lovely cakes

I’m very sorry but I’m pissed off. I don’t want to bottle up this, because I already have stomach problems. Apparently there can be no fandom without any stupid people… very sad!
So for you out there, people who can’t read, but diligently interpreted some shit in things…

THIS is the meaning of PREFER for me:
(I take a neutral example, because with celebrities apparently the brain of some people fails)

I LOVE cake. I really LOVE cake. I’m addicted to cakes. Love all of them.
This sweet stuff makes me really happy! Can’t imagine a life without.

This is a flat cake. I LOVE it.

This is a mini cake. I LOVE it.

This is a big cake. I LOVE it.

This is a fruit cake. I LOVE it.

This is a chocolate cake. I LOVE it.

This is a cup cake. I LOVE it.

So as I said. I love all of them. But if I had to choose one of them:

This is a black forrest cake. I LOVE it. I would choose this cake. BUT:

I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I eat all of them. Just because I have a favorite cake doesn’t mean I don’t like the others just as much!
There is no fight which cake is the best. All the cakes are wonderful.

And exactly the same is the case with SEBASTIAN STAN.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

Btw. nobody felt offended as I said i prefer Chris Evans with Beard…

Ina’s 5-Star Lemon Yogurt Cake:
600+ fans love this loaf cake for its bright flavor and ultra-moist texture. Calling for vegetable oil and yogurt instead of butter, the batter is whisked with fresh lemon juice and zest for a citrusy edge. In the final moments, a drizzle of lemony sugar glaze gives the cake a fresh, sweet finish. [recipe in bio]

anonymous asked:

bucky probably packs extra bonnets in his bags cause stella ends up leaving them on hotels and buses. it's so easy to lose a scarf or bonnet sometimes it's terrible. he probably has told tchalla he loves lemon budnt cake more than him when he casually said thor's new song was soothing.

t’challa: thor’s new song’s actually really good

stella: i know, the entire album is great

bucky: *stuffing a fork full of cake into his mouth* are you two done?


bucky: wait, stella, his album doesn’t come out for weeks, how have you heard it already?


sirelvyn  asked:

Spring time in Lazy Town, the butterflies are out and about and Robbie's hiding away because his wings just won't settle. He's been buzzing around his lair for the past day feeling like a freak when Sportacus comes to see if he's alright.

FOR THE LOVE OF CAKE, W H E R E did Robbie leave that first-aid kit of his? 

The villain grumbled, pushing half of the objects on his cluttered work table to the floor with one frustrated swipe. He couldn’t find the damn thing, and his back was ACHING. He could feel his muscles literally THROBBING with pain, and he so desperately needed a heating pad to quell his misery. 

He couldn’t just leave the lair and head to the general store to buy one either. First off, the sun was too bright outside and there are *shivers* children PLAYING out there. And secondly, it’s THAT time of year again, where the butterflies come out from their hibernation or out from underground or from Mexico or whatever the hell it is that the butterflies do during the winter.  
You would think that for someone who was basically part butterfly himself, Robbie would know more about these things.  

ANYWAY, the trouble was that whenever butterfly season rolled around, Robbie’s wings would sprout out from his back and whenever they did, it was AGONIZING. But he couldn’t just- LET people see himself like this. The children wouldn’t leave him alone or stop asking questions about his wings if he went out there; Candy-boy might want to touch them with his sticky little hands, and Stinky might try to claim the wings as his. But worst of all- Sportaflippity-flip would probably get all excited and jumpy around him and he doesn’t need THAT on top of his sore back. 

“Maybe…” Robbie’s eyes scaled up a bookshelf full of old blueprints and manuals, stopping at the very top. “..the first-aid kit is up there.” He whined though. He’d have to FLY up there if he wanted to get it. WHY did he even build himself a bookshelf that tall? 

He decided however, that retrieving the first-aid kit would be worth the couple seconds of not being lazy, and he began to flutter his way up toward the ceiling- only to bump his head against a light fixture.  

“OUCH! AUGH!” The fae grumbled, rubbing his head in annoyance, feeling small tears form at the corners of his eyes. That REALLY hurt. His lower lip jutted out in a pout, and he was just about ready to TEAR that damned hanging lamp off of the ceiling when he heard a sudden thumping blare in through his soundsystem- a FAMILIAR thumping. 

“Please, almighty candy Gods,” he thought to himself.  DON’T let that be who I think it is-” 

But alas, he heard the hatch to his lair open and just as he had feared, none other than the jumping blue elf himself had just- HOPPED into his lair, uninvited, and unannounced. 

“Robbie! My crystal beeped and I came here as fast as I could! Did you hurt yourse-” the elf gasped mid sentence, both hands moving up to cover his mouth. Robbie froze, having a feeling that he knew what was coming. 

“Robbie…” The elf spoke, blue eyes wide. 

“Please don’t…” he pleaded in his head. 


“Please, I beg…” 

“Robbie,” The elf could barely contain his excitement. His eyes sparkled like champagne, a star-white grin breaking over his face. “YOU LOOK SO PRETTY, ROBBIE!”