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if you love me don’t let go

written by: Brianna | @jvnscass

prompt: ‘Bellamy stroking Clarke’s hair until she falls asleep after her having nightmares, post s3, no nuclear meltdown’ for @100bellarketrash

word count: 1596

There was too much to deal with in the aftermath of ALIE. Her mother and Kane were working overtime to figure out what to do with the Grounders. The others were trying to rebuild Arkadia, and not just in a physical sense. Everyone was trying to deal with their trauma in their own way. No one had time to take on Clarke’s as well. It wasn’t uncommon to hear a chorus of shouting during the night. Not everyone could shut themselves down during a nightmare.

Clarke’s horrors didn’t happen when she was asleep because she rarely slept more than two or three hours a night. The hallucinations, and she knew that they were hallucinations, were happening almost constantly when she was awake. It was easy to ignore some of them and not so easy to ignore others. Some faces blended into the crowd. Others stood out as stark reminders of all that she had done. Her father. Wells. Finn. The list went on and on. They mostly left her alone, but it was hard to ignore the bloodstained face of her best friend when he stared at her from ten feet away.

It was tempting to confront them, to ask them what they wanted, but she knew that they wouldn’t answer. This was her sentence. She wouldn’t be locked away in a small cell up in the sky for her crimes. This was her way of paying for all that she’d done. As she watched her people heal and recover, most of them finding a reason to smile again, Clarke knew that it was worth it to bear it alone. She wouldn’t run away this time. It was selfish to think that she needed the exact people that she’d hurt the most. But she did need them.

“You look like hell,” Raven informed her bluntly.

Clarke tore her eyes away from Anya’s accusing glare.

“So do you,” she said with a shrug, turning her attention back to the half-eaten breakfast in front of her.

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The Vampire I Loved

Pairing: Bucky x F!Reader

Word Count: 938

Warnings: none, as always.

Summary: Witches/warlocks and vampires have been at war for centuries and nothing will ever change that. But what happens when a rookie witch and the soon-to-be king of the vampires fall for each other without knowing their identities. Will they be able to change history or is their love doomed to fail?

A/N: Two chapters in one week! Give me some feedback guys; I’d like to know what you think about it. Again sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes; English is not my first language.

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Chapter 6

[Y/N] couldn’t believe her eyes; she couldn’t believe Bucky was standing in front of her. Even though her eyes were puffy and red because of her previous crying [Y/N] held his gaze and she notice how his eyes revealed nothing but sadness and possibly regret, however she couldn’t be sure of anything especially when it came to Bucky and because of that [Y/N] held back the urge she had to pull Bucky into her embrace and never let him go.

Moments passed and when Bucky made to sign to talk or even move [Y/N] stood up and tried to walk passed him until she was restrained by his hand holding tightly her forearm preventing her from running away. When [Y/N] meant to pull away Bucky’s grip just got tighter and she had to restrain from gasping in pain.

“What do you want? [Y/N] exclaimed harshly not meeting his eyes

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Ich habe letzte Nacht geträumt, dass ich ein Engel sei’.
Über den Wolken, die Flügel war'n golden.
Ließ die Sorgen laufen, spürte keine Angst.
—  Shindy - Warum ich das mach.. @rapzitate-de
Love in Time (Chapter 2)

Pairing: Yoongi x OC

Genre: Angst, Smut

Previous Work: Prologue Chapter 1


She tried to walk away from him. Min Yoongi! The only reason she’d even made it three steps was because it had taken him a minute to process what she was trying to do. And before he knew what he was doing, he had her pinned against the wall. He found his throat dry, unable to speak a single word. Seeing her like this, close up again, made him feel like he just found the breakup note just yesterday. He wanted to yell at her for breaking his heart. He wanted to take her into his arms like he used to. He wanted to show her he was better without her. He wanted her to smile at him and say it had all been a misunderstanding.

But most of all, he wanted his body to not to be crave her, like he did all those years ago. He’d been soft just a few seconds ago, that is until he saw her. He wanted her, and he knew she wanted him. He knew he had to let her go. It was inappropriate to pin any woman against the wall in public, even one who had torn him apart like Jaisa did. Just as he was about to get himself under control, she chose that moment to look up at him. Their eyes locked. Her eyes still had that starry look to them that he loved. Now what could he do? Kissing her seemed like a natural conclusion.

At first she just took it, she shock evident since she didn’t respond. But then she opened her mouth wider and pushed her tongue to his. Moaning as she did so, like she has been waiting years to kiss him again. He hiked her evening gown up just enough for her to wrap his legs around his waist. He closed his eyes as he ground his hips against hers, in a frenzy of need. For minutes all that could be heard was the sound of fabric rubbing together, along with their uneven breathing. They were so close he could feel her body shaking, he knew she was close to letting down. It caused him to grind against her even harder. As if she could read his thoughts, she moaned against his lips, then cried out in surprise as she climaxed.

“Min?” She was calling his name, sounding irritated, as if she wanted him to stop. He slowed down then. “Min?” He opened his eyes and found Jaisa staring him, looking just as confused. “Min!” The voice was much stronger now, and he realized it belonged to Stephanie. He closed his eyes, then slowly pulled himself back to reality. He was dry humping his ex-girlfriend against a wall and got caught by his current mistress. Jaisa seemed to have put the situation together at the same time. She quickly took her leg from around his waist, and tried to release her arms that were still pinned to the wall. In a state of shock, he released her and looked at Stephanie, who took in the scene with skeptical look on her face, “Will she be joining us for the activities tonight?”


“Will she be joining us for the activities tonight?” Jaisa came back to reality with a heart wrenching thud. She just let her ex dry hump her to an orgasm against the wall in public. Now his mistress, girlfriend, whoever she was, was talking about having a threesome later. This time she didn’t try to walk away, she ran. She didn’t stop until she reached the valet station, she was so focusing on running away, she forgot her coat. She then began to feel remorse for what she had just let happened. Her thought landed on Agust, the love of her life, the person she pledge her heart and soul to. She couldn’t believe she just betrayed him like that. She pulled her ticket out of her clutch, “Please hurry,” she said, hugging herself. “I left my coat in the car.” She needed to get out of here fast. To her relief the valet guys took pity on her, and brought her car around in record time. She sped away, just as Yoongi was coming out of the venue, with that woman still by his side. She tried not look him, but against her better judgement, she looked. And she discovered Yoongi staring right back at her, with a hard look on his face.


She’d done what she seemed to do best. She’s run away again. He would have gone after her, but Stephanie had held onto his arm before he could. “Min, what’s happening?” she asked him as they entered the limo. “I’m sorry,” he said, turning his back to her. He wanted to hunt her down, throw her on the nearest surface, and bury himself inside her. When their limo pulled up to their hotel, he said, “I can’t stay with you tonight. I’ll send the jet to take you back to Seoul first thing in the morning. Call Wyatt, he’ll sit it up for you.” She cut her eyes towards him, “Are you dumping me?” she asked in disbelief. “Who is she?” He knew it was hard for her to realize, she was being dumped for a random black woman. “She’s unfinished business. And I’m not dumping you, I just want to take care of this tonight. I’ll call you when I get back to Seoul.”

Stephanie gritted her teeth, “Fine,” she said. “I’ll call your assistant when I get back to the room,” she said as she exited the limo. Now he could deal with Jaisa Sloane. It only took his assistant, Wyatt, less than an hour to track Jaisa’s whereabouts to a local hotel. Wyatt informed him she had already checked out already, and was most likely on her way back to Dallas. Just like six years ago, she ran again. But this time things were different, he knew exactly where she was heading.

Back when he hadn’t been able to find her, he had embarrassed himself countless times. He called her closest friends, waited for her outside her class, hoping to catch her for the first week. Only to find out she had transferred to another school. After that, he couldn’t sleep or study. If it hadn’t been for Wyatt, he never would have gotten where he is today. Wyatt had been there to set him straight, helping him move on, but never forget. Yoongi would never forget the note she left on the pillow, all those years ago. That little note helped him become the man he was today. “I want MF Steel,” he told Wyatt. “Set that in motion now.” A long silence came from Wyatt’s end. “Are you sure? You’ve come a long way.” Wyatt sounded generally concerned. “I’ll be fine,” Yoongi said. “It’s that this is the perfect time to get my revenge.” Wyatt sighed, and didn’t say anything before ending the call. Yoongi hung up, just as the limo pulled into the private airfield. Yes, Jaisa might have run away again, but this time she couldn’t hide from him.

Imagine #38

UF Frisk trying to teach UF Papyrus the beauty and fun in snowy days.

Bonus: Papyrus deems every activity Frisk tries to make him happy with “stupid”. In a fit of frustration, Frisk launches a snowball at Papyrus, which causes an all-out war to break out between the two that lasts the entire day.

Bonus Bonus: Papyrus tells Frisk that he had fun. He didn’t mean to, but between the hot cocoa the two shared afterwards and the adrenaline still running in his bones, he accidentally let his guard down, for just a moment.


The snow was pretty heavy last weekend (New York) *o*
Here is a quick sketchy comic ♥

Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC After End)

Also – Jumin with his hair slicked back mmMMMmMM
Don’t ignore your child you lovebirds HAHAHA

Sometimes I Swear Min Yoongi Will Be the Death of Me

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