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Mark Blackthorn - The Dark Artifices

“I have been in the land of Faerie for years and it is a place where mortal blood is turned to fire. It is a place of beauty and terror beyond what can be imagined here. I have ridden with the Wild Hunt. I have carved a clear path of freedom among the stars and outrun the wind. And now I am asked to walk upon the earth again?”  

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Who in the Naruto Universe would date a black girl?

So I’d like to think that all the Naruto characters wouldn’t just date based on skin color, but just for the sake of not having to list 100+ characters I’m just gonna name the ones that come to mind first that I can really envision if that’s okay?

under the cut just in case though

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Maggie Sawyer, a delightful in black 😍

When Feyre Returned From The Spring Court and Rhysand Made Everyone Leave the House So He Could Be with Her


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