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Heartbreak. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the immense pain you will feel when it happens to you. You literally feel like you’re dying and that your life is over. You cry for hours at a time and it just won’t stop and it’s all you can think about. Can’t even listen to sad songs because they leave you in a puddle of tears. You go from sad to angry to alright back to sad in one day. It is an emotional roller coaster. You try to bargain with God. You text them and get to the point of practically begging. If they see how hurt I am they will want to fix this. Everyone try’s to give you encouraging words. “It will get better” “you will love again” and my all time favorite “all that works is time” you are craving for someone to tell you something to make it better. And you don’t believe anyone when they tell you those things. You think im gonna be this destroyed forever. You look online at articles and save quotes on how you’re feeling. You look at how to get your ex boyfriend back. But a point comes when you have to just stop. You have to put down the phone because most likely whenever you text them there not gonna say sorry and that they fucked up and that you can go back to normal. You just end up getting more hurt. So block him from everything. There are days when you reach for your phone and want to text him so bad but don’t. Write it down, cry it out and give it 10 minutes cause I guarantee you’ll feel a little better. I don’t care if you’re at work go to the bathroom and let it out whenever you need to. You’ll go from crying for hours straight, to maybe 10 minutes a day. Which doesn’t seem that great but it means you’re slowly getting better. You have to put one foot infront of the other each day and believe me I know how tough it is. You’ll have days where you’re sad all day and you’ll have days where you’re in a pretty good mood and don’t think too in depth about it. Instead of a constant ache all day it will only sting some and not be as bad. Little pieces of yourself will start to come back. Instead of being a crying zombie. You’ll start blasting that music in your car and singing along. You’ll listen to love songs and belt them out and not cry. You’ll finish a season of a show you guys used to watch and it won’t hurt to watch it. You’ll go out with a friend and laugh and not think about him. You can think about him and not burst into tears. You will have days where it stings like a bitch, but silence says more than anything. In reality I’m betting you tried everything you could and it’s sad but at least you gave it your all and it’s just time to stop no matter how much you don’t want to. The memories will fuck you up like no other but there’s no going back, you can only move forward. Because if he wanted to contact you he would. I had to learn that the hard way. It’s a tough thing to accept. Because one day someone WILL come along and won’t do this to you. I used to get irritated when people would say only time will help, but I’m finding out it is true. Make yourself leave the house for a few hours and hang with a friend, or go by yourself shopping. I never believed it would get better, but I’m finding out that it does get better a little at a time. I went from crying 3 hours a day multiple times and trying to text him to crying 10 minutes a day if that and not reaching for my phone at all anymore. and I shouldn’t have to beat myself up anymore for someone who doesn’t care and isn’t doing the same for me. Because i realize I am worth so much more than that and so are you. You shouldn’t have to beg someone to love you, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. “Don’t cross oceans for people who won’t cross puddles for you”

can someone please do a stardust black sails AU please, please, please I beg you. I know I’ve said this before but it would be so awesome????


- John Silver being called so cause John was the first name he heard when he   fell down from the sky and Silver being the colour he shined

- And James being a ruthless lightning pirate, raiding ships in black cold skies and using lightning to utterly ravage ships

- But also having lots of books and being a tender-hearted fool after falling in love with one mister Thomas, who was taken by the people beyond the wall

- Miranda just being a proper witch like? Like a proper motherfucking do not breath in her direction wrong garden witch. Who sells like the most exotic poisons and can literally plan your death in 237 different ways

- Eleanor ruling over Stormhold like duh and being a total queen, maintaining peace longer than her male predecessors

- Madi ruling over some badass like floating island called World’s Edge or something and can only be accessed by flying ships. And it’s like a beating and thriving community with no need to fight against Stormhold. John and James go there as a pitstop

- Woodes Rogers trying to find and kill the star so Eleanor might survive whatever shit he pulled. Eleanor dies but somehow it’s pirates fault? So he goes on a massive vendetta against them and it pulls all sorts of players into the picture. Also Vane dies.

- Max, Anne and Jack get roped into this when Rogers destroys they’re trading centre or something, and they are ver not happy. Jack also wants to get the star cause hallo? Fame and all, and avenge Charles death. But also they own the better version of Stormhold like iono Delphia or something. As an inbetween civilisation and the pirates.

- Silver being a lil shit

- James being a lil shit too

- But seriously I think Silver wouldn’t get noticed as a star until halfway through the story cause he’s been traumatised beyond extent.

- And James is like, Silver has an awfully good sense of direction like wtf?? He’s supposed to be a cook not a navigator

- And as y’all know James has the crescent tattoo, and since sailors get tattoos of places they’ve been to it could be like the Lunar sea?

- And they go there, and they do a big aul gay dance, and Silver literally starts to shine silver

- And James being like well shit, all this time the people that were trying to kill me were actually trying to kill you.

- Also Billy Bones and Hal Gates live and they’re like father and son. And Bones becomes Silver’s friend and Hal is just like the mother hen to all of them

I’m not here for you to get off to
There is a soul inside this body
Who begs for someone to love
Or simply to just listen for once.

For I can see your attention wonder
As I pour out my dreams to you
You probably wouldn’t notice me
Unless I had asked you for some sex.

And my mother’s favorite nickname
Has changed from babygirl to whore
Because I can’t settle for just one
Simply because I have standards.

Don’t let people treat you like this
You are not a slut for knowing
That you are more than an object
You’re a beautiful independent girl.

Erasing ISFJ Stereotypes

I won’t pretend my experiences are universal, but I am an … unusual ISFJ that certainly tears apart all the stereotypes, so … take it as you will.

ISFJs are dull and have no imagination or creativity.

This is the one I find most frustrating. Every person has an imagination; it is merely a matter of whether or not it has been sufficiently activated or allowed to flourish. This happens quite naturally in an ISFJ and often is ignited through reading. Books, particularly fiction, activate our Ne. The more we read, the more easily we can access Ne in daily life, and the greater a pull it has on us. Reading lets us experience and entertain new ideas without endangering our “safety,” but it may also make us more inclined to desire them in real life. 

Many ISFJs are intensely creative, in a variety of ways. The stereotype is that we knit socks for our children; the reality is that we write best-selling fantasy novels and have a healthy interest in novelty. ISFJs take such pride in their craft that they perfect it over long years of practice and, once obtaining the confidence to show their work to others, soon rise to the top of their field. Some choose handicraft skills and design, others choose to become writers. Many ISFJs wind up fantasy novelists, because what better way to explore their Ne than through directing it at taking what they know or have an interest in (such as tropes, myths, legends, archetypes, etc) and re-imagining it in entirely new or re-purposed ways? ISFJs possess Ne, which is the ability to see things “not as they are, but as they COULD BE.”

ISFJs cannot handle abstract concepts, cannot see through people, and are oblivious to symbolism and have no patience for it.

Wrong. At eight years old, I was sensing innuendo in old movies. I grew up reading C.S. Lewis. Not just his Narnia books, but his grown up allegories, which were all about abstract concepts and symbolism. I love discussing those kinds of things. Nothing makes me happier than to tear off the surface of a book or film or even a person and unearth its deeper meaning, symbolism, or greater significance. It’s true that I’m not all that fond of extremely abstract poetry that is open to interpretation (because I’m not always sure the answer the professor wants is the “right” or “only” one) and am not that fond of Shakespeare, but I know a ton of other ISFJs who love the Bard.

Regarding people … while ISFJs are stereotyped as having no insight into them I beg to differ and again, for me this comes back to literature. When you have read as many books as I have, from all kinds of different genres, you gain insight into human nature and start instinctively picking up on things. Or at least, that’s where I think my intuition about people comes from. But where I differ from the INFJ is that I’m not confident enough about my “sense” of this person to articulate it as a fact; I COULD be right in guessing their motivations or there might be an unseen variable that I haven’t considered. I am sometimes right and sometimes wrong, so I wait to see how things unravel… but I often get a “sense” of people right off the bat that is fairly accurate. I may not know why I don’t like them or consider them trustworthy, but later they’ll prove themselves to be liars, or thieves, or manipulators. 

ISFJs cannot be logical or make rational decisions, and believe BS.

Some of us do believe BS. I’ll admit it. Low-order Ne is fascinated with the idea of ghosts, magic, horoscopes, etc.

But that we cannot be logical is false; we have a fairly strong grip on logic and whenever encountering anything new, can go into intense “question mode.” We will attack something new, tearing it apart until it makes sense to us. You might even find us in mathematical, scientific, or engineering fields, where our traits will be intensive research and follow-through. And because our Ti is close to our Fe, we are eternally in a struggle between emotion and logic (hence, the semi-accurate stereotype of us being “moody” – you try shifting between feelings and rationality sixteen times every hour, where your first instinct is to be emotional and a half second later you catch yourself and say, “Now, you shouldn’t be upset over this… they have a good point”).

There is also a stereotype that goes along with this that we just “fall in line” and do as everyone else does. No. We are not robots. In fact, if everyone is doing it, someone needs to raise their hand and ask, “Why are you doing this?” As introverts, we’re not comfortable with everyone blindly doing the same thing and we might even do the opposite just to make a point.

ISFJs never question their upbringing and cannot break with tradition.

Not at all. In fact, the older we get, the more in touch we are with our Ti and Ne, which inevitably starts to question our entire belief system and compare it with the greater possibilities we can see in our environment. My views have totally shifted on many topics just in the last few years, as I have re-thought them, met with new material, had new experiences, etc. I am comfortable fundamentally altering my worldview, so long as the new perspective seems logical to me.

Regarding tradition, I have a sneaking suspicion that upbringing has a great deal to do with keeping family traditions. If your parents believe in them, you might be taught to care more about them (same with pictures, keeping family heirlooms, etc). I have some traditional views but am not tradition-keeping or ritualistic in any way. I have zero interest in old family recipes or in preserving them, could care less about photo albums, and get bored eating the same things on holidays or going the same places. Show me something new!

ISFJs all just want to be spouses and parents, and are anti-feminist.

Gosh, you should have met me as a child. I was the biggest feminist on the block, telling all my friends they ought to learn to do things for themselves. It ticked me off that the boys always rescued the girls in faerie stories. I much preferred strong single women in literature to the sappy romantics, and actually got annoyed when people kept telling me that my enjoyment of being single would wear off “when I met the right guy.” And, “Oh, you’ll change your mind about not having kids when you look into his eyes.”

I’ll decide if I want kids or not, thanks so much. It’s none of your business.

There’s not getting around the fact that I would be a good mother. I’m attentive and compassionate and a peacemaker, who knows how to get things done and take care of other people in ways that make them feel loved. But it is only lately that I have entertained the thought of not being single. Humorously, the situation is reversed in my ISFJ friend, who grew up wanting to get married and as she has gotten older, now has more of a desire to stay single. In short, families are nice and I admire mothers a great deal, but it has never been my ultimate ambition to be one. I’d rather be a novelist if I have to choose (I bet I could do both, though, and a bunch of other things, too).

Remember, no two ISFJs are the same and if you find stereotypical ones, it often means they have not fully awakened their Ne yet. Give them a Terry Pratchett book. If anything will do it, that will.

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"You need more than gossiping, snobbiness, slut-shaming, and bullying."

The above is a quote from the movie adaption of the book Vampire Academy. If you’ve seen the trailer or heard of the book, chances are you could be among the group of people that think this is a Twilight wannabe. 

Lissa’s quote from the end of this movie is spot fucking on. 

Let me assure you, it is not. 

This series promotes empowering women, coming together as friends (and family), and nurturing the bonds of friendship. 

This weekend and the next few days are critical to the Vampire Academy fandom and the possibility of a sequel.

We literally depend on the rest of you fandoms at this point. We need your help.

The possibility of us getting a sequel to this movie depends on first week(end) ticket sales and how many people see this movie. This is where those of you who may not have read these books come in. If you have ever loved a TV show, movie, or series of books that got cancelled, please help us. Go see this movie!

This series of books is the reason I began writing my own novels in the first place. This series saved my life. This series gave me an outlet to pour my heart into.

Please, help our fandom get a sequel, and go see this movie! We’re all begging you. From one fandom to another, help.