lovely silhouette

[10/52] Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by  Sarah Pauline

“My love for silhouettes is becoming slightly obsessive. also, really similar to week 4. oops.

So this is a day late but I’m pretending like it’s not. So I’ll be uploading twice this week.”

‘‘The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead.’’

Sooo yes, the belonging ahead is Kylo, because we see his shadow, and he’s in front of her you know? And the marks are behind her? Anyways some symbolic Reylo stuff <3 

Message me if you have other ideas for them^^

Im thinking of drawing Hux soon too. And Finn. And Poe. And Phasma. And cutie bb-8. 

EDIT: this work now has a twin right here


Yuri!!! on Ice opening credits — the change of colors (insp)

my 2017 mood: sheer clothes, luxury skincare, tinted balms, glowy makeup, sparkling water, jasmine, the shine of dark skin in the sun, the thick scent of rose, bare feet on white sand, messy, wind blown hair, carefree attitude, floral perfume, kisses that taste like coconut, berry and cherry colored cheeks, random things shaped like hearts, diversity, self love, shimmering eyes, soft silhouettes, pink lips, black tea, natural brows, glossy eyelids, sea air, southern italy, dreaming big, counting the stars and loving you for each and every one

The January 1993 issue of Animage magazine had a photo spread of the voice actors for the Sailor Team, and they were really channeling their characters. I wanted to draw the girls in their place as soon as I saw it and finally got around to it! Please zoom in to see details if you can~

Original scan from Anim’Archive. Thank you so much!