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“A memento from 20 Forthlin Road one damp and foggy late-November night in 1958. At the end of a riotous recording session, Derek Hodkin helps John, Paul and George come up with a new name:






The Ravens is the only name underlined, so it was probably favourite for a while, but the last of the five evidently sparked a new mode of thinking because, above all of them – in larger letters, dominant – Hodkin wrote JAPAGE 3. The Japage 3 had their debut at brother Harry Harrison’s wedding reception in the saloon bar of Childwall Abbey Hotel, 20 December 1958.” Lewisohn, Mark. The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In.

yellow diamond: Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue?


It may not be/work for everyone but singing along to Disney songs in my target language(s) has really helped me improve my pronunciation, especially in Arabic. I can now pronounce an ع pretty much effortlessly in most words thanks to singing words like استعد a billion times a day


As I’ve said before, Natsumi’s lifelong dream is to be a singer. She has had professional vocal lessons for two years as of the blog’s current time.

However she isn’t the only one who can sing. Both Kazuki and Hikari can sing. Hikari sings a lot more than Kazuki, and she loves to sing pop songs.

Kazuki doesn’t see himself as much of a singer. The only time he sings is in the shower. He kept this singing voice hidden until a fateful day when Natsumi heard him outside the bathroom while he was showering.

Shocked by his voice, she immediately took him to get a karaoke room, much to his displeasure.

He secretly had fun.

I was tagged by @notsuchasecret to say 10 facts about me!

  1. I have so many things I want to do but not enough time to do them
  2. Trying to grow my hair long enough to donate it but my mom keeps saying it’s too long when it’s not
  3. I have no idea what blood type I am
  4. I almost got put on HRT once and the nightmare I did not know I have almost became reality
  5. English is actually my second language
  6. I have been told that my laugh is like a demon’s
  7. I love spicy food (which is why I don’t get why everybody writes Suga’s taste for mapo tofu frightening for everyone else, like bruh, mapo tofu is the BEST)
  8. I have never watched High School Musical or the Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  9. I don’t like musicals because it’s so much work for me to understand what they’re singing
  10. I love writing at 1 am in the morning only except when i wake up later, I read back and I yell at myself “WERE YOU DRUNK” (i was not drunk)

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I’ve submitted before and met some really cool people so it won’t hurt to do it again! Hi, my names Haiden and I’m from Oklahoma! I’m a sophomore in High School and am currently 16 (17 in May)! I’m a huge goofball and love meeting new people! I would absolutely love to get to know anyone that comes my way. Friends and something more if that happens ☺️❤. Totally love long distance as well as long as we can Skype and stuff! I love writing, singing, and I play guitar and piano and will forever be a huge theater kid. I also get super obsessed with shows and cartoons and musicals wayyy too fast.

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