loveless magi


Which character should I have my first ever Cosplay photo shoot for?
From top left to right:

L Lawleit - Death Note
Dark Link - The Legend of Zelda
Trainer Red - Pokemon
Judal - Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
Jack Frost - Rise of the Gaurdians
Aoyagi Ritsuka - Loveless

Planning to go all out and make it as professional looking as I can so lemme know!

anonymous asked:

Recommend some good animes to me child.

Usually people say please.


Every cosplayer starts somewhere!

I have gained so many friends through cosplay and a lot of them are worried about how they aren’t a good cosplayer because they just started or haven’t started yet. Well friends! We all started somewhere!
One of my first cosplays was Soubi from Loveless and damn I was awful. But I’m showing you guys that you literally gain experience and knowledge the more you cosplay!

You’re all beautiful, talented and kind people who deserve to show off your cosplays, whether you are a new cosplayer or veteran!
Cosplay is a hobby meant to gather people and become friends!
It is not an elitist thing where if your wig is from party city you should be shunned or if your cosplay is not correct you should be scorned about it. No. NO!
Cosplay is to express you. Your love for the hobby. To make friends.

Just thought I’d throw that out there.
You’re all amazing people. You deserve to show it!

If it was me, I’d have the honor to cosplay by all your sides and be in your photos. ;////;