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Let's all be honest with ourselves. Lucio would be one of the muses too.

t hats actually really sweet omg??

everybody else is there because they know either hanzo or jesse personally but lúcio just wants to help make people happy :’’)))

(refers to this post!!)


“Let’s go on a date”

Canon Anti

I decided to try remaking a still from the PAX Anti vid in terms of style and glow. It’s not exactly a remake as the bloops from that video haven’t been released but I wanted to try to do the general style. In that way, it is a remake. It’s still not exactly perfect but I like the look of it. Hopefully you all do as well! :)


justin williams answering the important questions, talking about how he styled his hair for picture day (march 27, 2017)


luke sizemore/yungtown stimboard for @gooey-and-chewy! and myself

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