lovely sinner

This blog firmly believes that God loves His lgbt+ kids. 

No, not in the “You’re a sinner but He’ll forgive you if you turn straight!” way. 

No, not in the “Hate the sin but love the sinner!” way. 

No, not in the “Here’s a story that sounds super fake about how i used to be lgbt+ and He turned me straight :))” way. 

No, not in any way that’s just me trying to paint lgbt+-phobia holy.

Yes, in the “He loves you. He created you as a lgbt+ person, He wants you that way. Even if some Christians fail you, Christ will never fail you.” way. 

Yes, in the “God loves love and He loves your kind of love, too.” way. 

Yes, in the “There’s neither male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ.” way. 

on passive homophobia

there’s this post that i just saw, where the OP said that she does not condone same-sex ships because they’re sinful in her eyes. She was all “don’t hate me, pls, i mean no harm.”

and here’s the thing- i believe people when they say that they mean no harm when they say “love the sinner, hate the sin.” i grew up in an evangelical catholic household, but i also grew up with a sister who identifies as part of the LGBT community. when i was a kid, i also used to believe the whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” but over time, i realized how hurtful and just plain wrong that belief is. i realized how that belief still leads LGBT people to feel shame and self-hatred, how it alienates and destroys self-worth. Like… being gay is not the same as adultery and murder. It’s part of someone’s identity– how can you tell people to hate something that is part of their identity? 

i know the point many christians are trying to make is that Jesus takes away that shame and hurt bc he carries it for you, but day to day, it still is so hard to overcome. it’s hard to feel like you can’t be yourself, like you have to constantly reject your heart, your thoughts, your identity- even though no one else around you has to. it hit me when one my good friends told me, “I am gay, and I have accepted that I will always be a bachelor, because of what God wants.” My heart broke, because it felt wrong— if you fall in love with someone, you have to throw that away because loving someone who this religion says you shouldn’t is WRONG? 

I’m sorry, but the God I know- the God who saved my life- is a God who makes no mistakes. It’s a God who loves unconditionally, a God of endless complexity. 

and honestly, my sister has recently come to accept that she is not quite as straight as she tried to be for much of her life, and she’s now in a healthy happy relationship with a woman, and she is honestly the happiest i’ve ever seen her. it was such a point of inner dilemma for her, and it literally made her feel so depressed and angry at herself for years

anyway. i don’t usually talk about this stuff, because I’m never sure when it’s okay to speak up as someone who doesn’t identify as LGBT, but I do identify somewhat loosely as Christian, and many people I love are LGBT, and when I see someone using Christianity to peddle off passive homophobia, I feel like I need to speak up. 

TL:DR: even if you mean no harm when you say ‘hate the sin, love the sinner,’ you’re still causing worlds of harm. and when people tell you that your beliefs are harming them, it’s not good enough to say ‘i didn’t mean any harm.’ please listen to them. 

“Aces/aros are valid but they’re not LGBT”

I hear:

“Sweetie, we’ll always love you, but we don’t support your lifestyle”

“Love the sinner, hate the sin”

“I’m pro-gay but I don’t believe in gay marriage”

“I’m pro-gay but businesses have the right to choose who they hire and sell to”

“I support being who you want, but I don’t want my daughter having to use a restroom or locker room with a grown male”

“I’m all for them having basic rights, but there are children involved—would you risk having a homosexual teacher take an interest in your child?”

“I don’t care what they do in the bedroom, but I wish they’d stop flaunting it.”

You all grew up hearing these things. You know you’re lying.

us: stripping gay people of the sexual part and attraction of our identities is and always has been a way to make homophobes more comfortable with gay people, as they buy into “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetorics, where the ‘sin’ always refers to gay sex and sexual attraction between gay people is seen as dirty by default

headcanoning gay characters as asexual supports this trope and takes away representation from gay people who are already shamed enough for our sex

plus in the case of yuri from yuri on ice it’s plainly dismissing his character arch, which is about him coming to terms with his sexual attraction to a man; not to mention has ableist and racist connotations and plays into the desexualization of east asian men

yall: but ace people can have sex! let people hc characters as ace in peace!

us: if you dont want a character to feel sexual attraction, why do you still want to force them into sexual situations? it’s almost as if you want to enjoy smut that involves them while still retaining your view of them as “pure” and untouched by the ~dirty~ sexual attraction

and why do we never see straight characters be headcanoned as ace? it’s always gay (or gay coded) characters, poc (esp. asian men and black women) and ND/mentally ill characters, all of which play into societally established bigoted beliefs (homophobia, racism, ableism)

yall: ????? [cricket noises i guess, i’ve never fucking seen this addressed]

The message I want to get across to you guys, especially of the LGBT+ community:

This is what I believe about God:

He loves you. He is all knowing. He is good.

When He says that something that you’re doing is bad, He’s not saying that you’re bad.

He made the stars, and the Earth. He knows where the universe ends. He created every single planet with care. He knows how many hairs you have on your head. He knows how many blades of grass there are in the whole world. He knows how many pebbles there are in the sea. He knows what is at the bottom of every single inch of the ocean. He created your complex body and mind. He knows e v e r y t h i n g.

So He knows what is good for us and what is not. He loves us enough to tell us about these things and warn us to stay away from them.

We. Need. To. Trust. Him.

If He says not to do something, I know how hard it is to say “why God? I want to do this. It feels good.” But we can only see three feet ahead of us. We feel things and in the moment that is all we know. We think for ourselves and believe that what we have thought about is truth, above all else.

But He knows. He doesn’t just claim to know. He knows because He made. He made e v e r y t h i n g and He knows e v e r y t h i n g.

He made your eye. He knows what is harmful for you to look at.

He made your hand. He knows what is harmful for you to touch.

He made your ear. He knows what is harmful for you to hear.

He made your mouth. He knows what is harmful for you to eat.

He made your feet. He knows where it is harmful for you to go.

If we would only trust Him instead of trusting in our own feelings and thoughts, we would be way, way better off, because not only does He know everything, and He loves us, so He warns us of things that are bad for us. If only we would listen.

This is why He calls us to repentance. Not because He is an insecure God who demands obedience and worship so that He can feel good. He calls us to repentance because He loves us and He hates to see us doing things that are harmful to us. He calls us to worship because He knows that the beings He created fare the best when they are near to Him.