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Robron Appreciation Post

I couldn’t give less of a shit about Rebecca White and her supposed baby.

I’m here for Robron. I’ve only ever been here for Robron.

So watching that episode where Robert fell apart, where he was snarky to the White sisters and told them they were nothing and Aaron was everything, where he said that he wanted to let Aaron deal with this on his own, and not push him in anyway, that’s the Robert that I know and love. That’s the Robert that I have missed watching. That’s the Robert that is so beautifully in character, that watching him feels like I’ve somehow got Robron back. The Robert who is insanely in love with Aaron.

It’s as though, Emmerdale is telling me that no matter what happens, they will always love each other that much. That they will always find their way back to each other. And you know what? That’s all I need. That’s the epic love story I’m here for.

I love deep talks. Like, hell yeah, tell me about why you’d prefer to talk to your mom rather than your dad. Tell me about your favourite lyrics in the songs you listen to everyday and why they’re your favourite. Tell me about the dog you had when you were growing up and how he was your best friend. Tell me about what kind of books you like to read when you’re alone in your room. Tell me about the things you think about right before you fall asleep. Tell me anything and everything.
I will find that special person who is wrong for me in just the right way. Let our scars fall in love.
—  Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe

Henrik talking about the connection between him and Tarjei

Out of all the characters Pharah is the best to take over as strike commander. The narrative is even pushing for it. She has the motive, the connections, a legacy to carry on, and the skills.

1) She’s the head of security for Helix which was holding Doomfist. She’ll be pushed into action by the company sooner or later. To take down Akande she will be forced to take on Talon as well. Meaning that she will likely have to fight Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra as well.

2) Widowmaker shot her mother and Ana was presumed dead for about 7 years. So Fareeha is going to have a major grudge. That’s going to get personal.

3) She knew Reaper. He was, presumably, like an uncle to her or family of some sort. It’s going to hit her hard when she finds out that not only did Gabe break Akande out, but that he’s been experimented on and used by/working with Talon.

4) She will want to make her mother proud. Ana was one of the founding members of overwatch and later became the second in command. Also, Fareeha grew up in Overwatch and, likely, has fond memories of growing up on base. This brings us to point 5.

5) We are constantly reminded that Fareeha wanted to be part of Overwatch when she was a child. Being an agent of Overwatch used to be her dream. If given the chance, of course she would jump to join.

6) She is the security chief of Helix and part of the Raptora squad, a state of the art mecha suit division. She was also part of the Egyptian army and she has a commendation of ‘distinguished service’. 

The only Talon character she isn’t connected with is Sombra other than Sombra doing research on her. I’m still waiting to see how that pans out because if Blizzard really wanted to push this they would give us a more concrete connection between the two.

None of the other characters we can assume join the new Overwatch have quite the narrative background suiting them to be the strike commander. Hell, if anyone should be the poster child for Overwatch it should be Fareeha.