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Ohhhhhboy~! Lots more planning for the kids book. Basically got the story down, just gotta storyboard it, write it and illustrate it.

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Cute high earth defense club love au with Kusanagi, Yata, Fushimi, Mikoto, and Munakata. Jungle is the conquest club since Akoya is clearly Yukari from a past life. Scepter 4, Hakumaitou, and Homra members keep getting turned into monsters

Oh just imagine Fushimi doing one of those ‘all is love’ post-transformation speeches with the sourest look on his face because he hates every minute of what he’s saying. So say one day upperclassmen Munakata and Mikoto are walking together on campus, Mikoto’s smoking and Munakata is scolding him for smoking during school hours when they are suddenly confronted by a talking slab of rock that tells them they have been chosen to become battle lovers and protect the people of earth with the power of love. Mikoto just shrugs and keeps walking and Munakata has to stop him because the Slate was talking Suoh, please don’t simply walk off like a rude barbarian. Mikoto doesn’t care about anything stupid like the power of love, school’s over and he has club to attend (by which he means the Earth Defense Force club, which is actually just a room where Mikoto hangs out to sleep because it has a nice plush couch in the corner). Munakata feels that they should take this position as warriors of love seriously though, like as student council president he couldn’t possibly allow anything untoward to happen on his campus. Mikoto just wants to go to bed and not have to listen to Munakata anymore.

So Mikoto continues on to the club room with Munakata on his heels lecturing him, as soon as they open the door they come upon second years Yata and Fushimi who are bickering because that’s basically what they do. Yata’s all excited to see Mikoto-san and Munakata’s pleased to see that Fushimi-kun took his advice and joined a club this year, Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he only joined this club because he doesn’t have to actually do anything. Yata disagrees because he probably totally joined the earth defense club in order to defend campus from evildoers like a real superhero, right Mikoto-san. Mikoto just nods absently as he settles down on the couch to get some sleep. That’s when the door bursts open and Professor Kokujouji appears with a talking slab of rock attached to his chest, Munakata is highly intrigued by the fact that their professor appears to be dead, how fascinating. The Slate hasn’t got time for this though, because there’s a monster on campus threatening the earth and it needs to be defeated with the power of love!!1! Mikoto grunts and rolls over to go back to sleep, Fushimi clicks his tongue and categorically refuses to move because what the hell does any of this have to do with me. Amusingly this leaves us with Munakata and Yata as being the two who are totally all for it, Yata’s excited to be a superhero and Munakata feels that this is clearly his duty as student council president. His transformation sequence involves all the sparkles and he is totally called The Sparkling Prince.

Elsewhere, nerdy outcast Hisui and his friends Yukari the health teacher and Sukuna the random preteen exchange student have fallen under the sway of a talking parrot and are trying to take over the earth because then Hisui can finally play video games without anyone bugging him. Kotosaka can turn people into monsters, his first victim is earnest first year Kuroh who is depressed over his friends ignoring his poetry, he turns into a giant calligraphy brush. The earth defense force must go fight him, except Mikoto really doesn’t feel like it and Fushimi straight up refuses even as he’s standing there fully transformed in his stupid outfit with the stupid tails and stupid colors. Munakata thinks this is a splendid bonding opportunity though, like now we can also spread our love as comrades throughout the galaxy. Yata thinks Munakata’s weird and he’s ready to ‘spread love’ by hitting the monster over the head repeatedly with his magic rod. In the end Kuroh destroys Mikoto’s cigarette because smoking is unsightly and Mikoto gets pissed enough that the Burning Prince burns him to ash and he transforms back. Munakata is very pleased with how well everyone worked together, Fushimi would already like to quit please because he hates this so much.


y’all im just gonna be thinkin bout that bi lance post for a bit because that shit has got me FUCKING EXCITED

a path into the light (2)

Previously on Shadowhunters season 2 (if you don’t read this, this won’t make sense)

fandom: shadowhunters

rel: magnus/alec, various platonic relationships


“You think Camille did this?”

“It’s definitely possible,” Luke replies. “That, or she’s got other vamps doing her dirty work. Either way, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the victim was a friend of yours.”

Or: Magnus and Alec make plans for their first date, Luke and Isabelle investigate the influx of dead bodies drained of blood that are popping up all over Brooklyn, Simon and Raphael have a chat, and Jace and Clary deal with their realization. “Episode” 2 of my season 2 rewrite.



Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash