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crocordile replied to your post: a few ~~ crusty classics ~~ i like: the red and…

I legit forgot you had read the red and the black savgsdbhntjgrd did you like mme de la mole? honestly it feels like a character you’d either love or be agressively indifferent towards (i personally love her); also, WHAT A SOURCE for second hand embarrassment HUH… i love julien <3 <3

I LOVED MME DE LA MOLE she was far and away my favorite even though julien was, yes, an incredibly charming beacon of. firsthand embarrassment honestly. firsthand shame. and i love mme de renal also i was weirdly impressed with the… skillfully modified archetypes i guess. or barely modified just “obsessively laboriously well-realized”

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Hello dearest….

Well, this fandom in particular is a fkn shitshow at times. Thankfully, school started for me; thus, I’m busy being an adult && just queue up my blog. I’m glad that you’ve taken the necessary steps to feel better about your tumblr experience. Moreover, thank you for loving my blog. I try to add a little bit of everything. I hope you enjoy my music && art. It doesn’t matter how you came to my blog. The lovely part is that you enjoy the content. Sending you all the love && light.

<3 tracey.