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First of all …

Learning this on guitar made me relive it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)

So my sister, Mandi, used to work at a pizza place in Ontario, like it was a normal pizza joint and everything. But she told me about this one time she walked into work like she normally would, and the next thing she saw was her manager, on the floor crying. When she asked her what was wrong, she just pointed to the screen they had for orders and Mandi told me her jaw dropped at what she saw. She heard her manager – Sarah say that they needed to make 2,000 pizzas, by six pm. So, Mandi had to call the guy and he was like “OH, I MEANT TO ORDER 20 PIZZAS. OH MY GOD. I’M SO SORRY, I’M ON MOBILE”. My name is Ryan and I tend to get some real enjoyment out of other people’s pain. I’ve never laughed that hard in my entire life.

Green Day edit!

I looked up at the oak trees and all I could think about was when you climbed up the tallest tree because my kite got stuck in it. I remember when you broke your arm getting down and you told me “some things have to break for the good of others.”
You always smiled at me even though you had a nasty scar on your elbow from surgery.
I remember when you climbed in through my window in the middle of the night. We built a fort and whispered secrets until it was 3 AM and your mother came over and pulled you by the ear all the way back to your house. The next day you told me “I’m fine with pain, if it’s for a good reason.”
Your earlobe was red for 2 days but you winked at me during math class and shared your cookie with me at recess.
I remember when you stole a rose from your mothers flower garden and gave it to me even though you knew she’d whip you for it.
When I saw you the next morning you told me “it’s okay as long as you’re happy.” I was teary eyed and his rear end must have been lit up like a Christmas tree from the wooden spoon, but in that moment everything was okay.
I remember when you kissed me behind the jungle gym, and you made me promise not to tell anyone. You told me “sometimes there’s somethings that people just don’t need to know.” You were always so much wiser than me. 
I remember when we started our first day of middle school together and you held my hand on the bus. You gave it a tight squeeze before you got off and the kids were already laughing at us before we walked through the door. “They just don’t understand,” you said, and I believed you.
I remember the first day you stood up for me and the soccer team gave you a black eye. “Somebody had to tell them that what they were saying wasn’t right.” You said as I put an ice pack over your swollen eye.
I remember when we started high school, and you were on the top of the food chain, whereas I was at the bottom. Your friends hunted me down and followed me around until I was alone. They threw my books at me and tore the pages of my journal and left them on the floor to disintegrate into the tile. I called you on the phone, in tears and you angrily told me that you’d never speak to them again. I told you that you didn’t have to chose being my friend over your new found popularity. You told me “you’re all that matters to me.”

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“But you do, you always did, you always will; because you are my friend.”


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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Official C&Q Family Nickname Roster Has Arrived!

Your friendly neighborhood Stitch here!

So. This all started–I think, correct me if I’m wrong–because I called Meg “Meggles” and she liked it, and that we were calling beakaleak32 Beaks or Beaker. Meggles then suggested we should all have nicknames– 

–And the whole idea spiraled quickly (and predictably, considering our friends) out of control. Along the way, posts were made, shenanigans ensued, Krissa’s notifications broke (although hopefully not beyond repair), and several new people met and fell in fandom/friendship love.

It. was. GLORIOUS.

I’ve been curating posts since yesterday, 

and I think I’ve gotten everyone. 

I decided to call it the C&Q Family Roster, short for “ColtsandQuills Family”, because that’s been used by some of us as a tag to link our crazy-ass posts together. And I thought it seemed fitting, since so many of us know each other through Krissa, or are fans of Krissa’s ColtsandQuills blog, and we are kinda becoming a family–

–and as we all know

If anyone has another name they’d like to put forth though, feel free! :D

Now, some of us have been nominated for nicknames, and have not yet approved them. Some have been put up for nickname nomination, but no one’s come up with a good one yet. Don’t worry, you’re still on the list! I’ve put the nominations for your nicknames in Italics, pending your approval. 

When those of you who need to approve have made your decision, please either reblog the ORIGINAL POST or INBOX ME. That way I won’t miss anything. This also goes for anyone who wants to change a nickname they’ve already approved now that they’ve seen it in the light of day, anyone I’ve missed or just anyone who wants to join in the fun! :D

I will update this post with any new additions or approvals, so we can all check back in case we forget anyone’s nickname (which I would totally never do haha whaaat?)

Without further ado, may I present:

Also! Special shoutout to mah girl Beaks, without whose hilarious Ke$ha Post we might never have gotten this ball of crazy rolling. <3 

Now! Go forth and nickname, my friends!