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The Proposal Preference (4/4)


Calum and you didn’t follow traditions well, instead the two of you did everything backwards. You slept with each other before your first proper date. You moved into his flat before you two were exclusive. By now it was just assumed that you’d have a kid before you even got married.

Technically the last one did come true. While you hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, the two of you did have a child. A four legged, furry child. Yep, Calum and you were the proud parents of a five month old husky.

Despite your friends and family pressuring you to get married, you didn’t feel you needed to. A piece of paper wasn’t going to make your relationship with Calum any different than it already was. You already lived with each other. You already slept together. You already shared responsibilities. You already cared for another living thing together. The only thing marriage would change was your stress levels, and you didn’t need that.

The two of you had a mutual understanding that a marriage certificate wasn’t important to you, or so you thought. See, you may have been strong enough to ignore the pressure from your loved ones but Calum was having a harder time. Everyone in his family was married and none of them understood where he was coming from. Calum’s last straw was when his sister planted the idea that you really did want to get married.

It was a typical Wednesday night at home. Calum was attempting to cook another meal and you were set up on the couch, a glass of wine in one hand while the other held the remote. The TV flickering between the Bachelor and The Voice.

“These girls are so stupid,” you groaned, as one of them sat crying on the television screen. “They can’t all be in love with the same guy!”

Calum ignored your outbursts and continued on in the kitchen. A few minutes passed before Calum joined you on the couch, placing a bowl of mac and cheese in front of you. You had to stifle a giggle. This is what he had been doing for an hour and half.

“Where’s our child?” Calum asked, a hint of amusement prevalent in his tone.

You figured he was up to something when his eyes wouldn’t meet yours. Humoring him, you called Scruffy’s name who came trotting in from the kitchen. The two of you had trained him well enough that when Scruffy reached you he sat by your feet waiting for another command. You patted his head a few times before you caught sight of something dangling from his collar.

“Cal, is that,” you trailed off. Your eyes focusing in on the diamond ring that hung where Scruffy’s ID tag usually was.

“Let’s get one thing right, marry me?”


There was never a dull moment in your relationship with Ashton. He took pride in making everything he did for you a grand gesture. Even getting you a glass of water turned into a dramatic ordeal with Ashton returning ten minutes later dressed as your own personal butler. Ashton treated you like a princess and he was your prince.

When Ashton started bringing up the idea of marriage your heart would flutter, both nerves and excitement rushing through your body. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that Ashton would make sure the wedding was fit for a princess which only meant the proposal had to be too.

As your third anniversary approached you began to feel giddy. You didn’t want to get your hopes up for a proposal but you knew the evening was going to be amazing. When the day finally arrived you couldn’t contain your excitement. You knew Ashton had something up his sleeve and you hoped that the night ended with a ring on your finger.

The two of you spent the entire day parading around town remembering your epic love story that was still being written. Ashton took you to the ice cream parlor where the two of you first met. He paid for your mint chip scoop just as he had done that first day. The two of you visited several of your dating spots. He took you to the bench where he first told you he loved you. He said it again as the two of you sat cuddled together, watching other love struck couples stroll through the park. The night ended at the restaurant he asked you to move in with him at.

By this point you were a bundle of nerves. You were sure Ashton was going to pull out a small box and recite his well practiced proposal. When dessert menus were brought out and there still wasn’t a ring on your finger you felt embarrassed. You watched Ashton fiddle with his coat pocket, embarrassment washing away from you. This was it, except Ashton didn’t pull out a velvet box but rather a white envelope. You tried to hide your disappointment, which wasn’t hard once you opened the envelope.

“Paris?” you squealed. You practically leapt across the table to thank your boyfriend. He was taking you to Paris!

Three days later Ashton and you posed in front of the shining Eiffel Tower; a stranger a few feet away capturing the moment for the two of you. As you pulled away from Ashton to look at the historical landmark, Ashton took this time to get down on his knee. The flash from your camera causing you to turn back around. You froze when you saw what Ashton held in his hand.

“Hope it’s not too late. I just wanted my princess to get the proper engagement she deserves. So what do you say? Want to be my queen?”

Not even in your wildest dreams did you think you’d get proposed to in Paris. Leave it to Ashton to make every dream-even those that don’t exist-of yours come true.


Luke was a six foot tall goofball and you wouldn’t have it any other way. The two of you were the perfect couple, despite it taking three years for the two of you to get together. That was the other thing you loved about Luke, he was painfully oblivious.

The two to of you had been best friends ever since your family moved into the house next to his. As you got older you realized how cute Luke actually was. Despite the countless clues you dropped, he never caught on to your clear interest in him. It wasn’t until you started dating one of his best friends did he realize that he too liked you. Even after his realization it took him six months after your break up to finally gain the courage to ask you out. That was Luke for you and you were so grateful he was like that.

As your relationship with Luke got more serious he became more calm. His hands no longer sweating when they were in the company of yours and his face halted from turning a rose-ish color every time your lips met. That didn’t stop him from tripping over his words when he told you he loved you though. Truthfully his nerves made you smile. You liked the effect you had on him.

Years passed and your relationship grew stronger. The two of you had been going out for so long now that you were getting antsy for a final commitment. You wanted a ring but you didn’t want to pressure Luke. It became a running joke in your circle of friends that you were going to have to propose. You weren’t going to do that, instead you waited for Luke to gather the courage like he had so many years before.

For your twenty-fifth birthday Luke threw you an epic surprise party. All of your friends and family were smushed into your one bedroom apartment to celebrate your life. You had been so overcome with emotion that you started crying the minute you walked through your door. Once calm, you left the safety of Luke’s arm to mingle around the room. You greeted each of the guests with an appreciative smile, your girlfriend’s whispering in your ear about the possibility of a proposal.  Like usual, you shrugged off their suspicions. Luke could barely handle a conversation with you in public, there was no way he would propose to you in front of all these people.

As the evening continued you soaked up the moment. You didn’t get to spend enough time with these people thanks to your job and you were grateful they had all gotten to attend. After an hour of mingling you were reunited with your other half, his arms snaking around your torso. He whispered in your ear to follow him as he pulled you to the center of your living room. All eyes were on the two of you know as both yours and Luke’s cheeks grew hot from the attention.

“Each of you have played a roll in our tedious love story so it only seemed fit to have you here for this.” Suddenly Luke was on one knee, a gorgeous ring being held between his fingers. “Marry me?” You nodded and with shaking hands he placed the ring on your delicate ring finger.

You may have been wrong about the proposal but you were right to have let Luke propose to you on his own terms. With his arms firmly around you, you knew this was everything you wanted.


Michael was always fake proposing to you. On your first date he had gotten down on one knee offering you a ring pop which you of course accepted. That night your waiter gifted the two of you a bottle of champagne to ‘celebrate.’ After that it became a game. Michael would fake propose to you every chance he got with whatever odd item lied by his side. You recalled the time the two of you were strolling through Central Park in New York where he proposed to you with a leaf he molded into the shape of a ring.

The proposals became an inside joke between the two of you. Soon, you were getting in on the fun yourself, like the time you proposed to him with a video game inside of a local Gamestop. Michael almost cried cheers of joy as you played along with him. It quickly became a game of who could out do the other. As the fake proposals got more extravagant you realized how much you wanted them to be real.

Michael knew from the very first fake proposal that you were who he wanted to marry. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you but he wasn’t sure if you felt the same way. Thus, the fake proposal game was invented; when you started playing back he knew it was real. So, a few days before your two and half year anniversary Michael bought a ring.

He was particularly antsy that day but you didn’t put too much thought into it. As evening approached you got dressed for the evening Michael had planned. The two of you were set to go eat at the restaurant you had your first date at. The restaurant where the first fake proposal took place. Ironically enough, your waiter from that night was also your waiter tonight.

“Ah, I remember you two,” the waiter smiled. “Miss, I think you are missing your ring.”

You chuckled lightly, the thought of the waiter remembering Michael’s childish antics made you happy. Michael on the other hand looked mortified, his face matching the shade of your dress. You knew better than to draw attention to his embarrassment so you ignored him.

After the appetizers had been served Michael excused himself from the table. As he headed for the bathroom a wave of anxiety fell upon him. He had done this countless of times before but suddenly the importance of it settled in his brain. He couldn’t screw this up. Once composed, he sauntered back to the table his nerves finally subsiding. Before he reached the table he noticed his shoe lace was untied, smiling devilishly he knew what he had to do.

“What are you doing?” you giggled.

“Tying my shoe,” he said without looking up.

“I swear Michael if you have a ring pop hidden in your shoe I will punch you. The waiter already remembers us,” you teased. 

“What if I have a real ring?”

Before the words could register with you, Michael pulled out a small velvet box. His hands shaking as he opened the box to reveal an engagement ring, a real engagement ring. All the fake proposals faded from your mind as Michael kneeled before you. This was the only one that mattered.


i bet you that sasuke and sakura can be so fucking quiet when they have sex that it happened more than just a couple of times for them to literally sneak off into the next room and just fuck really slow but hard against the wall while the others are chattering and laughing next door