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brokensince99x  asked:

I'm new to the tumblr side of true crime, could you recommend some blogs please? I literally just made my account today 😊

Hi welcome in the tcc 😊  here some blogs I highly recommend you: 

@truecrimehothouse - @thedeathmerchant - @congenitaldisease- @thewallsofconcrete - @truecrimedaily - @truecrimerip - @hausoftruecrime - @tedbundy - @theblooodcountess -  @fromrussiawithcrime - @sociopathic-compulsions - @dahmersbeer - @theconcretemama - @bundy-theodore - @deathrowstories - @truecrimedaily - @truecrimeinvestigation - @icouldhavesavedyou - @whatsyourfavouritescarymovie - @loveless-fascinationss@truecrimedylannroof - @sometimes—quiet—is—violent

There’s more of course and you’ll by yourself that it’s a very active community 🙂

It Should Be You

Elsie was nervous and adjusted the strap of her spaghetti strapped black dress, clutching her evening bag as she waited for Charlie to come downstairs. She relished the time she spent alone with him, especially when they were able to escape to a place like this where she didn’t have to hide their relationship or worry about who would see them and who would find out what. Elsie was tired of hiding and scared to death, fearful that Charlie would take her news for him as his cue to leave her forever. 

‘Oh please, please want this as much as I do.’ She whispered, looking back  up toward the old hotel’s elegant staircase. She couldn’t believe she’d beaten Charlie down to the lobby and wondered what was keeping him. They were sharing adjoining suites and she had not seen him in an hour.

She took a deep breath, wondering when and how she would tell him. Part of her couldn’t wait and another part of her was scared to death he’d abandon her, leaving her stuck in her loveless, sometimes abusive marriage.

But she knew Charlie was a man of his word, of compassion and kind heart. He’d never expect this in a million years and neither had she, but despite her angst she knew that he’d love her more with all his heart for it. She looked up, watching as he came down finally, a bright smile on his face. He looked so handsome as he came into view. She saw him not as a mere man, but as a prince riding in on a white horse to save her: as a man of whom she’d always dreamed. 

‘Oh God, could I really be permitted to be so happy as to be with him the man who I was made for and he for me?’ Elsie’s heart flipped when he approached and offered her his arm.