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~ starting a bullet journal ~

What is a bullet journal?

usually I describe a bullet journal to someone as a planner that you make completely on your own from a blank notebook. It can be a combination of a planner, to-do lists, sketchbooks, journal/diary, and so much more. Bullet journals can really be anything you want them to be. 

What are the pros and cons to bullet journaling? 

~ Pros: You can include anything you want/need with a customizable layout. It allows your creativity to come out, you’re not committed to a certain style, everything you need is in one place, and it’s just so much fun! Plus, the community is great. Seriously though, I just love how every bullet journal is unique and it’s whatever YOU make it! 
~ Cons: Bullet journaling is very time consuming, but if you’re like me who likes to relax by writing/drawing, this will definitely be great for you. It can be a little difficult to plan ahead since you can’t just flip to that week like a normal planner, but with a future log spread this will be easier. On off-weeks where i don’t have too much going on, my spreads can look a little empty and boring, but i just find ways to fill my pages, with doodles or stickers or whatever i want. 

What supplies do i need?

~ For starting a bullet journal, seriously all you need is a blank notebook and a pen. Although, people usually use many different supplies. these include: markers, washi tape, highlighters, stickers, rulers, erasers, pencils, post-its, colored pencils, even paint!
~ When choosing your notebook these are some of the communities favorites: Moleskine, Leuchtturm 1917, Rhodia, and Muji notebooks. at first I had a little extra money to spend so I got myself a moleskine which I loved, but i got tired of the squared notebook quick and got myself a $5 no-brand notebook from an A.C. Moore which I absolutely love! You don’t have to spend $20+ on a notebook for your bullet journal. Have an unused notebook sitting around the house? Use it! 
~ Notebooks come in squared, dotted grid, lined, or blank paper. Many people prefer the dotted grids, but any of these will work! this is personal preference :)
~ To see a list of my favorite stationery, click here.

What should my first few pages be?

Almost everyone I see starts off with their key. The key is composed of different symbols to use throughout your bullet journal for tasks, completed tasks, migrated tasks, appointments, notes, etc. My key is down below: 

~ Usually what’s next is the index. This is where you write down what page your spreads/lists are. I’m really bad at keeping up with numbering all of my pages and I usually don’t stick to my index, but as my bullet journal keeps filling up that index would definitely come in handy. 
~ For my bullet journal, what’s next is future planning so I can easily refer to this spread. I list every month and leave space for important dates and events. This is great for when I make an appointment or something is going on that’s months away and I have to save the date. 
~ For me those are my beginning pages, what’s next is my monthly and weekly spreads! My monthly is always first followed by my highlights spread for the month (basically another monthly but instead I write down a highlight/what i did for the day with an occasional doodle). Following my monthly spread I just do my weekly spreads for the month. My bullet journal is very simple, I don’t keep a habit tracker because I simply did not keep up with it. Instead I have a water tracker for the week (this is hard enough for me to keep up with)! I have a couple of “lists” or “fun spreads” but not too many. I mainly use my bullet journal as my planner. 

Now that i have the basics set up, what are some spreads i can include?

~ Of course you have your basic monthly, weekly, or even daily spreads, but with the fun of a bullet journal there is so much more to it!! 
~ I have made a master post of a ton of bullet journal pages, to see that click here

Other tips?

~ Just search the instagram and tumblr tags for bullet journaling, you will gain so many ideas and inspiration! Have fun now that you started your bullet journal (or are going to, don’t wait another day you won’t regret it)!
~ Don’t let all the pictures of “perfect bullet journals” discourage you. Bullet journals are unique, you don’t need the neatest handwriting or the most expensive supplies, as long as it works for you and you love it then it is a perfect bullet journal! :)

Have fun woo!! & please, message me if you have ANY questions ♡ 

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