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Happy birthday to the man who’s been my everything for over a decade, an incredible and talented footballer and a sweet and humble person who is loved throughout the world because just the way he is, he amazing!

Happy birthday to Fernando Torres! ❤🌸

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Math Fact: All numbers are equations; 9 is a Fixed Point.

You may be wondering why we count numbers the way we do. If you’re not wondering that, well, now you are, because by subliminal suggestion, you read that first sentence and were forced to ponder it.

Wait I’m supposed to be talking about math.


Okay, so numbers. Numbers are easy to count. 1…2…3…4…and so on. You don’t even have to think about them. But we’re gonna do just that, because numbers are magical mystical beings from another realm actually an incremental series of one basic equation.

(10n0-1)(Yk0) + (10n1-1)(Yk1) + (10n2-1)(Yk2) + (10n3-1)(Yk3) + ….

Where Yk is defined as an integer digit to the left of the decimal point, and n is defined as the placement of Yk0 with respect to the decimal point.

As an example, let’s take the number 49.

Yk0 = 9
Yk1 = 4

In this case, Yk0 is located 2 spots in front of the decimal point, thus:

n = 2
n-1 = 1

Let’s put all of this together:

(100)(9) + (101)(4)
= (1)(9) + (10)(4)
= 9 + 40
= 49

Let’s try another number, say, 283.

Yk0 = 3
Yk1 = 8
Yk2 = 2
n0 = 2
n1 = 3
n0  – 1 = 1
n1 – 1 = 2

So, putting these into the equation, you get:

(100)(3) + (101)(8) + (102)(2)
= (1)(3) + (10)(8) + (100)(2)
= 3 + 80 + 200
= 83 + 200
= 283

Now, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just count numbers and be done with it. And that’s all fine and dandy. But this shows you something fundamental about the WAY we count numbers: all of our numbers can be simplified down to a base of 10. This explains WHY we use decimal points (you can use this same equation on the flipside of a decimal, but you always have to keep Yk0 on the left side. Yk0 will ALWAYS be the first digit to the left of the decimal.

This also explains why the standard logarithmic base is 10, as compared to 2 in some variations (if you tried to replace the “10″ in the above equations with “2,” you would have a VERY different system of counting).

Finally, this also explains why the number “9″ is what is defined as a “fixed point” under Brouwer’s Theorem. If you add up the integers of any two-or-more digit number and subtract them from the original number, the resulting number will be divisible by 9. If you repeat this process, eventually the digits will ALWAYS add up to 9 or a multiple of 9, until you reached the number 9 itself and could no longer subtract away a value.

For example, take the number 697.

6 + 9 + 7 = 22
697 - 22 = 675
675 / 75 = 9

6 + 7 + 5 = 18
675 - 18 = 657
657 / 73 = 9

6 + 5 + 7 = 18
657 - 18 = 639
639 / 71 = 9

6 + 3 + 9 = 18
639 - 18 = 621
621 / 69 = 9

Now watch…. 6 + 2 + 1 = 9
621 - 9 = 612
6 + 1 + 2 = 9
612 - 9 = 603
6 + 0 + 3 = 9

I could go on all the way down to 9, but as you can see, the added values keep switching back and forth between 9 and 18, and every single number is wholly divisible by 9.

This property is specifically due to the fact that we count by base 10. Each time you subtract, you remove one of the integers multiplied by 10. That is to say, the number 37 isn’t 30 + 7, it’s really 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+7 (ten 3s and a 7). By removing one of the 3s, you now only have 9, and thus, 9 remains a fixed point on the number line.

Brouwer’s Theorem doesn’t just apply to numbers, but to any closed system without holes. If you stir your coffee, no matter how you stir it, there will ALWAYS be one point that NEVER leaves it’s original position. A fixed point. No matter how you translate, scale, or twist a closed system without holes, without fail, exactly one point will NEVER change.

That’s math, people. Pretty amazing, huh?

I give up on actually drawing backgrounds lol. Anyways I beat Tales of  Zestiria for the eighth time today. 

Because they sent me a message to welcome me into the fandom I dedicate this to @looveel-realm (looks a little different than the sketch did at first huh? lol!

Anyways thanks fir being awesome and sending me those messages I’m glad to be contributing to the fandom!

the gloves

‘BOOM CLAP’ the sound that nine made as he said “here we go” clapped his gloved hands together

The concussion of sound that detonates from Nine’s hands when he claps isn’t quite sonic-boom loud, but it’s definitely close. It’s like a thunderclap in the back-seat; all of the SUV’s windows

“oops” lol

*Love Potion Number Nine by alexandralyman

M. [27,783 words: MULTICHAP]. After defeating the Wicked Witch and returning to the Enchanted Forest, a prince arrives with the goal of winning Emma’s hand in marriage. He attempts to snare her with a love potion, but Hook intervenes and winds up activating the potion himself, causing Emma to fall in love with him. The effect is temporary, but it’s going to be a hell of a ride until it wears off.

WARNINGS/KINKS/TRIGGERS (IF ANY):  A woman being drugged by a man, sex scene

Why I love this: The wit in this fanfic is so off the chart it made me laugh out loud way too many times. Killian’s inner monologues are just flawlessly sarcastic and the dialogues really spot on. I also love how respectful of Emma’s situation Killian is, no matter how hard her drugged self makes it for him. It makes the ending all the better to read.


Titan Comics and BBC Worldwide are pleased to announce the ongoing Ninth Doctor comic series.

Titan Comics’ hugely popular and critically acclaimed Doctor Who comics line launched the Ninth Doctor in a 5-part mini-series in 2015. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Ninth Doctor, as played by Christopher Eccleston, the series will now join the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors as a monthly ongoing title.

The Ninth Doctor comic writer, Cavan Scott (Who-ology) will continue to work on the series and says –

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the Ninth Doctor is returning for more adventures with Rose and Captain Jack. The new ongoing series kicks off a new era and a new mission for this much-loved TARDIS team. Along the way they’ll encounter old friends and foes as well as startling new faces. I’ve been blown away by the love for Doctor Number Nine that I’ve seen at comic cons and signings over the last year. It’s a real privilege to be continuing the Ninth Doctor’s story. It really is the trip of a lifetime.”

The first in the brand new Ninth Doctor ongoing story arc will hit shelves in April 2016, with interior art on the opening three-parter by Adriana Melo (Miss Marvel, Spiderman).

CS Bookshelf

Adding a few more awesome CS fanfictions to my bookshelf:

Steady Hands (just take the wheel) - Philyra

Rating: K+  |  Status: WIP

AU. World-famous mystery novelist Killian Jones has just killed off his main character and is looking for a muse. Enter Detective Emma Swan. (Or, when OUAT meets Castle.)

Love Potion Number Nine - alexandralyman

Rating: M  |  Status: Completed

After defeating the Wicked Witch and returning to the Enchanted Forest, a prince arrives with the goal of winning Emma’s hand in marriage. He attempts to snare her with a love potion, but Hook intervenes and winds up activating the potion himself, causing Emma to fall in love with him. The effect is temporary, but it’s going to be a hell of a ride until it wears off.

Belle Notte - i-know-how-you-kiss

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 (coming soon!!!)

Status: WIP

(My Summary) Modern CS AU with Killian’s dog, Westley, as his wingman. Smiles and fluff galore. Don’t miss reading this sweet fic.

Note: Don’t miss out on the Westley headcanons (one | two | three | four | five) and the Christmas Vignette (Fall La La in Love).

Headlights Fading - evil–isnt–born

Rating: K+  |  Status: WIP

When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all.

Stardust in Your Skin - clairedearingg [One shot]

Emma Swan may believe in magic and curses and fairy tales but she absolutely does not believe in soulmates. (a soulmate!au that’s honestly barely an au.)

And on my writing desk:

I Bet My Life (when it comes to you) [One shot]

Emma has sacrificed herself to the darkness. As she fights against it within herself, her loved ones strive to help her. When Killian takes the leap into the Dark One’s realm, he will be faced with her biggest struggle as the darkness threatens to consume her. 

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