actually something(s) about Mary

Some random and fun facts about me:

1. I live on an island. It’s too crowded and I want to get off.
2. I am the only person in my entire family (both sides) that has a tattoo
3. I’ve never had a boyfriend
4. My brother is a weatherman (chief meteorologist) on television for abc/nbc.
5. My mom was a DJ in college, my dad was a trouble maker in his childhood (set a milk truck on fire, hijacked a car on a bridge, etc..)
6. My favorite television show is LOST (and that’s never going to change) I plan on getting a tattoo dedicated to the show for my 23rd birthday
7. I’m in a movie that comes out this coming march 28th (really excited, it was an amazing experience, I’d love to do it again)
8. I don’t like peanut butter
9. I love to bake and experiment with it
10. I want to learn how to play the ukelele and I plan on buying one asap