lovely janette

Shawn Mendes Imagine for Janette

Hi loves, this was requested and I hope she enjoys it! I got this idea from Shawn’s picture that’s going around of him and some fan lol HEY! Help me on deciding what guy to use for my next imagine!

Shawn’s POV-

            God, she was beautiful. She looked perfect while she laughed at something her best friend said, and this line could not go any slower. She was here for Magcon and I wanted to hurry up and wrap her in my arms and take whatever type of pictures she wanted. I kept my eye on her while the fans fluttered through, I took pictures and acted like I was 100% there, but I really wasn’t because she kept looking at me.

            It was making me nervous. Nervous like about to sing in front of hundreds of fans, nervous like when a really beautiful girl is staring at me like she wants to lock me up inside my hotel room and keep me there. I would not object, not one bit.

            “Stop staring, it makes you look creepy,” Jack J whispered to me when he caught me looking at her.

            I looked at Jack J and then at the girl, who seemed to be getting closer, she blushed and looked away, muttering something to her friend. Her friend’s head whipped around to look at me with wide eyes, I looked at the girl in front of me and tried to hide the heart getting to my cheeks and smiled at the fan.

            After a good 10 minutes she was finally in front of me, “I’m Janette,” She smiled while looking up at me.

            “Pretty name for a pretty girl,” I said while biting my lip.

            Janette’s cheeks reddened and I couldn’t help my smile as it widened. She ran her fingers through her hair as she glanced down at her nails, “I was wondering if you could do something for me,”

            “And what would that be?” I asked her, wishing she’d look up at me so I could see her pretty eyes.

            She looked super nervous, I could tell by her smile and how she looked up at me while biting her nail. “Could you, maybe, kiss me? For the picture, I mean?” She asked quietly.

            Oh, hell yeah. I blushed at her words, “Lips?”

            “Um, yeah, actually, if you wouldn’t mind.” Janette spoke, her voice shaking.

            “Sure,” I answered. Janette’s eyes snapped at me with shock and I took her phone from her hands and gave it to the guy, that stood in front of my booth so he could take pictures of me and the fans, and looked at Janette.

            “Ready?” I asked her, stepping towards her.

            “Um, if you are,” Janette asked, still shocked that I agreed to the kiss.

            I looked at the guy and he nodded, I took the last step towards her and placed my hands on her cheeks and brought her lips to mine. She stood on her tippy toes and her hands touched my hips as I pressed my body to hers. She tasted sweet, like raspberry chap-stick and lemonade. Her perfume was intoxicating, but not sickly. It made my head swim.

            Janette pulled away and gave me a little smile and turned towards the guy for one more picture, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and tensed when her hand was placed on my stomach. We smiled for the picture and she handed me a Magcon shirt, she must have bought, to sign. “So are you from around here?” I asked her as I signed it.

            “Um, yeah, but me and my sister are staying in this hotel instead of driving home tonight,” She answered, taking the t-shirt and phone, that the guy gave back to her, and looking at me.

            “Really? I’m staying here too,” I asked with a big smile.

            A smile broke out on her lips, “Cool, I’ll see you around,”

            “How about the pool, around 10?” I asked her quietly, hoping that none of the other fans heard me say that. I’d rather it just be me and Janette, alone.

            She nodded after considering it, “Sure, see you then.”

            I watched as she walked away and looked very forward to 10 o’clock.