lovely ppl saying nice things to me ;~;

i’ve had to deal with both violent and ‘’’passive’’ homophobia, and let me tell you,  tbr passive homophobia hurts the most because it usually always comes out of people you thought were your friend and you have to sit back and deal with it or risk outing yourself

and the worst part is, they talk about it like it isnt a big deal

i’ve heard the worst of it, i’ve been called a d*ke told i was going to hell for having a fucking crush and… i’ve been told by friends that they would never talk to a lesbian, that we’re all sort of weird, that they were ‘’praying for me’’ like it was some sort of nice thing to say and i think that hurts the most because it comes out of friends and it makes you feel worthless, less than, cause you have to sit back and realize that not even your friends love you

it’s not just the ppl on the streets with there signs, it’s your neighbor, your best friend, your grandpa it doesnt matter if it’s violent or not, it’s homophobia and im fucking tired of people thinking that just because they dont throw slurs at me it makes them any better than any other homophobe

you’re a fucking homophobe doesnt matter how you present it

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honestly love you get so much hate and criticism that a white woman would never get and i hope you realize that lots of these crusty haters are just racism-fueled garbage cans. im proud of you for being so humble and nice but it really saddens me to see such a sweet and sincere person get picked on just for being lovely and doing what you enjoy

It’s okay. Everyone has an opinion and I’m sure I’ve done, said, or portrayed things that annoy or bother ppl. I really just want do better and heed what ppl have to say, take into account what I think and go on from there. I’m not perfect or special or the most intelligent. I’m just trying to figure it out and do my best and know my best will be different depending on whatever state I’m in. And thank you I hope you do the same love

straight ppl

just as an fyi you don’t have to start supportive sentences with “I’m straight but…” like dude, it’s okay, you can just say the nice thing, the fact that you’re an ally doesn’t change how nice it is

I’ve seen a lot of stuff recently where people go “I’m straight but you can message me about this” or “I’m straight but I’ll stick up for you” or “I’m straight but I love you and accept you” or “I’m straight but this message is 👏👏👏”

maybe it’s just this bi girl that feels this way, but when you’re talking to me, you don’t have to validate your straightness. you can be kind, regardless of sexuality. if we don’t all pull our shit together and act as a whole, we aren’t gonna get anywhere. we can’t keep starting every sentence with I’m —- but… because it suggests that your opinion is changed by whatever you put in the blank. if you support the queer community wholeheartedly, being queer or not shouldn’t change that.

only coming back quickly to clear some things up

im allowed to say im happy im not cis if i want to. does that mean i think being trans is all rainbows and sunshine? no. i know how hard it is. but im gonna try to love it, you know why? because ive spent too many years hating myself for it.

to anyone who decides that im not trans because i dont try to hate being trans even though its difficult: fuck you. i came out over three years ago, ive changed my name legally, ive gone to appointments to start testosterone (which i probably will this year), i struggle with dysphoria everyday, so a huuuuge fuck you.

to every trans person who’s come into my inbox saying im faking being trans: i fucking wish i was. it would be so much easier if i was. and its really low of you to say that, especially as another trans person. you sound exactly like cis people who’ve told me the same thing.

to the cis people who like to call me a tranny, ‘dysphoric girl’, etc: well…..that kinda makes me laugh actually lol. better me than someone else you could actually hurt. i want all terfs to come @ me tbh

also liiiiike idk about you but i think a post where i say im happy to be cis doesnt deserve ppl telling me to die and overall being extremely agressive but like….aight. u do u transphobes (and trans people who apparently get to nickpit other trans people’s identities off of one post). i guess gay ppl who say that about not being straight and black ppl who say that about not being white probably get the same thing

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I have exactly 1 follower at the moment ( Internet famous already, you see?) And I really want to post daily Hufflepuff outfits, ways to show your Hufflepride in your daily clothes and such, but I've got no one to see it and no guarantee anyone would be interested 😖 What do you think?? X

just go for it, I’m sure a lot of ppl will love it and they’ll start following you.
I’d love to see your ideas so just start 🌻

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Okay so remember when Mac and Dennis bought a timeshare for a villa in Florida,,,,, do you maybe have any headcanons about them going to this nice villa together??

i haven’t thought about this before but i love this concept!!

  • they completely forget about the fact that they have that timeshare until one day, months later, when they get an outstanding credit card bill. “well this is just unacceptable,” dennis says, and immediately they start hatching a scheme to get out of having to pay anything
  • their plan: pose as a married couple who are on their last romantic trip together because both of them are “dying from terminal ass cancer” (”people eat this shit up all the time, dude,” mac says. “we’ll go around asking people to contribute money to our medical bill fund!!” dennis isn’t so sure, but mac looks so earnest and excited and he can’t say no to that.)
  • they get there and of course no one believes them for one second
  • but they decide to enjoy their time there anyway. they sunbathe together on the rooftop of their villa (mac declares himself “too badass for sunscreen” and ends up getting very sunburnt, much to dennis’s amusement.)
  • dennis takes mac to the boardwalk at sunset (”i wanna see if it’s anything like the jersey shore”). they buy cotton candy, watch the sun go down together, and hold hands as they share kisses
  • their trip comes to an unceremonious end when mac, in an attempt to make a nice romantic dinner for dennis, ends up burning their entire villa down
  • it turns out charlie and dee had followed them down to florida out of nosiness and they were renting out the villa next door, which also gets burned down in a separate fire that charlie accidentally created when making some grilled charlies for dee and himself

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hi hi! new follower here and lemme just say—i LOVE your art style like, WOAH?! #artgoals #artinspo right there—I LOVE IT SOMUCH. how do you color like that?? AAHHHHH

dAAHH THANK YOUU SO MUCH IM HONORED!!!! 💕 💕 and sorry for the late reply!!

tumblr doesnt let me add a gif so?? i made a collage!

(pic is here!)

basically its just using lots of different colours and overlay! also i always colour the lines and set them to multiply + transparency at 80-90% 

then i make some corrections afterwards + i use rly big brushes and airbrushes to blend!

you know what‘s always making me happy? when i look through the tags under my edits/gifs and ppl say how much they like them and tell me i should keep doing them and im sitting here and reading those texts and im just so grateful that people take their time to appreciate the stuff i make

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okay i just wanted to say some things; 1. you seem like a really nice person and I am grateful for that :3 2. You're blog is like?? really comfortable?? like it doesn't give me anxiety or anything?? Probably because of reason 1 3. I just?? love your blog?? thank you for existing??

oh gosh!!! thank u dear :’> !!!!! all i really want is to make ppl let themselves feel happy, comfortable, and cute, so i try my best to embody these things!!! i hope u continue enjoying ur stay <3

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So awhile ago I requested a fanfic or something when requests were open but then you posted something about saying how annoying it was when people asked like that? I'm really sorry if I offended you in any way I didn't mean to be rude but I don't understand why you said that? You sound like a really nice person when people request things so I'm confused... Regardless, I love your fanfics 😂💞

Maybe it was because you asked me to update my story that was previously plagiarised. I had ppl constantly harassing me for an update even if I asked them to stop ,because it stressed me out. But it has nothing to do with being nice or not, I was just being firm about it , because some of you guys didn’t want to understand how much pressure and stress it brings into my life whenever you keep on asking me “when will u update? Why is there no part 4 yet ?” . I’m less likely to update if you constantly ask me such questions, because it stresses me out but yeah. If you found that rude , then I’m sorry, but these kind of asks stress me out and I’m more likely to respond firmly than with a bunch of emojis :’) all love. Hope you get me ? ^^ 💕

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heartbeat, beloved, sweet, cute

Heartbeat: What fictional character do you love?
uhhhhh oh jeez i just don’t know!!! first thing that came to mind was snotgirl but that’s just bc i was already thinking abt her

Beloved: What do you love the most about yourself?
uhhhhhhhhh i always say the same thing abt how i try to be nice to ppl so im gonna say something different uhh i love my taste in like… visual things like art and tattoos and home decor etc i think it’s pretty good!

Sweet: Favorite love song?
oh jeez idk many love songs ummmm you know what guys recommend me some love songs please thanks

Cute: What’s your aesthetic?
i can’t answer this about Myself idk!!im boring!

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once you get this you have to say publically 5 things you like about yourself then send this to 10 of your favorite followers

bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh ok

i love my tiny bee tat

my legs sure did get me around campus today

i do like my lips

i stayed kind of hydrated today

i have a nice butt

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I just wanted to say I think you're a cool person and your writing is amazing. Have a good day. :)




Also, thank you so muuuuch <33333 Did you see my posts about me whining about the writing? I bet you did. I am whinning, im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHINING.



OH YEAH! Thank you so much <3333 

ilyjs  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) Have a nice day :) 💖

1. i like my ethnic af nose 

2. i love my ability to work hard at something when i really want it 

3. im learning to love my brutal honesty 

4. i love my fashion sense, even though it’s not *that* fashionable 

5. i like my body, not matter how many ppl give me shit for being big *shrugs*  

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On Halloween nights when I was a super little kid I apparently didn't realize that the candy would still be there in the morning. So because of that I would basically eat myself into a sugar coma... (Although I would love every second tbh) And I haven't thought about that in forever.. but talking to you kind of reminds me of that. (lol that's my super extra way of saying you're so sweet that it'll probably kill me one of these days but it'd totally be worth it <3)

OH MY GOD YOU PLEASER this flatters me so much I’m blushing reading this is giving me a sugar coma how’re you so good at this ahhhhh

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7, 15, 35, 38, 60? :)

Thanks so much for asking me and providing me with entertainment bless.

7. Something you hate that you love?

romantic movies ugh i am such a sucker i hate it

15. What is the worst way for you to die? (In your opinion)

in a fire while having to endure music you haaaaattteee

35. One little thing that makes you smile? 

when ppl say nice things about my edits ; ;

38. What store would you be the least likely to be found in?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm probably one of those like home decor stores or like sports store.

60. Any questions you want people to ask you? 

Yes, I want someone to inquire hourly about my sanity level, how much I love Dae, and the number of times I yelled at Jaebum in my head.

Normal Ask Meme

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hi i'm just stopping by to say that i hope all the bad energy goes away and happiness comes your way instead. it really pains me to see ppl sad and i know i can't fix everything but just know that you deserve happiness and all the love.

thank u <3

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OMG Cause Netflix is taking it down I've been binging Futurama and of course decided to look through the tags. I saw the picture of the Robot Devil you drew about a year ago and recognized the style instantly! It's been so many years since I fell in love with your art and amazing ability to make me ship ANYTHING! Remember Tinny TimxSally? Man this is so amazing! I've actually been thinking about your old art while watching the show too! I'm glad to see you again and hope you're doing ok

omg hey!!! first i gotta say that’s pretty cool that you recognized me through my style? it’s been foreverr since my futurama days on dA so it’s nice to know that my stuff is still recognizable :D! and that ppl still remember my old stuff at all (omg tinny tim/sally was the purest thing, i loved em!) seriously, thank you for droppin me a message! ive been well, hope life has been kind to you, anon<33

high-lady-of-perranth  asked:

Once you get this, you must say 5 things you love about yourself. Then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. Spread the positivity❤.

This is so nice, thanks. 1- I don’t mind talking to myself. 

2- I get really mad at ppl if they speak while a good song is playing. 

3- I like that I genuinely hate ducks. 

4- I like the rush of almost getting into a car accident….or roller coasters. Either or. 

5- and I guess………..making ppl feel uncomfortable is my forte. I feel like that way, they’ll always remember me. Or something along those lines. 

I’ll just tag some of them : @runexandra @theonepariah @vic2ria10 @lilyharvord @—boredd— @kawaiiotakustuff @fabulouslions @chaoslaborantin @mydreamis5h @alinamae

These are only a few of my favorite followers, I appreciate and love ALL OF THEM.