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⚜️//On and on the ravens flew, even to the misty lakeside manor where THE COUNTESS dwelled. It was said that she felt no warmth, no cold, no joy, and no sorrow.//⚜️

I know people are probably angry at Maggie for the way that she’s behaving with the ear covering but… Ava. Come on love. Sweetie. I love you. I love you as much as I love all my other little demonic children. But honey. 

You can’t just refer to killing a citys worth of people as a general course of action. I love you but you’re killing me, firefly. 

You’re killing me.

here’s a spooky halloween story: once, eons ago, in 2010, scout had a nuzlocke comic. as most nuzlockes did, it petered off, left unfinished. but scout, she couldn’t let it go. so now, once a year, a new update will be posted, suddenly and with very little warning, WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT

Save Me From Myself [Sibling!O. Queen]

Request: “Tw I guess? Could you write a sibling Oliver or Barry x reader where the reader tries to commit suicide after all the stuff they’ve been through but he gets there in time to save the reader? This totally you don’t have to have to write it if you don’t feel like it”

» Okay, I just want you guys to know something. I don’t like writing suicide prompts. I can do this one, and others like it, because the reader doesn’t die. But I won’t accept promots where the reader or a character kills themselves. It’s one thing if they are killed by another person, but suicide is a serious and triggering thing, so I don’t like a writing them.

» I’m always here if any of you need me. You can also contact me via Instagram (harlem_jerseys), Snapchat (itsjustjersey), or Wattpad (thejerseydiaries).

Oliver had always told you that you meant something to him. You were his little sibling. That’s what he was supposed to say. 

When you were little, you believed it, and lived every day knowing that Oliver Queen cared more about you than he did himself. But after the accident, things began to get different. Oliver became more distant and secretive. Thea didn’t seem to care that much. You supposed she was used to his ways since you had been so young when Oliver was still a player. 

You weren’t used to it. 

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