lovely pokemon

Dai recognized the Marowak before before it even spoke. She suppressed her reactions, knowing it probably had no idea who she really was. However, she knew she couldn’t just let it leave without a little something. It asked about her job and she smirked, what a golden opportunity.

The area around the two dimmed as she walked forward, curling in a pattern around the Marowak as they raised their flaming bone is defense. Dark purple smoke rolled out of her mouth slowly as she spoke.

“Well. Wouldn’t you like to know.. hmm? Guardian.” She emphasized the title like she was mocking it. Her barbed tail aimed and steadied like it was ready to strike forward at any moment. The Houndoom smiled, flashing toothy fangs.

“Some thought our team was gone. Wiped from the planet with the raid on our last base. So many of us were lost that for awhile. Even we thought we’d be done for. Forced to retire and live… normal but hidden lives.”

Dai kept her small beady red eyes trained on the Marowak’s, ready to react at any move. “You ask what my duty is, hmm? I seek out my target… and destroy them.” Her voice purred as she spoke as if she was particularly proud of herself. Slowly, she retracted her tail and stepped away from the Marowak.

“I am not one of the good guys, Menel.. was it? I think I’ve read your name on a wanted poster in the base… Best stay away, Guardian. Unless of course you want to walk right into the dragons den. ” She smiled. The area lightening up as she turned, her attention still focused on the Marowak as she began to leave.

Maybe some other day she would have tried to fight the Marowak. But.. she couldn’t be late.

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