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Hi so I've said this before but I'm totally in love with your blog and I adore all your book recs. My goodreads to-read list is constantly growing, thank you!!! ps my mom says I'm a book hoarder because of my complete lack of control when buying books. I don't see how this is entirely a bad thing.

build a fort with all your books and hide in it so u cant hear ur mom talkin’ smack about owning too many books

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okay so i'm kinda. ashamed that i never thought to send you a nice message before your giveaway thing said to so in recompense i'm doing this on anon so you won't count it. i just wanted to say how impressed and grateful i am for the rec boards? i don't know what you really call them. all those really cool personalized recs, like everything from scifi with bi characters to recs based on your pokémon starter. that's really amazing. i'm so appreciative of all the work you put into this. thank you.

haha that was actually the reason why i added that entry to the giveaway. not blatant narcissism but to trick people into being a little kinder #psychologyhack #imagenius

thats rly nice and genuine of you and may karma be kind to you, kind soul xxx

Cloudberry Kingdom 11
  • Gavin:Do you think your life would be less or more rich without ever having met me?
  • Michael:Define rich.
  • Ryan:Uh, yeah, are we talking monetarily or...
  • Gavin:No, no, god, no just like- just like full of like joy and richness of love.
  • Ryan:You enrichen life more than most people I have met. I will give you that.
  • Michael:Interesting. That's a compliment.
  • Ryan:Like a fertilizer. Which is typically made out of shit.
  • Gavin:Are you saying that I'm horse shit?
  • Michael:You could be cow shit, too.
  • Gavin:That was a compliment- So much of a compliment at the beginning and so much of an insult at the end.
  • Ryan:It turned.
  • Gavin:That- I think that pretty much sums us up.
  • Gavin:“You are the horse shit to my life.”

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hey i just wanna say thanks for all your hard work on the patronus book recs! They're very cool and I'm sure it took a lot of work, I am very impressed!! I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you do! :)

oh thats so nice! these were such a pain omg glad u appreciate xx