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Hi 😊😊😊 can I request a headcanon about the lords reacting to MC who is being so sassy and snappy to them for a week. But they didn't know that MC is just having a bad period.

Lords reacting to MC suffering through a bad period

  • Nobunaga is Offended because excuse you, that’s his role, don’t steal it! You’re supposed to be the nice one! Grumbles a lot to himself, but he waits it out semi-patiently.
  • Mitsuhide is very confused and concerned. He keeps thinking about it and gets distracted at the worst moments. Send help.
  • Yukimura is intimidated by your snappishness. Immediately backs off anytime you show even a hint of irritation. That makes you even more annoyed. Things degenerate from there.
  • Saizo understands female woes. He cuts down on the teasing for the week and doesn’t take it personally. (Also, he probably knows your period schedule better than you do.)
  • Masamune is puzzled at your abrupt personality change. Did he do something to offend you? How can he turn things around?? He frets until Shigezane and Kojuro sit him down and make him spit out his worries. Then they laugh at him.
  • Kojuro has a sister; he’s not a stranger to period problems. He prepares a hot water bottle for your cramps. You are mollified.
  • Inuchiyo tells you to stop being ridiculous, and you two get into a fight. He loses because you start crying. He’s screaming internally the whole time.
  • Hideyoshi is 90% sure what’s going on, but he doesn’t want to bring it up because it might make you feel bad. Plus it’s not like you’re doing it on purpose. He’s not the one suffering, so he can damn well put up with it for a while.
  • Mitsunari tells you exactly why you’re being so grouchy. Your mood is not improved by his observations. The conversation goes downhill rapidly.
  • You unleash your temper on an overjoyed Tadakatsu. Ieyasu is slightly amused by your display. Toramatsu is a little shocked.
  • Kenshin is patient and unruffled. A bad mood that lasts only a few days is nothing to get worked up about. More importantly, is there anything he can do to help you?
  • Shingen informs you that orgasms are known to soothe cramps and offers his assistance anytime you need it.

July 22 is little Nico’s birthday !!! Let’s celebrate with an event !

Last year, Nico hosted a dance party in Uranohoshi, with the help of her friends from the bay. She strikes back this year with a bigger dance party ! Even better : No sleep tonight ! She sort of took after Nozomi’s nocturnal influence…

The features, you ask ? Well ! The kids can dance in the middle of the main room (which had its furniture removed for optimal space), snack on candy and other sweets of all sorts, go to the Karaoke booth for those up for a challenge, and if they’re really brave, the kids can host a dance battle, unit against unit ! That’s what Nico is the most ecxited about this year !!

Let’s help her celebrate with some quality music !

MOD NOTE : As you may know, last year was the first birthday event of the askblog, which means we’ve come full circle today.

Some kids, like Nico, will host an improved version of last year’s birthday event, while some of the others will explore new ways to celebrate. Mod will not say a word, not a clue, until the time comes !

“Is the rain going to stop soon?”
“Well, it’s certainly become weaker since morning.”
“Hotaru-kun, do you hate rain?”
“No. I don’t hate it.”
(But he looks so dejected)
“Hotaru-kun, is something wrong today?”
“I’m waiting for it to stop.”
“It may last through the night.”
“No, I want it to stop. I want it to stop soon.”

“It stopped…”
“Ah! Look look!”
“The rainbow… it’s beautiful, Hotaru.”
“Un! Because it’s beautiful I wanted to show it to you.”
(He looks so happy)
“But it’s even more beautiful now that we see it together, MC.”

*from Hotaru and the rain special natsumatsuri story. I’m drowning in excitement waiting for his MS in Tenka Tsuki.

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Hello there! I will like to ask you 6) who is your favourite lord, and 7) who is your least favourite lord! And also ice cream or frozen yogurt? ☺

Hi, Lena! 

A+ for the header on your blog! I approve!

6. Who is your favorite lord?

Of course it’s tsun bun, Ieyasu:

He tries so darn hard to be off-putting, then turns around and has things custom made for you, down to the last detail, basically undoing all of his hard work of trying to look like a jerk. 

He goes out of his way to change because you believe in him– and he doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s consistent. Even when it costs him some of his retainers, he doesn’t falter, and continues moving forward to better himself. 

It isn’t easy for him to trust, and it’s even harder for him to be direct, but he puts himself out there and gives it a try, going so far from his old behavior to risk being cut down by a raging Nobunaga, in front of everyone, just to save your life– because you didn’t give up on his humanity.

I could write a character analysis on him for pages. 

7. Who is your least favorite lord?

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Whose Next

Saizo x Yukimura

I normally like to give you guys some options to choose from….but I have so many sketches for those two (and a lot of projects going at the same time.)

Hope you guys are ready for Aug. 5th!

I’ve got a small fortune of shingen art I’m gonna be uploading all day that day. 😁😁😁

Also will be open for commissions by the end of August, so after the Shingen Fashion Show I will be taking a short break from uploading fanart requests to prepare for that!


Last Speedpaint video for Saizo fanart