lovely arpakasso


My AMUSE collection so far!

I’ve been collecting for about 2 months now, and I’m totally addicted to everything-Amuse (especially alpacassos).

I have 3 more alpacassos that aren’t pictured here, but they’re either at the Buyee warehouse or in the process of being shipped to me.


More Hauls for Everyone! The White Macaron came out of the wash as good as new!!! From the left we have a Ruby-chan with the purple frilly collar (sorry its hard to see), Green Cotton Candy, White Square Tag Macaron and Closed Eye Tissue holder—all from Buyee.

Then the others were purchased on ebay or in person—Gorgeous Llama from @lunalpaca and the Feminine Loppy and Pink Ballerina from Japantown, SF.

Another haul again if you can believe it in a few more weeks. :DDDDD