lovely mali

“Nitko me ne voli”, reče Mali Princ i sakrije rukama lice.

“Voliš li ti ikoga?” upita Lisica.

“Volim svoju ružu, ali…”, reče Mali Princ i zastane.

“Bit ćeš siguran da voliš kad budeš mogao reći: ‘Ne možeš napraviti ništa da te prestanem voljeti!’” reče Lisica.

“Ljudi su često nesretni”, nastavi Lisica, “kažu: ‘Nitko me ne voli.’ Ali, zapravo, oni su ti koji ne vole nikoga. To je baobab koji im je zarobio srce.”

“Da, baobab je takav: ako ga zapustiš, nikad ga se više ne možeš osloboditi”, složi se Mali Princ.

“Kad čuješ riječi: ‘Nitko te ne voli!’ koje ti šapuću zli vjetrovi, i osjetiš da ti baobab svojim korijenjem probada srce, sjeti se onih koje voliš; dozovi najbolje otkucaje srca koje si imao za ljubljene i vjetrovi će utihnuti – zasjat će sunce i osušiti korijenje”, reče Lisica.

“Ja zaista volim svoju ružu”, reče Mali Princ i pogleda prema zvijezdama. “Ne možeš napraviti ništa da te prestanem voljeti!” reče, a na licu mu se pojavi osmijeh.
—  postoji li ljepši tekst?   :)

louis is not dating elk.
louis doesn’t have a kid.
louis has not chosen to be closeted (even if he did it wouldn’t be any of our business). if he really had chosen things as they are, they would be more lowkey and less prone to be debunked and dragged. the more they expose it to the fans and the public, the more it gets literally exposed.
when someone chooses to be closeted in show business, this is not how they act, this is not how every single thing is handled. it’s the exact opposite.
if louis was a real father he would have a custody arrangement and the whole thing wouldn’t have been announced in a mag a month in.

We reached the first goal!!! In less than a week!! THATS CRAZY!

Lest go to the next goal!!! If we to the next level JUNK FOOD STICKERS will be included in ALL THE SKETCHBOOKS, FOR EVERYONE! And I’ll be able to do a large book with more sketches and some of them will be about VIRUS! Some concept art and scenes!

You all are the best, I’m working hard to make all of this and thanks to every single one of your donations this is possible! Thanks for helping me to make my dreams come true <3


Sunday Serman Recap!!!

The summer is almost here and it began in Harlem, well for me at least! This past sunday was full of fly friends, good food and DANCING for ya life. Bevy Smith knows how to bring a party and needless to say that women is GREAT in my book. My girl Mash always bring ‘A Party in My Mouth" realness to any occasion and it’s always good to kick it with Madam Joanne Petit-Friere of Tresse Agoche and her many many looks. New faces included “You Can Touch My Hair” star Maliha of @lovelymali and her gorgeous partner Nikki whom I am ever so fond of. Pretty awesome day. 

I didnt do Badu in Brooklyn cause frankly, I’m just over the scene and I wanna stay fresh, and current not late and expected! Oop that was not shade just a small read, #readingisfundemental!!!