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Nymphet-Songs you might not know ✨

(the list is yet to grow)
- Sweet Nymphet by The Wannadies
- Bad Girl by Girls Love Shoes
- Flaunt by Girls Love Shoes
- Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police
- Runaway by Bon Jovi
- Guys My Age by Hey Violet
- Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood
- A question of time by Depeche Mode
- Precious by Depeche Mode
- Blue Dress by Depeche Mode
- To Sir With Love by LuLu

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lulufallofficial In the midst of #womensmonth I am proud and honored to be portraying the strong and steadfast character of Marya D this coming Wednesday for BOTH SHOWS @greatcometbway! Get your tickets guys! This African-American #LaryaD is coming at ya! #broadway  #blackbroadway #understudies pic courtesy of @maxk996

If I look at this anymore I’m going to yell. I call thee done.….for  now.

You know, some artist can make master pieces within hours, maybe a few days, and everything would be rendered perfectly and flawless. I will make one brushstroke every two days if I feel like it.

Keep doing art my lovely fellow LoL players!