🏭 thinking about loveless marriage as a cage/silent misogynies that hollow out the family unit/the trauma that is emotional neglect/indentured women/homesick for a family you’ll never know/the patriarchy and its psychic pollutants

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Still thinking about the fact that I stayed in a loveless, emotionally/mentally abusive relationship for a year longer than I should have. Makes me ill.


Set The Thames Оn Fire - Full Movie

Sparkle Precure: Chapter Nine: Entwined by Destiny! Cure Lapis and Cure Lazuli Debut!

There’s darkness brewing in the city of Shiroyama, unbeknownst to anyone. The Loveless, a group of people with special powers, have appeared and have been using their abilities to create cursed pieces of jewelry, that hold the power to steal away all of the love and affection within a person’s heart, and replace it with hate. What’s more, once these gems gather enough corruption, they’ll turn the people possessing them into Dark Gem Monsters, who proceed to go on a rampage. In order to stop this, a mysterious guardian from another world, named Pearl, has appeared and has begun to seek out those with the power to stop the Loveless- the legendary Precure. But if finding these girls isn’t easy, then making them work together as a team and get along is even more difficult.

(in other words, LOOK WHAT’S ALIVE AGAIN)

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This is yaoi:

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi.

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life.

This is shonen ai:

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance,Mystery, Shōnen-ai.

What’s the difference?

Yaoi is used to describe titles that primarily feature sexually explicit themes and sex scenes, while shōnen-ai is used to describe titles that focus primarily on romance and omit explicit sexual content, although sexual acts may be implied. 

This is fanservice:

These are animes with canon lgbt characters/couples but  don’t have romance:

Genre: Dark fantasy, Horror, Magical girl.

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Mecha.

Genre: Science fiction, Dystopia.

Genre: Dark fantasy, Post-apocalyptic

Who knows: