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Caroline is trying to get work done but Klaus keeps distracting her.

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We Can Work it Out

“You can’t work without a pen,” Klaus insisted, placing it beneath the waistband of his jeans. “Or this pencil.”

“If we were in the olden days,” she joked, watching him stretch out across her bed like a cat. “Or I could just use my laptop like a twenty-first century gal.”

“My appendage may be impressive in size, love, but don’t think I won’t put your Mac in my pants too.” Caroline looked at his pants, the blush creeping across her cheeks telling her his bizarre ploy was working. 

“As entertaining as that would be to witness, Mikaelson, I really need to get this assignment done otherwise you’ll be sleeping with an unemployed, wannabe journalist that has flunked out of college.”

“Says the overachiever,” he drawled. “Must you be so melodramatic when I’m writhing around on your bed. You know how hot that control freak act gets me, sweetheart.”

“I can tell,” she grinned. “What with you writhing around on my bed and all.”

“You’re revelling in my pain,” he pouted, shooting an unexpected dimple her way. 

“Your pain?” Caroline scoffed. 

“You are more than welcome to touch it, you know if you don’t believe me,” he offered, gesturing to the bulge in his jeans. 

“We all know where that leads,” she smirked.

“Exactly why I think you need to take a break and tend to me,” he insisted, patting the spot next to him on the bed. “I’ll even reciprocate and you and I both know how that ends.”

Caroline knew the burning sensation between her legs wasn’t going to subside, especially given how adorable he looked splayed out and aroused on her bed. She wasn’t one to give in easily but maybe a break was what she needed to get some much needed inspiration. 

“Fine,” she relented,watching his dark blue eyes fill with lust. “But on one condition.”

“Anything,” he replied before she could finish her sentence. 

“You leave here straight after so I can finish this thing without distraction,” Caroline ordered. 

“Your wish is my command,” he murmured. “Now get that gorgeous body over here.” Caroline didn’t waste any time, shedding her clothing and pouncing on top of him clad only in her matching black, lacy lingerie. 

She leant over to kiss him before he placed a finger over her mouth temporarily. “Hang on, no one studies in black lingerie.” 

“Excuse me?”

“You planned this all along,” he deduced, tracing his hands over her nipples through the lace fabric and relishing in the shudder that overtook her body. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she mumbled. “But I suggest we don’t waste any more time chatting.” 

Klaus smirked knowingly before pulling her body against his and plunging his tongue into her mouth as he unsnapped her bra strap. Planned or not, sex with Caroline was always the best part of his day.

“Ow,” he cried out against her mouth unexpectedly. Caroline pulled back, her concerned expression not lost on Klaus.

“Did I bite your lip again?” She questioned. “Although last time I drew blood you said you liked it.”

“I did,” he admitted. “It’s, uh, just my pants.”

“Ah yes, that uncontrollable pain you were experiencing,” she muttered sarcastically, gyrating against his impressive erection on purpose. 

“Turns out it wasn’t just that,” he winced. “How sharp do you keep your pencils?”

“What do you think? It’s me after all,” she grinned knowingly. “Serves you right for shoving my stationery down your pants, Mikaelson.”

“Just get this thing out so we can pick up where we left off,” he grumbled, nipping against her neck playfully. 

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The clave: It is forbidden to fall in love with your parabatai


*Falls in love with Emma

*Sleeps with Emma twice

*Wants to break all the parabatai bonds to be with her

*Will destroy the world for her and his family

Julian: YOLO!


- worked for years to find out the truth of what happened to her parents.
- avenged her parents by killing the person who killed them.
- her sass and sarcasm.
- helps julian with his siblings.
- took the whipping from julian because she couldn’t stand to see him in pain.
- tried to make julian hate her so he wouldn’t have to find out the truth about/ endure the parabatai curse.
- she didn’t want to invade the blackthorn’s privacy so she chose a different room in a different corridor.
- is one of the best shadowhunters of her generation.
- loves all the blackthorns like they’re her own family. (they basically are but still.)
- killed one of the seven riders which has never been done before.
- has and will continue to risk her life for all the people she loves.
- she’s so physically and mentally strong.
- loves julian with her whole heart.
- she’s always there for those she loves.
- literally shattered the mortal sword.