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I like to think that they watch on from a better place.

… and make bets on what’s going to happen.

Tex is way better at this than Church.


you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mmo boys interactions for anon ✩

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WYR: Go to the Chocobros World from start to finish (Where they meet their ends)/They join your world and live with you (Meaning you have to offer basic living standards)

This is tempting because I wrote a whole damn fic once upon a time involving both these concepts BUT

Let’s be real. First Red Giant that pops up and I’m fucking dead, fam. SO THEY JUST GONNA HAVE TO LIVE WITH ME… in my tiny ass apartment with my bf and cat.

At least I know Noct would feed my cat, Prompto would be out all day taking pictures of the Las Vegas strip, Gladio might develop a gambling addiction and need to be dragged off of Fremont Street after one too many shots were taken, and Ignis would cook for me and possibly be the only one who would be able to become rich the legit way and we all live happily ever after. Yes.


… lowkey new fantasy, lol!

Baking 101

A prompt from the darling @alecsplushpillow​:  what about malec baking together? Like.. just casually trying to make a bday cake for izzy and they’re both idiots when it comes to baking. So it all ends in a mess and flour war and frosting kisses and they Finally end up buying a cake? 😂💕

“How do you not know how to do this?” Alec sighed in exasperation as he surveyed the counter in front of him like it was a battlefield.

Magnus twirled on the spot, eying the other man with a cool expression. “I don’t appreciate the accusation. You don’t know what you’re doing either.”

Alec balked. “I’m not hundreds of years old!”

“Alec, just because I have been alive for centuries does not mean I’ve ever wasted my time on such frivolous things. I have magic for that.” Magnus picked up the can of frosting and eyed it suspiciously.

“Wha- why did you say we had to make it ourselves, then? You could just magic one up!”

“No no no, I said that you should make it yourself. I’m just here for moral support.” He patted his boyfriend on the shoulder and stepped carefully around the counter space, placing the frosting down between them.

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Hello yes here you go! I’ve got two sets of Heathers au fics:

The au where Matt and Steph are in a production of Heathers: The Musical

And an au where Stephanie is Veronica and Matt is JD!

Happy reading!