lovely bats

sticksandstonesrescue  asked:

WE LOVE YOUR BAT DRAWINGS! The vampire bat kills me. Thanks for making it! Cute drawings like that help dispel myths about those little dudes. They're so silly. -- Sarah

Oh wow, thank you! I’m so glad that you guys like my art. I’ve always loved bats of all kinds; thank you for the work you’re doing to protect these cool animals and educate people about them.

yorulun  asked:

Hey! I just the many of your bat reblog and absolutely love them. I mean, the bats (animal) in the cave are so used to the Bat Fam (human) that they think the humans as one of their own. So they often flies down to the humans, asking for treats or simply for company because no one can convince me that they're not winged puppy. But just imagine the bats immediately latching to any member of the bat fam and the other heroes saw it. Bruce in watchtower with hoards of fluffy bat in his cape.

ahhhh thank you! i love bats, both human-shaped and bat-shaped. i think the bats in the batcave aren’t likely to be fruit bats (so they, unfortunately, will not be stealing robin’s strawberries, which is sad) - they’re likely to be insectivorous. so imagine bruce actually buys dried bugs to toss to his bats, and that’s why the bats in the cave are so friendly. they expect food, dammit. (bruce talks to his bats, because i’m not letting anyone forget that issue of gotham knights either, thank you.)

omg imagine they stumble across an orphaned pup - you know how they have to swaddle baby bats, to mimic the feeling of a mother’s wings around them? or how they’ll wet cotton swabs/toothbrushes and then brush the bats with them to mimic the mother’s tongue? batman doing that. batman doing that during an emergency league meeting, because alfred’s at rehearsals and all the kids are out, and this is a meeting he can’t not attend, but he also can’t leave the tiny bat. “this isn’t take your kid to work day” hal says