IT’SSSSSS CRYPTIDSMAS AGAIN FOLKS. Time for a new batch of cards! Wish I’d gone a little harder on the black placement this time, and that watercolor paper scanned better, but I still had a total blast making these.

If any mutuals want to trade cryptidsmas cards, hit me up! This year, I have had the foresight to not be in the middle of fucking moving, so I can be sure not to accidentally miss anyone this time. Non-mutual followers or passersby are also totally free to inquire about a card trade, but I may have to turn you down due to time restraints.


It’s an amazing and really powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. I think there’s a lot of girls that actually don’t feel that in their whole life and I want to spend my life honoring those people, making them feel seen and heard…” - Hayley Williams

We were in the Salt Lake Valley,
singing to Iron & Wine and drinking warm coffee, laughing at someone’s bumper sticker, and the feeling just hit me like a rockslide. This is our first wedding anniversary, a chilly January Monday, and I am so in love with you, my eyes well up when I think about it. You are so precious to me, and I know it’s obnoxious how I worry you’ll never understand, but you make every moment worth remembering.
40 years from now, this day will just be an old photograph, but won’t it be wonderful, to know the first year of our lives together was spent running under city lamp lights and talking for so long, the moon shook her head on our lack of sleep. Never in my life did I imagine being this happy, and I know, lifetimes from now, I’ll still be trying to find a way to thank you.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Loveland Living Aquarium

So the woman that owns the needless heart factory is Amelia Loveland.  She’s an over-the-top asshole, whom if I met her in real life I probably would automatically hate her for being shallow.  Her traits are romance themed.  She loves the color pink.  She lives alone but desperately seeks male companionship.  If she were an Appaloosa Plains sim, she’d most likely be surrounded by posh, annoying cats.

I dislike her and I don’t even know her.

Andrei’s going to break her face for no reason.

30 Day Cryptid Challenge

1. Sasquatch
2. Kongamato
3. Fresno Nightcrawler
4. Cadborosaurus
5. Flatwoods Monster
6. Lusca
7. Mapinguari
8. Yeti
9. Thunderbird
10. Dobhar-chú
11. Rods
12. The Goatman
13. Jersey Devil
14. Con Rit
15. Ningen
16. Mongolian Death Worm
17. Chupacabra
18. Mokele-Mbembe
19. Tikbalang
20. Loch Ness Monster
21. Shunka Warakin
22. Owlman
23. Trunko
24. Mothman
25. Bunyip
26. Orang Pendek
27. Dover demon
28. Buru
29. Tsuchinoko
30. Loveland Frog


She’s also a Good sim.  That would earn another buttkicking if I didn’t have something to do.

The entire time Andrei’s been wailing on her there have been hearts flying.  …. I’m sure she liked that.  :|

Being torn limb from limb is a sign of love, ma’am.

So I was just looking around for this elusive object thing and…. I wasn’t finding shit all but I did notice this crap in one of the dome parks.

Trenton and Eleanor Alto are madly in love.  Their love-child, Jareth, is hard at work in the background being a creep.

Like madly in love.

…. It’s nauseating.  I’ve killed [in this game] for worse, tbh.

The Loveland Frog (aka the Loveland Lizard) is a legendary humanoid frog described as standing roughly 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, allegedly spotted in Loveland, Ohio. A local man reported seeing three froglike men at the side of the road in 1955, and a police officer claimed to have seen a similar creature on a bridge in the city in 1972.

University of Cincinnati folklore professor Edgar Slotkin compared the Loveland frog to Paul Bunyan, saying that stories about it have been passed down for “several decades” and that sighting reports seem to come in predictable cycles.

(via Wikipedia)