lovely friends

@missfiirelight (*bass voice* LAPH YOU), @firebyfire, @ anon, @jenamlittle, and @akirafanatic explained to me about this post and I was just so happy so many people care enough to explain to this awkward turtle about it and I just HAVE.TO.DO.SOMETHING.

Inspired by @incorrectdna (I forgot if the rules are different, but if you don’t want this to be posted, then I’ll remove it ihihi ;3)

Thank you guys!!! <3
Omake <3


Something quick and simple–a little reminder for my followers and anyone that needed this right now.

If you’re having a rough time right now please know that others, including me, are rooting for you and know that you are stronger than you think you are and that you can go through whatever life throws at you.

Be strong; we’re here for you <3

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For my birthday, last April, my lovely friends (probably tired of all my whinging) all chipped in to help me buy a Cintiq.
However, as they’re so expensive, it took me a while to save enough money to actually buy the thing. But finally, a couple of weeks ago, I took the big step…
And well, I’m still trying to figure out how to use it, and I still have to get used to drawing directly on a monitor instead of looking at one while moving the stylus on a slab of plastic… But I’m loving every second of it (well, kind off: I actually burst into tears when I unpacked it…)



OMG shorelle, you’re amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LOVELY AND WONDERFUL AND SUPER AWESOME GIFT!! Especially the books! <3 (omg you have no idea how loud I screamed about it. Now I can cry myself to sleep because of all the Skywalker family feels - THANKS A LOT lol ;A; ). And all those treats look so good~ I can’t wait to start *omnomnom* (also - the cutest fox stationery ever *-* )

AND THE ANIDALA *flails* A perfect depiction of their relationship tbh lol
Honestly, it arrived at such a great timing, in the midst of my breakdown from graduation project and shizz - it totally made my day and entire week (Sundays are always too much for me to handle OTL).

I’m still not over this (and crying over your letter because obviously you’re my queen and senpai and inspiration~~~) Thanks again for being so awesome! I feel so blessed to have you as my friend! <3<3<3


okay so last week I received tHE MOST WONDERFUL PACKAGE from matereya, actual queen and loveliest in all the galaxy <333 (i’m sorry i took so long to get these photos on my computer!!) 

it was filled with delicious snacks (seriously they were SO delicious *u* the bamba was my favourite, I wish I could go to Israel and get a whole carton of them X3 and also watch all the star wars marathons with u

and the VADER FUNKO POP to go with Queen Amidala (which was also a gift from kiyala) <3 I hadn’t been able to find a Vader anywhere locally, so thank you so much!! now that I have them both together it’s unlocked ~infinite awkward pose opportunities~

and most of all, do you see that gorgeous print of my queen and saviour Kuvira?? IT LOOKS EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IRL oh my god, I’m still not over it and it’s now on my wall of inspiration every day <3 (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ (and the ani + obi chibis omg) //rolls forever in a pit of feels !!!!! //

together with a crystal that never breaks, and her smile like mine are because we’ll always be best friends, surrounding a beautiful world in our eyes weeping with joy, affection I leave marks on you, as only you know teach and always in every night we wish many wishes for our future, because we are better independent of crystal, because what in us that keeps together and what really matters =D 

Atlas says: ‘are you beginning to feel like you’re a hamster in wheel? Take some time for YOU, to rest your precious body and feed your soul! We all need a little R&R in life. You deserve to give yourself a break’. Lots of love friends x