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- cutest, sweetest, nicest, loveliest gentleman of a bf you could ask for like wow 10/10 would recommend dating taeyong

- compliments you like 50 times a day but gets blushy and humble when you do the same

- him: you look so beautiful today, i am so lucky

- you: you’re not too bad yourself 😉

- him: ☺️☺️❤️☺️☺️☺️❤️☺️❤️☺️

- takes care of you even subconsciously, especially while doing mundane things (blowing on hot food for you, giving you his jacket when it’s cold, reminding you to wear a seatbelt when he’s in the car with you)

- finally convincing him to get a couple item and he can’t stop smiling bc it’s actually really cute

- he loves when you help him cook, he calls you his favorite little helper (matching aprons anyone??)

- imagine you two walking around the mall, him wearing a casual t-shirt and sweats with a bubble tea in one hand, yours in the other, and smile on his face

- naps on the couch w/ him when it’s raining

- painting class dates

- cooking class dates

- beach dates where he teaches you how to play beach volleyball and builds sandcastles with you

- also, imagine putting sunscreen on him i really can’t i’m not breathing anymore after picturing it

- also also splashing wars and taeyong laughing ?????????? i need it

- he laughs at your jokes even if they’re not necessarily funny, he just thinks it’s cute when you tell jokes

- have you seen his hands?? the best for hand holding

- him pulling you to sit on his lap and resting his chin on your shoulder, holding your hands and rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand

- late night serious talks where he lets out how he’s feeling, he apologizes for being so vulnerable but you always assure him that it’s good to let out his feelings and he’s thankful to you for that ❤️

- making him do aegyo if he really wants something bc you know how awkward he feels doing it but also it’s really cute