lovely city!

when ur blessed to be in the same room as riz/ahmed & billie/piper

I’ve not made it super far into Ringed City but I wanted to post my thoughts on the Abyss Dragon so far. I’ll be calling the dragon Midir.

  • The Dragon is Midir. Midir, The Abyss Dragon. (I assume)
  • Midir looks to be cursed, his tail and parts of his body are covered in black crystals.
  • Maybe a new species of dragon! Assuming my final theory is not correct.
  • Midir has 4 “wings”, I can’t confirm the last two are wings because they look.. Stubby? As if they’re not fully developed, but then again I’m only seeing him on the mountain.
  • As I’ve said for the trailer, his body really does look humanoidish, like Ocerios. Which brings me to the point that maybe he was man turned Dragon? Maybe he delve too far into the study of Dragons.