lovely kang min hyuk

OMG… I melted. Into a puddle. So stinkin’ cute!


MC: Which Drama Did You Enjoy Filming The Most?

Park Hae Jin: “It Could Be Unexpected, But It’s ‘Cheese In The Trap’. I Had Fun. The Environment Was Good. There Were A Lot Of Other Actors My Age, So It Was A Very Energetic Filming Set.” 

When people start talking bad about  Asian dramas in front of someone new to dramaland...

Don’t listen to other people. Make your own choices and opinions.

When you just KNOW there’s something you were supposed to do, but can’t remember...

OMG… OMG… OMG… The way he was looking at her… My head would have exploded with lust. Hell, it DID and he wasn’t even looking at me. 

When I hear someone listening to kpop in the car next to me...