing him completely was too much to bare, so you’d suffer through it if it meant getting to keep him in your life. 

His face scrunched up into a pained expression, one that you didn’t quite understand, until he spoke again. 

“I’m not saying any of this out of guilt, y/n… I’ve loved you since we were kids. I was just always too afraid to say anything. If I had told you and you didn’t feel the same… I don’t think I could’ve handled that.” he says, in almost whisper at this point. 

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He loved you… he loved you? All this time you wasted being afraid of telling him how you really felt, and he had felt the same. 

Maybe you were dreaming, maybe if you pinched yourself and-

But you couldn’t even finish your thought as Dick stepped forward into your apartment, closing the door behind him.

“So I’ll only ask one more time… and if you don’t want to, I’ll leave right now. I’ll go home and we can forget this ever happened, and we can go back to how things have always been.” he says.

Before he can ask you again though, you take a step forward, bringing your hands up to either sides of his face.

“Dick… please stop talking, and just kiss me.” you smile. 

And so he did. 


I didn’t plan for it to be this long, but I love my bb Dick Grayson, and so I got carried away. Lol.

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If you're still taking prompts how about Ryers trying to study but being too distracted by each other to actually get anything done (im crying they are so cute) ? :0

im always taking prompts, love! 🌟 i got u~

also, just to clarify, they are aged up a little in this bc there will be kisses but nothing too heavy <3

send in some prompts, bbs!

“I’m really starting to think you don’t care about passing this test.”

Will bit his lip in an attempt to hide his smile as Richie wrapped an arm around the other’s waist, pulling him closer to his side as he continued to procrastinate his studies. Thanks to Will’s inability to gain any weight, the task was as easy as picking up a pencil.

“Maybe, but get this: I have better things to do,” the ‘four-eyed’ boy mumbled against Will’s ear.

“Which are…?”


Will sputtered, his face and neck erupting into a mad blush as he pulled away to shoot Richie an incredulous look. “Seriously?!”

Richie cackled, narrowly avoiding a pen in the face. It was so easy- too easy!

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can i get robb x margaery for 17 ?? <3

17. Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…
i love this pairing so much i’m glad i got this chance to explore them more!!! iluuu thanks for the prompt bb

“—looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“Trapped?” Robb strolled up to the two ladies talking in hushed tones, a wide smile on his face. “Are you so keen to leave Winterfell?”

“Of course not, my lord,” Alla Tyrell rushed to reply, her pale cheeks already flushed with the cold pinking even more at his sudden appearance. “We are very grateful to you and your family for allowing us to stay through the storm.”

Margaery put a hand on her cousin’s elbow. “Oh, hush. It’s not very gentlemanly of you to fluster my cousin so, Robb.” She arched an eyebrow at him, delicate and calculating and beautiful. “We were talking about how we missed the warmer climate of Highgarden, is all. You’d miss it too if you had grown up amidst flowers and hills instead of weirwoods and ice.”

“Perhaps,” Robb conceded, arms folded behind his back, smile still in place, eyes fixed on Margaery. There was a pause in which nothing was said, and the wind howled, making the ladies’ skirts flutter. “May I escort you someplace warmer?”

Alla took a step away from them and curtsied with a small smile at Margaery. “If you’ll excuse me, my lord, my lady, I will retire to my chambers for the night.” And without further ado, she hurried away from them.

Margaery came closer and linked her arm through his elbow as he led her down the walkway between towers. ”I could think of worse company to be trapped in a storm with.”

“I’m pleased to know I’m not the worst company, my lady,” Robb replied with a hint of sarcasm. “What an admirable quality that is. I should have it engraved on a handkerchief to tie around my lance in tourneys.” He motioned with his free arm in front of them as if displaying a banner. “Not the worst company.”

And he delighted in Margaery’s resulting laugh, light and airy. “You should be so lucky to have my favour.”

They stopped inside and Robb let her arm drop so he could turn to face her. “Who else would you give it to?” he challenged, raising his eyebrows and carefully sliding his hands to ghost at her waist. “I’ll fight him.”

“You’d fight for me?” she responded, trailing her fingers up his arms to his shoulders and around his neck, sending goosebumps across his skin. “Who would you fight for me? The Hound?”

Robb grinned, pulling her closer until their noses were almost touching each other. “I’d fight The Mountain for you.”

But she wasn’t satisfied. Margaery rarely was, with the bare minimum. She always wanted more, she wanted everything. “What about Jaime Lannister?”

“I can take Jaime Lannister,” he shot back, tilting his face to brush his lips across her cheek, his warm breath making her shiver a little. “I would take Robert Baratheon and Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy and Brienne of Tarth…”

His lips grazed her ear and Margaery’s eyes fluttered closed. “I’d fight Dorne’s best warriors and a hundred Dothraki horselords. I’d battle my way through every living man on earth if it would mean I won your heart.”

Her heart, as it was, was beating rapidly against her ribcage, and she felt dizzy as she let Robb hold her and barely kiss her. “My heart,” she breathed back, turning her face towards his again, eyes still closed. “My hand, my soul, my future is yours.”

“And I am yours,” Robb whispered back before kissing her, properly, his lips warm and soft against hers, stubble scratching her upper lip slightly, but she didn’t care. She kissed him back with urgency, with passion, with every inch of her body that ached for him.

They kissed, and kissed, and whispered to each other and giggled in the dark corners of the castle as the storm raged on outside, covering everything in white, and as the night dragged on, they lost themselves in each other’s bodies and words of love and promises that each intended to keep, as is the way with young lovers, and they spoke of their wedding and of their families and of how she’d look in Stark colours and how he’d love Highgarden and what names they would give to their children, and never once spared another thought to being trapped.

send me a pairing and a number

Made Me Think of You

A Terrorohm fic

Brian groaned as he double checked the grocery list that his boyfriend sent him. Brian hated shopping alone. He always somehow would forget to buy something, even if it was on the list.

“Okay I think I got everything.” Brian mumbled to himself.

He started to pushed his cart to the front of the store, walking through various isles to get around slow shoppers. But then something caught his eye as he made his way through the children’s department towards the checkout. A light gray zip up sweatshirt that had some long strips of fabric hanging off the hood. Brian had started to just walk past it but his curiosity got the better of him and he had to go back to it.
On closer inspection, Brian realized the pieces dangling off the hood were curved to risible animal ears. The size of the ears made Brian chuckled as it reminded him of the absurd size of Ryan’s gmod character. Brian pulled the sweatshirt off the rack into the lighting. Instantly he noticed how similar in color it was to Ryan’s favorite color, only the clothing was a shade or two darker.
Brian couldn’t help himself and searched for the largest size the store had. After a couple minutes he managed to find a X large. Brian bit his lip as looked at it for a while, debating on whether it would be too small.

Then Brian’s phone broke his thoughts as it started ringing. Brian’s face lit up as he saw the caller ID.

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What can i sell you to get some headcanons about 2k12 leo having Soft(tm) moments w/ a close friend that's also his crush? My undying loyalty? My kidney? What's left of my soul? (Or maybe just saying please and that I love you guys with my entire being?)

pls ur love is priceless, bb <3 
-Mod Yaka

  • anytime a soft moment happens, he does very soft gestures
  • would cup his hands over your hands when the time felt right
  • gentle squeezes of the hand, shoulder, upper arm
  • soft moments = bonding moments = best moments of leo’s life
  • any time he got to help you with something, he’d honestly feel so honored that you trusted him enough to help you/comfort you
  • he gets the most honest you’ve seen him be during those moments
  • also gets the most bashful but tries not to show it
  • his small, soft smiles are to die for i wanna cry
  • also his laughs holy shell
  • always asks how you’re feeling afterwards
  • he wants you to be feeling the best you possibly can
  • the long soft moments do wonders for the both of you
  • he loves the soft moments, especially when you’re both alone, because he feels like he can talk to you for hours on end without ever getting tired or bored
  • listens super intently
  • when you’re being doubtful, he lists off so many reasons as to why you’re amazing
  • he sometimes tries to hold back the reasons because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or feel weirded out or anything like that
  • usually fails at that but somehow recovers well
  • any time you smile or laugh or give him a soft look he feels like he’s ascending to the astral plane because holy shell what did he do or say right to be blessed enough to see/hear you do that
  • you do most of the talking— he loves your voice
  • he lives fully in the moment
  • sometimes says cheesy things just to get a reaction out of you
  • will crack a lame joke if the time calls for it
  • whatever emotion you express, he secondhand expresses it
  • what he wouldn’t do just to give you a forehead/cheek/nose smooch… no, leo, don’t do that, don’t drive them away, just be the best friend you can be for them, don’t weird them out, stop being stupid, they don’t like you like that
  • likes to get as close as he can, but gives enough space so that he’s not invading your personal bubble
  • but if you say something like “don’t worry, i won’t bite” he would probably smile and chuckle a bit and slide to your side very contently
  • always reminds you he’ll be there for you
  • hesitantly drops an “i love you” if he works up the courage, but y’kno, in a friendly way, because you’re both just friends! really close friends!! and he does love you!!! as a friend!!!! just a friend!!!!! he’s dying inside
  • the back of his mind is always imagining things like him holding you or holding your hands or hugging you from behind or giving you lil smooches
  • “shut up brain” he scolds silently at himself
  • always ends the moments with a hug, whether very brief or long
  • always wishes the moments were longer
  • when he goes home, he usually stays up, replaying the entire moment in his mind

having just watched the episode i am going to eloquently and succinctly sum up everything i loved about b99 3x13 ‘the cruise’

  • in general it was hilarious and just felt like season one again, i know some people arent a fan of doug judy but i love him and i love his relationship with jake and how he kept comparing them to a couple, felt like a parallel to jake and amy
  • oh boyle, 'dont make any new best friends’ :3333
  • WHO’S READY FOR SOME NONSTOP TOTALLY SCHEDULED FUN oh amy my love for you knows no bounds
  • posing for that pic i cant even
  • amy knows what will make jake go to the piano bar and its potATO SKIN COCKTAIL GARNISHES
  • 'hey peralta, you made it! what took you so long, brother?’
  • ‘i used an exclamation point in an email and you called me diana ross’
  • 'i cannot even’ help meeeee
  • rosa and boyle friend storylines are what i live for
  • 'you dont need closet space you have like one outfit’ so tru
  • doug judy gave them free tickets i did wonder why jake agreed to go on a cruise
  • 'its called the brig’ AMY AND JUDY SOMEONE HOLDME
  • amys little endearedsmirks at jake & judy bickering just made my life
  • AMES
  • 'lets just enacs sitch uhhhh this bitch’
  • 'i was never fun YOU TAKE THAT BACK’
  • shes smart and lovable, youre scrappy and lovable, together youre just lovable and lovable doug judy you feel me IM JUST SO HAPPY THAT JUDY LIKES AMY??? LIKE??? EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE GR9 TOGETHER
  • rosa speaking spanish turns me on
  • her pained expression: ’….mint?’
  • amy playing shuffleboard SHES SO HAPPY AND CUTE 
  • doug giving jake love advice because he wants him and amy to be happy im drowning in feels
  • 'its hard getting him out of his shell’ amy honey u can do it he loves u wow i wish i was online last night for this ep i mean omg
  • 'at least ill die doing what i love… getting people horny at sea’
  • the pina colada song
  • 'should i grow a moustache?’ ’[dead serious and aroused] yeah. you should.’ im havin hot rod visions
  • holt doing his drama thing is SO GREAT hes using gina language 
  • terry is a terrible liar ‘he mafias at it again’ THE ENTIRE MAFIA TERRY?
  • ;pardon me detective diaz’ whydid that make me laugh so much
  • 'i smiled at you…. FOR WHAT??’
  • HORATIO VELVETINE great name mhm
  • ROSA, ROSAA ROSAAAAAAAA, ROSAAAAAA if you didnt sing along youre lying
  • the whole song was class
  • 'think of me when you smoosh’
  • 'i dont wanna die… im only on the second season of game of thrones’
  • 'you got a fine lady dont be a tang in the mud’ TRUTRUTRU
  • all of judys dialogue was just hiilarious I LOVE CRAIG ROBINSON
  • holt being all supportive for his sister 'all up in your life’ im so proud of my bb captain <3
  • 'we’re still police officers’
  • jake getting the itenary back and amy offering to eat shrimp in bed i  cant
  • um

  • i just need a moment to stop my tears u know whats coming next

  • amy telling jake she loved him first was just… i know practically the whole fandom wanted it im crying it just means such a lot, like, jake loves so much with his big heart but hes never sure if hes wanted or appreciated or loved because as he said himself, 'i find it hard believing people actually have my back’, and what with his dad leaving and sophia not returning his feelings and even terry’s 'work friend’ thing and arguments with rosa over closeness and what not he just deserves to feel valued and loved and imso happy amy gave that to him, and im also just so proud that even though he was scared of saying it (read parallel: judy saying jake wont admit to them being best friends) and he did the noice smort blurt, he actually took a deep breath and said it and he meant it i mean of course he does just look in his face, hes loved her for so long and theyve only been dating a few months but theyve known each other years and had each others backs and amy maybe didnt realise her own feelings as early as jake did but shes definitely loved him for a long time too, and it wasnt too early for them to say it to each other, i would not be surprised if they move in together by the end of the season
  • well i think that was a brief summary and in short im a mess
Reasons why I love Taehyung #HappyVday













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I Do It For You

Pairing: Poe DameronxReader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 509

A/N: My feet are killing me

“Love…makes me sick.” Y/N said as she made a gagging sound, as General Leia and Han Solo embraced.

“You’re just mad because you’re lonely.” Poe commented as he walked beside her.

Y/N scoffed and rolled her eyes “I am not lonely. I am perfectly content on my own. I don’t need someone to hold my hand or kiss my forehead or give me hugs or…try to make me laugh…or…stuff. Stuff that I don’t need!” she nodded and looked at Poe.

“I am not, BB-8” Y/N glared at the droid who rolled between them.

“You’re can’t deny it,Y/N” Poe winked at her. Y/N bit her lip trying to contain her blush. Fortune was at her side, not even pink her cheeks tinted

“Mr. Dameron, you’re can be the best in anything” Y/N announced with  a smirk in her face.

“You wanna bet?” Poe challenged.

“You’re on, Mr. Poe” Y/N smiled, she had lot of practice in hiding her love for the pilot, she could hide it for a little longer. She smirked internally and nodded at BB-8.

Y/N woke up with a sweet smell close to her nose. She opened her eyes. “Don’t move, you’re don’t want to smell like orange juice do you?” Y/N turned to look at Poe, who smiled smugly at her.

“What is this?” Y/N said looking at the beautiful decorated plate.

“The most delicious thing, you have taste in  your life, Y/N” Poe said, Y/N took a swift and grimaced. “What is it?”

“Ah, smells like disappointment.” Y/N smirked, “Mr. Poe, I hate breakfast in bed. You’re in the negative scale now buddy” She nodded watching as Poe’s smug smile turned into a frown.

Y/N looked at her X-Wing something was different. Was it the paint. No. She shrugged and got up the stairs. Y/N almost fell down the stairs. The cabin was full of very colored flowers. “All the women love flowers” Y/N looked down at Poe and BB-8 who beeped angrily.

“It was BB-8, it doesn’t count, Mr. Poe” Y/N said opening the cabin and taking a  flower, smelling the scent she smiled. “Poe, you should get some advice from BB-8”

“Oh my God, you look horrible.” Y/N wanted to laugh as Poe came out coughing. He was bathed in oil. “Beauty bath?” Y/N laughed holding her stomach.

“Very funny, Y/N” Poe brushing his hair back. Y/N heart skip a bit. He looked so handsome with his hair back. Suddenly she felt her cheeks turned red. “What?”

Y/N turned around and glared at BB-8. “Traitor” she hissed, turning around Poe was standing in front of her.

“Now, my beautiful blushing bride. What did I win for making you blush?” Poe smirked as her and she cursed as the blush turn redder.

“A date” Y/N smiled then started to walk away.

“What?!” Poe shouted and Y/N who was far away smirked. “Wait? You never said when, where, and how”


(I felt inspired since it’s officially April 6. So it’s my birthday and Poe Dameron Day.)

“Alright BB-8, Do I look okay?” He asked nervously.

BB-8 made an annoyed beeping noise before stopping at your door. He had to borrow dress clothing and had Rey help pick out a gift. This was the first birthday he gets to spend with you now that you were together and he has been a nervous wreck all week.

He was finally knocked on the door and smiled when you immediately answered.

“Hello handsome, ” you said smiling.

“Happy Birthday beautiful!”

You smiled when he handed you your present and you lead him inside.

“So what did you get me?” you asked while opening up the present. You opened it up to see a leather jacket.

“I really hope you like it,” you look up to see him rubbing the back of his neck nervously. You smiled and set it aside before standing up and wrapping your arms around him.

“I love the gift but I love you more. You just being here is a great present,” you leaned up and kissed him gently. You heard BB-8 making the equivalent of a robot gaging noise before leaving the room.

“Then may I take my beautiful girlfriend to see the stars? ” he asked. You squealed before quickly putting on the jacket and following Poe out to his x wing that was already on and waiting for him to enter. He got in first hair you sat on his lap.

“You sure about this?” you asked.

“Yes beautiful, now hold on,” he said before the plane went up. Your heart was beating really quickly but you gasped when you saw the stars. He flew for awhile before he out it on autopilot.

“Like the view? ”

“Yes,” your whispered.

“Good because you’ll see it a lot. We are officially on vacation,” you looked at him with an even bigger smile on your face while he flipped a few switches. “BB-8 prepare for hyper drive.”

And like that you two were off on the best vacation of your life.



Maki and Todou wearing Tama-chan and Tomoki-kun’s clothes from The First Result cast talk. Sorry I couldn’t help it. The whole time the cast was talking all I could think of was, “Tomokun where the frick did you buy that shirt!?” His fashion sense is as amazing as Maki’s. They will forever be my best Maki and Todou ;;;;u;;;; I’m so sad Tama-chan isn’t in the next dvd… they had so much chemistry together…!! ;u;

Pedasute First Result dvd rant!! 

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Jan. 9, 2016, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto | Pros of being a photographer: I’m always painstakingly carrying a nice lens + DSLR combo for HQ shots. These two cupcakes were the absolute sweetest and Elise even got to ask Tatiana Maslany a great question during the Q&A! I’m know there’s a video somewhere…

Thanks to both of these lovely people for stopping and interacting with the group of fans that went up to them afterwards. Bless their souls. <3


This is one of the most beautiful moments for Emma and Killian, but mostly for Emma, she does know her mother is safe, she does know it will be alright, but there’s a huge difference between knowing it and having someone caring about your reaction, your feelings, your tears. Killian’s love is so gorgeous and evident here, the way he looks at her, he doesn’t like this, he doesn’t want to see her cry, she shouldn’t cry - but he smiles, wipes her tears away and tells her it’s okay. The relief on Emma’s face in instantly, she’s okay, she’s okay, and this is the first time someone tells her it is, and cares about her - as the orphan who cried herself to sleep because she had no parents, as the orphan who never got the comfort she needed in moments like this one, this is  everything. 

Someone is finally comforting her 

I just recently got into DMMD and oh my god I think one of my favorite scenes is when Aoba calms himself down by listening to his music (*´∀`*) JUST HOW HE SMILES AND SEEMS SO CONTENT AND HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE AND UGH he’s such a precious bb aoerigirg Before I played it I didn’t think I’d love him as much as I do now wheezes quietly.

I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out though AND HAPPY THAT I FINALLY GOT TO DRAW HIM (and Ren bb puppy). He’s so fun to draw and especially color ヽ(〃v〃)ノ his blue palette is gorgeous. quietly rolls back to playing more dmmd

Scott McCall is a gift, bitches.

Just in terms of a character, I love him. It’s just so hard to write a character like him. He’s the heart of the show; the hero. So he has to possess those characteristics associated with that type while also appealing to those faults and flaws that make us human and relatable.

No one wants to watch a character who’s perfect at everything and always does the right thing. Scotts messes up, but he always tries to do better or make it right. He cares about people which explains why people are quick to rally for him and protect him. He stands up when standing ain’t easy and it’s so hard to find that balance with a show’s protagonist.

I also think my love for Scott also has a lot to do with how Posey portrays him. Just like his counterpart, he cares about people. Very humble, very warm. He’ll give the spotlight to someone else before putting it on himself and he’ll do it with a smile on his face and no malice in his heart.

Scott McCall is one thing that Teen Wolf got right imo.


Three part series :) 

Love these; all taken within a few seconds of each other. Edited the first two together, but had to throw the last one in on account of that smile. I don’t normally post pics that turn out a bit blurry but in this case I think it helps to tell the story, so here it is! 

Finally got the chance to cull & edit my pictures from Ramin Karimloo’s BB King’s concert on September 5th. They are all [here] up on Flickr. Please don’t remove the watermark and please credit if you repost them to social media. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

can you pls talk about the time you met malum? like what was it like?

Oh my god ok they were the sweetest people ever like tf ok so I went to the airport to meet them because my friends were there and I was like fuck it I have nothing else to do I mean I wasn’t gonna go bc I thought they’d be mobbed.
But anyway, once we were there it was great fun- like a meet up bc we literally knew everyone.
It was like that until word got out 5sos were on their way, then over 200 were there in 2 minutes sjfkajdksjd ugh
so we were all queuing around arrivals and when they came out they were mobbed so badly.
Their security didn’t do shit so I basically stuck around Michael bc he was getting really badly mobbed bc he was like hugging ppl n shit. Like they all were idk like they all got mobbed but I just stayed around Michael bc those fans seemed the most aggressive or something.
So basically I was his security guard tryna get him to the van and we were talking normally and like he dropped his bag and I carried it for him and he was like thanks babe and I was like no worries and he smiled aw bless him then when he got into the van he said thanks for that and hugged me and I lost my cool and was like I love you Michael and he I love you too babe I just
And by then, Calum was the only one still not in the van, he had been stopped by all the girls so I ran to the rescue and basically the same thing happened, only Calum seemed tired af aw bb but he still said thanks and hugged me and stuff aw :)

Also, I was shopping one day and went into a hotel to get food, not knowing it was their hotel.
Basically I was sat at the bar eating chips and next of all I heard a really loud fit of familiar giggles and to my surprise it was Ashton laughing over some video himself, Luke and Cal were watching on his phone lmao. They were like 10 feet away from me but I decided not to go over bc I didn’t wanna disrupt their meal or scare them or just seem like a ratchet ass obsessed fan yknow? Oh, Michael was upstairs eating pizza and watching GoT btw aw.
So yeah I was just playing Candy Crush or some shit when I looked up and saw the one and only Luke Hemmings standing right in front of me. He turned around bc he probs say me staring at him and I was wearing a Mayday Parade top so we started talking about them and how good they are live and how Terrible Things makes me cry and he was like aw same and I jusdhjshjff he was the most down to earth guy I swear, but tbh they all are. Well they were with me anyway. Oh and he wasn’t just at the bar for no reason, he was ordering more food for Michael in their room lmao aw cute
But yeah then they had to leave bc security were dicks and he was like bye Lucy nice to meet you and hugged me and my hair got caught in his shirt and we laughed and he did that adorable giggle thing where he looked down I jUUuuSssT and well yeah.

Then I waited for a while in the lobby hoping they’d come down because I really wanted a picture with ¼ :-)
Ashton came down and I have him a bracelet and he’s worn it a couple times and we talked for a few minutes and he said he loved my accent lol and well yeah it was pretty surreal.

SoOO yeah that’s my story of the time I met 5sos :D