lovely ginger


and drink your tea,

my love, sit and drink your tea.

Rose hips

and honey

and lemongrass tea,

Don’t think of you,

Don’t think of me.


And drink your tea,

My love, sigh and sip some tea,


Chamomile tea,

Memories fade.

Memories linger.


And drink your tea,

My love, smile and finish your tea,


Or jasmine,

Or hibiscus,

Or ginger,

Distance is lonely;

I love you wherever.

Autostraddle wrote a review saying the new Anne series is terrible and it makes me so sad because it’s followed by a bunch of comments being like “thanks for letting me know this is terrible, now I’ll never watch it” and like… the series is lovely and darling and like sure it’s not perfect and sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it’s weird but like… I love it and I wish everyone would try watching it.

(Anne was one of my favorite stories growing up.  I love this adaptation so much.  Everyone go watch it.)

Update: got through more of the comments and was happier to see more of a mix of people’s reactions. Some said they gave it a shot and didn’t like it and some said they watched and loved it and I think both of these are solid responses. I loved this adaptation but I get it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but also hey try it. Look at those freckles.

When your love is asleep but you need cuddles.


Ed singing Supermarket Flowers, Live @ The BBC One Show TODAY.  It’s so beautiful……………………………………

Credit: @mspeedi6 on Twitter.

10,000! I am glad that each of you is with me! You motivate me to continue working, you are amazing! Thank you very much!
And yet … someone very wise told me once, that we should create something with passion, not for profit… and people will appreciate it. Well … he was damn right! Remember: Your art is yours.
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