lovely little leopard


Leopard Gecko Update - November 2015

Morgana is just a normal (and her name comes from when I thought I was going to do an arthurian theme and then abandoned that). She’s my oldest gecko, and my oldest reptile, currently being about 14 years old. I kind of consider her a rescue in a way, but it’s odd because the person I rescued her from…. is myself.

See I got her when I was 11 yrs old, along who another gecko who passed away many years ago. I was a terrible reptile keeper at 11. I had them on sand (I didn’t know better) I even cohabbed them for a bit (that’s how she lost her tail tip) and I definitely didn’t have the proper humid hides for shedding (how she lost her toes). It wasn’t until I was 14/15 yrs old that I stumbled upon online reptile groups and realized to my horror that I was doing everything wrong. I immediately set about fixing everything, dumping out the sand, getting humid hides, giving them better food, etc. I’ve always felt horrendous guilt over how bad their conditions were and how skinny I had let them get because I was a kid who didn’t really care for several years. I feel a bit better now knowing that Morgana is fat and happy and her scales literally shimmer with a satiny sheen. Also 14 years old! that’s pretty impressive! She still has many more years with me though, before reaching a leopard gecko’s lifespan, and I can only hope that I can do my best to make them all as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for her.