A/N: hello my loveliess!! so i decided to combine these two requests that i got by different anon’s i hope you all likeee :))

this doesn’t have angst like one of the anon’s request bc i felt it wouldn’t fit well if i added angst

and before i wrote this, i did a little bit research and i find out that the marauders never found the room of requirement since it never appeared on the marauders map, i found that pretty fucking surprising

  • PAIRING: Young!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius is an awkward and clumsy boy whenever he’s around Y/N.
  • WORDS: 1035
  • PROMPT: {requested by anon}
  • 15. “I-I…I think I love you…”
  • 26. “As cheesy as this may sound, you stole my heart.”
  • 31. “I want to grow old with you…”

He was good with the ladies, he was a smooth talker, he had girls all over Hogwarts swooning for him constantly. All, but her. 

Whenever Sirius was around Y/N, he tried his best to impress her. And whenever he does, ends up being awkward and knocking out the nearest thing over leaving the girl in a giggling mess. The dark-haired boy kept thinking that she doesn’t like him at all, especially since he’s such a clutz around her. 

That was until one day, the gray-eyed boy was roaming the ancient halls of Hogwarts. As he was taking his stroll, he noticed a door opening itself. Curiosity filled within him and he went to observe it closely. He looked around, then decided to open the door pulling on the two handles on each side of the double doors, allowing himself in. 

The door closed with a loud thump. Sirius flicked his cloudy gray-eyes around his surroundings, the room was decorated as someone’s dorm room—much like a girl’s dormitory. A small voice piped up, “who’s there?”

Sirius felt guilty being that he barged into someone’s room, however, he was still bewildered, what kind of room was this?

Footsteps could be heard coming closer to him, then he was met by none other than Y/N. “Black?” She asked, confused as to why he was here. No one else knew of this place.

“Y/L/N, what are you doing here? What is this place?” 

She tilted her head to the side, “You really don’t know, do you? This is The Room of Requirement.” The girl pointed around the room, “it’s a secret room within the castle, it only appears when a person is in great need of it.” The Y/E/C girl crossed her arms over her chest, “I don’t know why you would be in such of a need for it.”

His brows furrowed, why had he never heard of this room? He raised his index finger to the girl in front of him, signaling her to wait a minute. Black grabbed a piece of parchment from the back of his jean pocket, whispering the sacred words that only him and his three best friends know of. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Making the girl roll her eyes, you got that right. 

His eyes scanned the Marauder’s Map, the names of his best friends and his appearing on the cover of it. He opened it, browsing the map to find his name on it. He found everyone on the map, all except his and Y/N’s. No sign of The Room.

Realization dawned on him when he thought that maybe this was a secret room, after all, Y/N raised a brow at him. “Didn’t find it on the map?” His response being with a shake of his head. “Told you, this is a secret room. Almost no one in this school can find it, probably not even the teachers.” 

He waltzed over to where she was standing, “then how did you find it?”

She smiled at the memory, “I was only in the second year, trying to find Professor Dumbledore’s office. I was roaming the halls, looking everywhere for it. That was when I stumbled upon this hallway, doors started to appear on this specific wall. I saw a handle and I decided to open it, that was when I noticed that it looked exactly like my dorm room.” She sighed, “My roommates hate me, so half the time I come here when I rarely ever sleep in my own dorm. I like to clear my thoughts when I come in here.” Y/N realized what she was doing, “I-I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

Sirius snapped out of his trance-like state staring at her and focusing on her words as she spoke with her soft, velvety voice. “N-No, not at all.”

She smiled genuinely, making the dark-haired boy weak in the knees. “Thanks for listening. I-I really appreciate it.” Y/N tucked a strand of her hair behind her elf-like shaped ears, suddenly feeling oddly nervous around him.

There was silence between them for a moment, Sirius coughed awkwardly. “Well-uh, I should be going now.”

The girl didn’t want him to leave, she liked the interaction she had with him. It felt comforting talking to someone, especially Sirius—though she would never admit that. 

“Uh yeah.” She smiled his way.

The next day, during the night, when everyone finished eating their dinner in the Great Hall and was going up to their common rooms, Sirius decided to take a sharp turn from where the students were proceeding. Up to the seventh floor, to The Room of Requirement. 

He looked around the hall to find it deserted, he walked over to where he found the room the last time. Remembering it was in front of an antique tapestry, he looked around to find that exact decoration and in front of it, a door. Smiling to himself, Sirius opened the double doors greeted by an exhausted Y/N just about to go into her covers. 

The girl looked up to see Sirius, “Hey… what are you doing here?”

To think about it now, he didn’t exactly know what he was doing here. He couldn’t help but say the words that he’s been thinking about for a while, “I-I think I love you…” Leaving Y/N stunned, she didn’t speak, letting him finish what he was going to say. “…and, I want to grow old with you…”

There was a silence between them now, their thoughts swirling. Sirius was just about to leave the room when a voice stopped him, “I-I can’t believe that-that I’m saying this either, but, I think I love you too.”

He turned to her, their eyes meeting. That was when Y/N noticed that he had the most beautiful gray eyes that she had ever seen. They moved closer, step by step. Sirius couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her by the waist, there was still a gap they had within. Y/N closed it by crushing her lips onto his in a passionate, and lustful kiss. 

Feeling breathless, they pulled away resting their foreheads on one another. They held onto each other for dear life. “As cheesy as this may sound, you stole my heart.”

He sweetly pecked her on the lips, “I try.”

Alright so I need help with a spell. I don’t wanna give to many details but I basically need to make a spell or find one to. Undo a crush let’s say.

Someone has a crush on me and I really just want it to disappear. Not them though. I don’t want them to forget me, just how they feel.

I know it might sound weird or not right to you but given my circumstances… Well I have my reasons.

Please let me know if you can help thank you loveliess

Penis is not a swearword

characters: Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, ft Flash Thompson

paring: none

word count: 1,374

warnings: i dont think there is any?? 

summary: how you meet Peter and Ned during freshman year, by shoving Flashes pride up his ass.

a/n: this was really bad writing, sorry bout that. idea popped into my head. but currently running low… send some requests? you could also send a song request for peter x reader. enjoy loveliess. (it really sucks tho)

also i will make this a series about different parts of yours and peters relationship

“Hey, yo, Penis Parker is here, guys! I didn’t realize they accepted dumb ass dorks into high school!” Flash Thompson, aka the worlds most colossal imbecile, called out laughing.

It was the first day of high school, you were attending Midtown High School of Science and Technology, or as everyone knew it: Midtech. You didn’t go to the same middle school as Flash, that wasn’t why you knew him. Your parents were quite close friends and you sometimes were required by your parents to stay with his parents when they were on business trips when you were younger, which then entailed you having to interact with one of the people that you hated more than almost anything, except maybe those crocs that your parents made you wear for years of your life.

You looked over to whom Flash has decided to humiliate himself over, and saw two guys walk into homeroom. One was a quite dorky looking skinny kid who just rolled his eyes, and the other was a plus sized normal looking freshman who looked just a bit annoyed by Flash. You weren’t surprised. Flash had a habit of bullying people he thought was smarter than him, or what he called ‘competition’. Since it’s always usually the friend who gets annoyed when a persons honor is being wounded, you thought that this Parker dude done something to embarrass Flash (although Flash needed no help doing that all by himself).

“Flash, that wasn’t funny in middle school, it certainly isn’t funny now,” the friend replied in an irritated manner.

“He’s your type,” Michelle Jones, or as you knew her-MJ, your best friend of many years, told you under her breath, not looking up from her book.

“Which one? Besides, how do you know? You haven’t even looked at him,” you answer back suspiciously.

“Mm, call it intuition,” she mutters.

“Pff since when do you believe in intuition?” you ask her, knowing full on well that this girl is practically made up of hard logic, and she probably knew something that you didn’t know.

“Just trust me.”

You did, and so you spoke up.

“Flash, sweetheart, I’m not sure if you know, but penis is not a swearword,” you addressed him sweetly, causing everyone in the class to stop all their actions and watch what magnificent drama will unravel on the first day of freshman year. “Now, I think you should stop before you humiliate yourself in front of everyone on the first day of school. I mean it wouldn’t be the best impression but hey, I don’t know, maybe you are going for the colossal cretin look, in which case well done.”

At your words, your classmates snickered, the friend and Parker dude looked at each other with a  ‘what the hell just happened’ wide eyed look, and Flashes mouth dropped open.

“You might want to close that if you don’t want flies for breakfast,” you smirked at him. Flash knew you hated his guts but he never heard you voice your thoughts.

MJ lifted her fist for a fist bump that you delivered as Parker and his friend came over.

“You didn’t have to do that,” where the first words to come out of Parkers mouth.

“Nope, I didn’t but I can’t lose a chance to see Flashes mouth gaping open like a retarded fish, so yeah I kinda did,” you answered back, seeing surprise and a little bit of passing anger in his large brown eyes.

“Well, my apologies for my friend’s manners. I’m Ned and he’s Peter and what you just did was so awesome.” Ned’s eyes were wide in awe, with large respect growing for your sass.

“Thank you. I’m Y/N, and this is Michelle,” you introduced yourself while looking at MJ, who didn’t even look up from her book.

“She’s not big on people, so don’t take it personally.”

By this time the boys where already sitting at the desk next to yours to continue the conversation.

“Anyway, what did you do to Flash, Peter?” You asked, actually interested to hear the story that resulted in Flash calling Peter ‘penis’.

“What do you mean?” Peter questioned in a confused manner.

“Well, I know Flash and I know that he needs to be humiliated by someone, so then he becomes insecure and finds the lamest insult in the universe to bully the person with. So, what’s the story?”

“Well aside from the fact that Peter is better than Flash at everything, there also was this incident once in Grade 7 where we had Science Fair, and we accidentally chose the same topic for the experiment, except ours worked, and Flashes blew up. Also the teacher told Peter that he was very creative in choosing the topic, but she didn’t tell that to Flash. Flash is also convinced that Peter purposefully blew it up, so yeah.” Ned rattled of to you about the past.

You chuckled, and said: “That’d do it.”

“Wait, but how do you know Flash?” Peter asked, with a weird look on his face that you couldn’t decipher.

“Our parents are quite close friends, and I had to stay over at his house when I was younger when my parents were out of town,” you answered, watching Peter.

“Wow, that must’ve sucked!” Ned exclaimed.

You decided Ned and Peter where ‘worthy’ of your friendship, even though Peter didn’t speak a lot, but you blamed it on him being shy.

The teacher walked in and took your register, and then handed out your schedules. You checked schedules with MJ, and you shared psychology and tech. You, Ned and Peter had robotics, AP Physics and AP Math. You and Peter shared AP English Literature together.

“Impressive, most of your classes are AP,” Ned nodded in approval.

“Not as impressive as Peter,” you glanced at Peter’s schedule. “How can you even do so many AP courses? Do you even have time for studying all of that?”

“Peter is really smart, I mean obviously most of us are to get into this school, but you know what I mean,” Ned said while nodding at Peter.

A silent conversation passed between the two of them, that you decided to ignore, turning to MJ as she asked what your first class was.

Your first class was Chemistry, which you dreaded, as it was not your strongest suit. You met a few new people that seemed quite nice. The teacher was all right, though you had a feeling that you were going to need help, sooner or later.

You regrouped at lunch, and asked about each other’s teachers.

“My history teacher is deluded, she thinks that the atomic bombings were absolutely necessary for the way to stop, which is actually bullshit.” Michelle said in a voice she reserved for complete idiots.

“Well hey maybe she’s delusional. You could ask her if she’s feeling well, then ask if she needs you to teach for her,” you suggested.

This made every one snicker.

“I am so going to fail Chemistry. I don’t think I understood half of what she said, and chemistry is so my worst subject,” you groaned, putting your face in your hands. “But, our physics teacher is quite good, don’t you think guys?”

You looked over at Ned and Peter nodding, who were also simultaneously shoving French fries into their mouths like they would never see it again.

“Guys this isn’t the last time you are going to see French fries you know,” chuckling at them.

“How would you know? An asteroid could hit us this very moment and I would very well never see French fries ever again,” Ned said very vibrantly, as if it could be a reality that would happen.

“You can’t say that! I still want to live another day to eat Mr. Delmar’s sandwich, and if you say that it might come true!” Peter exclaimed.

“You guys are such dorks,” you said, but still laughing along with them.

“If Ned was really a prophet then he would have probably predicted that aside from the fries this food could very well be poison for rats.” Michelle’s smug face set you off into more laughter.

Peter snorted, and all four of you were in hysterics.

You knew you found friends to keep.

Tag, Your It || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Fem!Reader 

Fandom: Uncharted.

Requested: Yes! My first one!! [A request for Sam where you two are good friends, but both have feelings for each other. You’re always flirting and stuff but no one has made a move yet. One day you’re playing lasergun with Nate, elena and Sam, girls against boys. Sam finds you and sneaks up to you from behind, putting his gun to your head and holding you against his chest. But instead of shooting it ends up in a hot make out session. Later interrupted by Nate and elena who are wondering where you are :) xx love your writing!]

Prompt: Taking a break from the treasure hunting business, you, Sam, Nate and Elena all decided to unleash your inner children in a free for all game of Lazer Tag. Given the dark environment years of built up sexual tension between you and Sam finally crumbles down on the both of you. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit (Message me if you want to be tagged to get notifications of posts!)

Word Count: 1,798

A/N: Lmaooo so I wrote half of this and saved it as a draft but good old tumblr didn’t save it so heck. Y u gotta do me like that tumblr? SEND THROUGH REQUESTS TOO LOVELIESS <3 its also 2 am so i tried to edit it as best as I could but lmao heck/

Cursing under her breath, Y/N had made a break for the barrier, her heart pounding in her chest. It was dark, hard to hear but she knew they weren’t too far behind her. She leant up against the barrier, panting to gradually gather her breath back before jumping back into the action. 

Despite the fact that Y/N was in the centre of a large foam arena and the gun she had in her hand was actual a lazer gun, it was almost as if she was back in Madagascar trying to fend off shoreline mercenary’s or as if she was back in the ruins of Avalon the legendary Island of King Arthur.

The fact was that Y/N, a grown woman and three of her other supposedly more ‘mature’ friends, decided that they’d spend their well deserved break from treasure hunting in an adults arcade filled with games like Lazer tag to fuel their childish needs. 

Once Y/N caught her breath she bounded up and over the barrier just in time to see a silhouetted figure dart around a corner. She smirked and chased down the figure, not holding back the trigger when she rounded the corner herself. The lazer shot beamed from the barrel of the gun and hit directly at the chest plate which lit up and triggered the lights to flick on. 

“This rounds winner, Y/N.” the autoplay system announced, she grinned proudly and bit back a laugh after discovering her victim was Nate. “What can I say, you gotta be sneakier.” She shoved his shoulder and stepped back awaiting for the next rounds instructions. 

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Hello loveliess…

So here’s a masterlist to help you guys navigate around this page for easier access to my imagines. It’ll be updated regularly every time I post a new story, aye?

How it all Began: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

First Love: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Alternate Dimension: Honey, Lunch with Honey, Pancake Pt 1, Pt 2

Shorties: Adrenaline Rush, Morning, Sunshine!, A Heartbreak,

TV Series

Episode 1, Episode 2Episode 3, Episode 4

Trouble: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Enjoy your day ahead! Love you lots! ^.^

☔️⚡️Thunderstorms with Luke ⚡️☔️

• You wearing his ninja turtle underwear as pants with an offsprings band T-shirt & him wearing spongebob Pajama pants shirtless
• “I swear I’m not cold”
• Making toast with Nutella and hot chocolate
• Sitting on the porch wrapped up in a blanket while he plays guitar
• Going back inside because the wind picked up and laughing because you both ended up soaked from the sudden rain with wind
• “Luke stop making weird noises”
• Cuddling in the couch listening to him talk while you play with his hands
• lighting up candles all over the house because the power went off
• Sitting in the bathtub between his legs with your back on his chest while he’s kissing your neck and whispering funny things making you giggle as the candles light the bathroom and suddenly Ashton walking in and you try to cover yourself and him yelling “Lock the door next time!” As he walks out


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