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big twentygayteen movies so far:

  • Every Day is a movie coming out February 23 about someone who “wakes up every day in a different body”. The bodies can be of different genders (implying being nb/genderfluid), and the love interest is a teenage girl who kisses those differently-gendered bodies (implying pansexuality), and refers to the main character as “they” in the trailer. IMDb Page
  • Love, Simon is a movie coming out March 16 about a boy who hasn’t come out, and is afraid to, meets an anonymous classmate online, and falls for him. It deals with common lgbt issues (coming out, struggling to find love or others like you, etc) IMDb Page

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“You do know who is said to have drowned near here,” he said. 
“And do you know what his wife Mary and friends did when they found his body?”
“Cor Cordium, heart of hearts,” I replied, referring to the moment when a friend had seized Shelley’s heart before the flames had totally engulfed his swollen body as it was being cremated on the shore.
Why was he quizzing me?

Call Me By You Name (Andre Aciman) - The “Inside Oliver’s Head” Quote Series

Aka Elio Perlman ‘Captain Oblivious’. 

Aka ‘Cor Cordium’, Oliver’s words for his feelings for Elio. He’s quizzing you because he knew you’d know and he’s speaking and not dying. It’s his way of telling you without actually telling you.

I’m currently re-reading and I am on a mission to compile a comprehensive record of the many ways that Oliver shows the depths of his feelings because I can’t read another person saying that Oliver didn’t return the same level of love. Stick around, the list is long!

you do know me

“It feels like coming home, really home, in a way she can feel pulsing in her heart every time she looks at the ring glinting on her finger but she can’t quite describe. It feels like wow, I’ve got this stupidly hopeless romantic weirdo for the rest of my life, and he’s probably still going to keep finding a million other stupidly hopelessly romantic things to surprise me with.

or the one where it’s been four whole years since amy santiago broke a rule and accidentally fell in love with jake peralta, so they find a roof and celebrate.
(slightly late bet anniversary fic!)
read on ao3

It’s almost nightfall by the time a bone-tired Amy Santiago finally puts her key in the door, unceremoniously shoving it open and shrugging off her winter coat. She’s almost willing to let it fall into a crumpled heap on the floor, ready to melt into the arms of her fiancé, more than ready to demolish the mountain of chocolate boxes they still somehow have leftover from Christmas and fall asleep to the lull of the Property Brothers.

(Of course, she hangs her coat up tidily next to one of his well worn leather jackets anyway, but her point still stands. She’s exhausted enough to willingly make a mess.)

Amy sighs, kicking off her shoes and rubbing her temples, tutting at the coffee stain on her right sleeve, wincing at the memory all the ruined paperwork she had to meticulously rewrite and re-file on a shift she wasn’t even supposed to be working in the first place. God, she hates working weekends, even if there’s a new witness with info on the identity theft perp she’s been chasing for months.

Especially when said witness absolutely has to bring her three devil dogs into the precinct, which leaves her uncontrollably sneezing for the rest of her shift.

It’s been a long day.

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The Day finally has come! Today is the birthday of my handsome Baby!
[Here in Germany it´s 19.01.2018 now ♥]

Today is the birthday of the most amazing Character in Naruto Series and for me the most amazing, handsome fictional Character on Earth! ♥

Today he deserves all the love you can give! [He deserve this every Single day but today… even much more than usually! ♥]

I am today for exactly 14 years an true Gaara Fan. And I will be an true Gaara Fan for the rest of my life. ♥

This handsome young man changed my life in so many ways and that from the first Episode with him. I learned so much from him… Gawd I am in tears while writing this ;Q; This day makes me always so damn emotional, I just can´t… ♥♥

Thank you Kishimoto for giving us such an awesome Character ♥




💜 camera roll s e l f-d e s c r i p t i o n tag 💜

I’ve done this before & I really looooove this tag that’s why I decided to do this again!  🌻 the ones i did before: (1); (2);

1. me @ bts and all of you; 3. it says “i’m going to finish my tea and then back to work again” ahahaha so me; 8. me being over dramatic; 9. me when bts attacks me 1000 times a day

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“your absence lingers with me like a hole punched into my chest. you’re my first thought when i’m laughing with friends, wishing you were there to share that laughter with me. you’re my first thought when i cry, wishing you were there to wipe my tears away. on days when you can’t breathe because anxiety gets the best of you, i wish for nothing else but to be there to hold you close. i look down at my hands and think what it would be like to have your fingers entwined in mine. at 2am’s i think about my head in the nape of your neck. at 2pms i think about your head rested on my shoulder. i walk roads and think how long i would have to walk to get to you. i see couples and all i want is to kiss you on the lips. i know someday your eyes will meet mine and we will be filled with this warmth of love but until then, your absence has become my closest companion. it’s with me all the time.”

// i want you so bad