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Ship: Gail/Marjorie
Film/TV Show: My Two Loves [ Film ] 1986
Canonical Pairing: Yes | No | Undecided
Characters: Gail Springer, Marjorie Lloyd
Actors: Mariette Hartley, Lynn Redgrave
Ending: Happy | Sad | Ongoing | Undecided
Other Traits: Older Ladies, 1980s, Friends to Lovers, Love Triangle, Bisexual
Why you should watch it: So the first thing you have to remember when watching this is that it’s from a different time. Otherwise you’re going to wonder why Gail does not understand gay. BUT that being said, I am shocked at how forward thinking some of this was. I particularly enjoyed the quote “No woman becomes a lesbian out of a reaction to men. She becomes a lesbian because she loves women”. Really thoughtful, adult way of looking at this relationship for the time period. Also like.. Mariette Hartley was every girl’s wet dream at some point wasn’t she? And Lynn Redgrave is delightful. 
What you may not like about it: They do skip by a lot of the intimacy here because of the time frame (and what was allowed on screen at the time). They obviously weight the affection of the heterosexual pairing in the film, but again, it’s understandable for the 1980s. The love triangle’s kind of a bummer too.

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“The Raven Queen is actually good good buds with Lady Istus.”

the power couple among the gods, to be honest