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Kageyama Tatsuya, our new Kageyama Tobio!  

This is NOT, in fact, his visual for the upcoming play, he’s just a fan of the series and dressed up as Kageyama a while back.  So clearly, he’s very excited to play this role.  


Blazers Hat Set Icons! (SIFAC)

Hope you guys like it!

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Nozomi wallpapers (requested by anonymous)

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tea time for @silvereyesandboloties. prompt: winter romance

“have you ever been up north?”

“are you really asking me that?”

erwin chuckles and shakes his head. “i suppose that was an ignorant question. i should have phrased it as ‘would you like to travel north?’”

“why the fuck would i want to do that?”

erwin shifts in his chair to face levi. “as you know, each district has its own variety of culture–the underground was no exception. utopia has an interesting festival during the winter solstice that i have only attended once many years ago. our next expedition is not until the spring…”

“you’re really going to take a break?”

“if you will go with me, i certainly will.”

“no paperwork.”

“a little bit of paperwork.”

no paperwok.”

they stare at each other, and there are some gazes that even the commander cannot yield to. “no paperwork.”

levi fingers the edge of his cravat, his face softened a little like butter over his victory. “when do we leave?”


“dammit, erwin.”

“you think i would give you time to change your mind?”

levi sighs and shakes his head, irritated that erwin is right, as he tends to be. the bastard knows him far too well. he shifts his crossed leg down onto the floor and stands. “i’ll ready my things.”

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So i was looking through Tumblr as usual and found a few Lapis redesigns, they’re very beautiful with color changes and additions, and that got me thinking. Many of you complain about Lapis’s design and i get it, she’s brighter than my future and doesn’t have those golden specks that you see on real Lapis Lazuli stones.

Is she a gem or a glow stick amiright?

But here’s something i realized, you know the Ruby crew, the group of Rubies that are surprisingly diverse.

One of the first things you notice is their different color tones, from the light Eyeball to the darkest Leggy, and people have speculated that the lighter a gem is the longer they have lived. Eyeball has seen the war, she witnessed Rose shatter Pink Diamond with her own eye, so it’s safe to say she’s been around longer than the rest of them. Leggy is the newbie, and as we can see, she’s the deepest red of them all. Knowing this, i believe the reason for Lapis being so neon (although they could have washed her down a bit to be easy on the eyes) is because she’s very old. Like eyeball, she’s had a front view of the war, and who knows how long they’ve been in existence before that.

Now, let’s move on to the gold specks that everyone loves to put in their fanart. Like her skin tone, many find it an issue that she’s purely blue, but that’s no mistake; our Lapis is not just any Lapis, she’s what i would call “expensive”. Here’s a Lapis Lazuli of higher value:

Do you see gold or grey? no? that’s because of it’s lack of pyrite and calcite, which makes it more valuable. From this, i can assume that this stone has a lower quality:

And this one? probably at the bottom of the barrel.

If i’m indeed correct, just imagine the variety of Lapis Lazulies on the show. I’d absolutely LOVE to see a freckled water witch, or a blue and grey cutie who might be seen as inferior but we’d fancy her nonetheless, or at least one with deep blue skin that the critics wish our Lapis had. I might be wrong and made this whole post for nothing, but i just had to get this off my chest so all of the confusion would hopefully clear up.


I had never meant to be a singer,
but I’m slowly getting used to the idea.

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad you're posting again! I really love your blog and your writing is amazing! If it's not too much, could I please have some cute NozoPana headcanons? It's my rarepair

s a m e? honestly i love nozopana 

- Hanayo is an easily frightened kiddo, let’s be real here. Sadly, she’s kind of terrified about revealing her sexuality, because she knows that there is a lot of hate towards the LGBT+ community in the world. 

- However, Nozomi completely changes this. Unlike Hanayo, Nozomi is the complete opposite; the sort of girl who would tell you her sexuality before she even told you her name. 

- Nozomi takes Hanayo to all sorts of pride marches and festivals and shows her what an amazing community she’s a part of, and slowly, Hanayo begins to feel more confident about who she is.

- When Nozomi asked Hanayo to be her girlfriend, Hanayo was convinced that she was just mucking about, until about a week later when the two were on a ‘date’, and Hanayo says “Wait, were you being serious when you said you wanted to date me?”

- And so that’s when Nozomi decides to ask properly because she realises maybe the first time she asked Hanayo to be her girlfriend was a little too casual. Of course, she says yes.

- Nozomi is the queen of cheesy pickup lines. Hanayo won’t even get a ‘hello, sweetie’ or ‘it’s lovely to see you’, just something incredibly cringy like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

- For some odd reason, these two end up often having chats on the rooftop of either one of their houses at night. It sort of became a thing for them after Hanayo found an upset Nozomi who had a bad day on her rooftop, and they sat together in oversized hoodies, talking about literally anything.

- Speaking of Nozomi being upset, it’s very hard to tell when she is not her cheerful self; mainly because she’s so good at hiding her emotions. However, Hanayo has some sort of weird sixth sense that instantly detects whether one of her friends is sad, especially if it’s her lovely girlfriend.

- Hanayo, believe it or not, is very good at pointing out your best features, and that is incredibly comforting to hear when you’re just not feeling it.

- Hugs. All. The. Time. Both of these girls adore hugs, and when alone, they can literally cuddle up to each other for hours on end. Unfortunately, it does get a bit sweaty in the Summer.

Shiro: Keith go get me some water

Keith: What? No, go get it yourself

Shiro: I’m gonna count to ten

Keith: Pfft, I’m not seven anymore it’s not go-

Shiro: One…

Keith: [Jumps and starts running to the kitchen]


“Go, be free, be free, be free!