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dude, if you regularly come up with stories for your sims as captivating as finding marley, you should legit start thinking about becoming a writer or something

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This is a lovely ask, wow! I’m so happy that you think my story is captivating!  😊 And yes, I do sometimes think about writing as a career, but ultimately, I don’t think I have the talent, or the patience or tenacity to be a writer 😞 I’m actually a Ancient History major, but I do like to write in my spare time!! I guess I’ll just have to see where life takes me 💖


Meet some more NPCs for my campeign!

Meet Jasper-  A human bard with a golden voice! He plays a fiddle was blessed by the god Shiri!  He is addicted to sex ,he loves to horse back ride, sewing and learn new instruments.

Maximus- A tiefling cleric,whom is addicted to eating EVERYTHING,  likes walks and sleeping outside.He was blessed by the god Minya.

Lythium is a night elf Monk,who is narcoleptic. She likes to meditate, garden, reading up on summoning spells and collects pilows.

Yurim- She follows and has been blessed by Dinhaba,she goes where Dinhaba tells her. Due to Dinhabas influence she is unstable and most times wonders off from her missions to follow the illusions she sees.

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Top 5 favourite tv shows, songs at the moment, and dancers?

Top 5 (currently airing) shows:

  • Superstore
  • Reign
  • 3%
  • Survivor
  • Black Mirror


  • Ophelia - The Lumineers 
  • Look Outside - IAMX
  • Love - Lana Del Rey
  • Ride - Twenty One Pilots
  • You Love I - Melanie Martinez


  • Ying Lei Pham
  • Lexi Babadelis
  • Taylee Hunter
  • Addison Middleton
  • Madison Bunce

(and of course the Haschaks, but they aren’t really dancing this year)

Thanks for asking!


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5 things u will find in my bag:
1. earphones
2. my keys
3. wallet
4. tissues
5. that’s about it

5 things u will find in my bedroom:
1. art supplies
2. books
3. a radio/cd player
4. drawings
5. unfinished projects/assignments

5 things I always wanted to do with my life:
1. become independent
2. learn how to drive
3. have at least a little bit of self confidence
4. learn how to stop worrying
5. play the guitar/drums

5 things I am into right now:
1. finishing this cross stitch thing am doing
2. The Network
3. 13 Voices by Sum 41
4. reading
5. driving by myself while blasting Green Day

5 things u might not know about me:
1. I don’t drink alcohol
2. I barely talk irl
3. I can’t fall asleep before midnight most nights
4. I’m pale and I easily get sunburned
5. My pinky fingers look short because the bones in my hand are too short

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One of my favorite things about Simon’s pov in Carry On is that he’s so vague about everything. He’s like….I guess this is how I feel?? I don’t really know….pretty confused constantly….not really sure….about anything. And It’s like boy do I relate