lovely complex cosplay

Do you ever just finish a series or a manga and wonder what the hell your gonna do with your life from then on?

I’m staying 10 miles away from the current discourse (that I hadn’t even KNOWN had started going in the opposite direction. May I apologize for people somewhat like me, by the way….), but… question.

When did fandoms in general lose their ability to playfully ‘hate’ and jest about a character (mostly in private and among friends), and, on the reverse side, when did people become so crazed about their favorites that they had to start attacking people that felt differently?

I think it’s become this vicious cycle where people who dislike the character are afraid of being attacked (like I’ve been), which led to some of the kiddos that can’t handle a proper difference in opinion to then attack the fans, which leads to it becoming more and more aggressive over time.

So! A few reminders for everyone:

IC =/= OOC! - This goes for people cosplaying as well. Just because someone’s dressed as a character does not give you the right to actually assault or attack them, be it verbally or physically. Jests, as long as it’s known that it’ll be taken that way, is fine, but anything over that level is hateful and nonsensical.

We’re allowed to feel differently about characters! - Try to see the other person’s side on the matter! Don’t dehumanize people that share dissenting opinions. We’re all Atlus fans here. It does more harm than good when you go and chase someone away from the (honestly? typically very chill) fandom.

And, good god, if someone tells you to stop? Stop!