lovelie ishihara


Today in the morning I was  checking my Facebook, and I see a picture that a friend subbed of Miyavi , Lovelie and Jewelie, and the description said Miyavi is the best dad ever ♥ Lovelie cried when he dropped her off at preschool T___T I can’t believe she grew up so fast ♥♥” and OH MY GOD I OPEN ANOTHER TAB AND I LOGIN IN TWITTER AND I WENT TO THE TWITTER OF MIYAVI AND THERE WAS THE TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET AND OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG #FEELINGS EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HE IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE DFJAKHDFLJJ OH GOD THIS THING MADE MY DAYYYYYY I checking my Facebook at 6.30 AM (here in chile, before I go to the college) AND THERE WAS THIS DKDJBLAJKFDBLFJDBLJ MY DAY WAS SO DOFWHIRELFIWHFDL

And now I login again and there was another tweet of him that said had the yummiest cookie in the world”, and I thought “oh yeah he is eating like everybody”, but then I went to mel’s twitter and what I just found, a photo of the hands of the girls with cookies on a plate, and mel said “cookies luv baked at school today! the girls can’t wait to eat it;)”



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