The second Noelle stepped out of Raymond’s car, she could feel her feet swelling. She hadn’t even danced yet.

“Raymond and uh..?! You wanna picture?” Noelle turned around to see one of Raymond’s friends, holding a camera.

“I’m supposed to get everyone I can. This’ll only take a second, it’ll be on the school’s website and maybe in the yearbook.”

“Are you sleepy yet Trevor?” Lovell asked her son. Earlier, he’d insisted that sleeping was for babies, and that he was no longer a baby so he wouldn’t sleep. Brooke wouldn’t go to bed without Trevor because their room is scary without him. 

“I not sleep mommy.” Trevor protested.

“Trevor, everyone sleeps. Sleeping doesn’t mean you’re a baby." 

Noelle didn’t think once that she’d have to go through this again.

She’d expected to graduate with the friends she’d made in the last 8 months. She should’ve known better though. It’d only taken 8 months. In comparison to the 2 years they’d been in Florida, and the 4 years they’d stayed in New York, 8 months was nothing. They’d never been told to move soo quickly. In less than a week, they’d been expected to pick up and move. Her mother and father worried, with the economy being the way it is. Being the daughter of a traveling salesman has it’s drawbacks. Noelle knew when her father’s sales ran out, so did her family’s time in that area.

But, it’d never happened so quickly before.

Noelle remembered the book she’d started and forgotten about that was laying open in her lap.

“I couldn’t really get into this book all that much.” Noelle said shrugging. She stood up, book in hand headed for the book shelf she’d borrowed it from. Noelle looked down to take her bookmark out of the book, and when she looked up Ray was blocking the bookshelf, smiling at her with those puppy dog eyes of his.

“So what’re you doing after school?” he asked, squirming to block every open gap of the bookshelf.

“Just going home. It’s my first day and all. I’m just gonna relax.” Noelle said 

“Do you want a ride home? I could give you one, no prob-”

“No thanks.” Noelle said, Ray looked disappointed.

“But I might hang outside the school for a bit..: